Uncovering The Benefits Of Digital Mammography In Dubai Price & Cost

Are you noticing subtle bumps in your breasts when you massage your chest? Or do you have a family history and want to be safe than sorry? This is why early detection can be a key to successful treatment and can help you secure your condition as well as sustain a risk-free life. For this reason, Mammography In Dubai is a powerful tool to uncover these abnormalities before they progress further. It is an effective procedure that can detect lumps, calcifications, changes in density, and asymmetry. Find out more information while Uncovering The Benefits Of Digital Mammography In Dubai & Abu Dhabi by reading this comprehensive guide to make an informed decision.

What Is Digital Mammography?

It is a revolutionary technology that involves using computers to capture and store the image. Unlike traditional ones, it can achieve a more uniform image and minimize the risk of radiation exposure. This machine uses a detector to convert X-rays into electrical signals that are then displayed on the computer screen. Additionally, these are much more convenient and allow radiologists to spot subtle abnormalities by effectively manipulating the screen. The radiologist will send the report to your doctor who will then discuss the course of action and send you for additional image testing.

How Does It Work?

This procedure involves taking clear pictures of the site to later use it for diagnosis. It compresses the breasts to spread the tissues and creates a thin layer for better X-ray penetration. During this, you will stand in front of the machine and scan your breasts one by one, from different angles until the desired amount of X-ray images are generated. Then the image is displayed on the screen and can be enhanced and zoomed in in real-time.

Positive Outcomes:

It takes one day to get results from this procedure. There are normally three types of results. Negative, where everything is normal. Benign findings where the non-cancerous cells are present but in the form of cysts and calcification. The third one is abnormal findings which involve further diagnosis to confirm your condition and prepare for a treatment plan.

Are You An Eligible Candidate?

Age is not the deciding factor but someone who is over 40 is advised to start regular screening. Moreover, if you feel any symptoms or have a family history of cancer, then it makes you an ideal candidate for this treatment. However, denser breast tissues can make it harder to detect abnormalities, so try a different screening process. Lastly, if you are pregnant or lactating then, you are advised to postpone it due to risks related to radiation exposure.

What To Expect During The Process:

The procedure is performed under specific steps. A general overview is given below:

  • Before the procedure, a physical examination of your breasts is performed to feel around for any lumps.
  • Then, the technician will place your breasts gently on the platform. He/she will spread it out and create a thin layer of tissues, to avoid disrupting the image.
  • The above step is repeated from different angles to get a clearer and diverse view. This is an important step and is used by your specialist to diagnose correctly.
  • In case abnormalities are detected, you will be sent further for additional screening, where you will be recommended a special plan of action.

Benefits To Look For:

Patients experience several benefits of Mammogram Screening. These are mentioned briefly below:

  • First of all, the treatment can detect cancer and other benign tumors in their early stages. This raises your chances of a successful outcome.
  • Moreover, due to its digital nature, the treatment provides a clearer view, allowing you to be diagnosed more precisely.
  • It also involves a shorter examination time along with a lower dose of radiation exposure, making it a safer treatment alternative.
  • Furthermore, it is a minimally invasive treatment that can promote further less-invasive treatment options after detection.
  • Early intervention can help get rid of the problem and get rid of the root cause.
  • Lastly, you will feel more comfortable and at ease by undergoing this treatment since the results can get rid of the fear of the unknown.

Possible Limitations:

Every treatment has its limitations, that can be overcome with the help of an FDA-licensed specialist, who is experienced in his field. These are mentioned below.

  • Though lower quantity, the treatment does use radiation,
  • Compression can be painful and discomforting,
  • False results which might need more screening,
  • Denser breasts can mask abnormalities,
  • Increased level of anxiety and stress.

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