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Very rarely do we talk about the aesthetics of the female genitals thinking that such an intimate part of the body does not generally give problems. In reality, not seeing yourself well at the level of the private parts involves a significant discomfort that can limit one’s sexual life and possibly the serenity of one’s life. The appreciation of beauty and the care of one’s body combined with the prolongation of sexual life have led in recent years to an increase in requests for the improvement of the external genitalia in women. Cosmetic interventions on external Vulval structures of which Vulval Surgery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is one are generally quite simple even if they require good accuracy and generally give very satisfactory results allowing to solve sometimes important psychological problems.

What is Vulval Surgery?

It refers to the section of plastic surgery in gynecology, which is aimed at correcting the visual shape, volume, and structure of the and/or large labia, eliminating structural disorders after injuries during childbirth, trauma, congenital deformities.

It is performed either for aesthetic correction or to eliminate uncomfortable sensations during intercourse, and several household activities – the inability to use tight underwear, engage in cycling, and some other activities.

Simultaneously with the correction of the shape and size of the labia, a change in the shape of the tissues surrounding the clitoris can be carried out. This plastic adjustment is possible for women of any age, regardless of marital status, sexual activity, and planning further pregnancies.


The reduction of hypertrophic labia minora allows for eliminating annoying disturbances in clothing and many normal daily activities. The remodeling of the labia majora allows you to find more youthful and attractive external genitalia.


The advantages and features of intimate surgery are as follows:

  • Aesthetic and functional improvement of the private parts
  • Improvement of sexual function
  • Correction of asymmetries or imperfections
  • Reduction of the labia minora
  • Reduction or enlargement of the labia majora
  • General rejuvenation of the vaginal area

Ideal Candidate:

Vulval Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, such as reductive labioplasty and labia majora rejuvenation, is indicated for patients of all ages who have:

  • Change in both the shape and volume of the labia minora. It is carried out in case of excessive protrusion beyond the labia majora, or with a clear asymmetry.
  • The asymmetric arrangement of large and small labia.
  • Excessively long labia, especially in case of discomfort during intercourse, wearing underwear, etc.
  • Congenital or age-related sagging of the labia. It can often be observed after repeated births.


Plastic surgery of the intimate area is a rather specific operation that requires careful preparation not only from the side of the medical staff but also from the side of the patient. Passing a series of tests and performing a few simple steps can not only greatly facilitate the course of surgery, but also positively affect the final result.

To carry out the correction of the labia, it is necessary to undergo the following examinations 3-7 days before the operation:

  • General analysis of blood and urine.
  • Blood chemistry
  • Blood type and Rh factor
  • Blood test for the presence of antibodies to hepatitis B and C viruses.
  • Gynecological smear on the flora and cytology of the cervix
  • ECG and consultation of the therapist.

On the day of the surgery, you must:

  • Carefully and carefully shave the hair in the area of ​​the labia and pubis.
  • Empty your bladder.
  • When choosing general anesthesia (narcosis), avoid eating from the evening of the preoperative day, and drinking – 3-4 hours before surgery.


On average, the duration of surgery is about 45 – 60 minutes. To relieve the woman from discomfort, general anesthesia is performed.

Labiaplasty is possible immediately after the end of menstrual flow if the woman is of reproductive age. During the operation, excision of excess, hypertrophied soft tissues is performed.

To suture, a self-absorbable material is used. Removal of excess tissue is carried out by forming a V-shaped or straight incision. In the case of a direct incision, it is possible to eliminate the natural folding of the labia, which significantly improves aesthetic performance. If a woman wants to keep the natural appearance of the labia minora, then a V-shaped incision is possible. This technique allows you to preserve natural folding.

Vulval Surgery in Dubai (FAQ’S):

The labiaplasty costs in Dubai around AED 20,000 to AED 30,000. It can vary based on several factors, including the surgeon's experience, the clinic's reputation, and the specific details of the procedure. It's advisable to consult with a qualified plastic surgeon for accurate and personalized cost estimates.

Labiaplasty is a specific type of vulval surgery that focuses on altering the labia minora or majora for cosmetic or functional reasons. If you're considering such a procedure in Dubai, it's essential to consult with a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon to discuss your goals and understand the details of the surgery.

Pain perception varies from person to person, but it's common for patients to experience some discomfort after labiaplasty surgery. Surgeons typically provide pain management strategies, including medications, to help alleviate post-operative pain. It's crucial to follow the post-operative care instructions provided by your surgeon to ensure proper healing and minimize discomfort.


The recovery period for a woman after adjusting to the intimate zone passes quickly enough. Already on the first day, you can return home. Because self-absorbable suture material is used in these operations, the removal of sutures will not be required later.

However, this does not eliminate the need to carry out a daily toilet in the postoperative field, which should consist of treatment with an antiseptic, changing underwear, and using a daily gynecological pad. In the early days, swelling of the labia may develop and discomfort may occur while walking or sitting.

Sexual activity should be started no earlier than 2 weeks after the operation. You should also refrain from going to the pool or sauna for at least 14 days. These precautions are necessary to eliminate the risk of infection.


The cost of Vulval Surgery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah can range from AED 25000 to AED 30000. The cost can vary depending on several factors including the complexity of the surgery and the doctor’s expertise. The doctor will determine the cost after the initial consultation.

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