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Are you sensing alleviated pain and discomfort around your anal region? Or noticing a thick discharge that further adds to your worries? Anal fistula is a common condition that affects many men. For this reason, Fistula Surgery In Dubai is a good treatment option. This treatment completely reverses the symptoms of this condition and provides relief that aids in improving the mental as well as physical health of the patient. So, maintain your health with fast results and long-lasting outcomes.

What Is Fistula?

It is an abnormally adjoint organ, typically occurring between the rectum and anus. This channel allows the accumulation of pus, fluids, and other matters inside the pouch, potentially leading to an abnormal discharge. Anal one is a more common one and occurs in 1 in 10 men. There are several causative factors including bowel diseases, trauma or injury, or inflammation in the lining of the colon. If the condition transforms into severe symptoms such as active pus drainage, unnecessary pain, skin irritation, and difficulty controlling bowel movements, then it is recommended to get a diagnosis. The treatment options for this condition are quite effective with almost 99% success rate.

How Does It Work?

This treatment severs the abnormal connection between organs or tissues by addressing the tube that connects them. The treatment involves opening the tract and draining the pus as well as any other infection-causing agent. Moreover, by completely exposing the tissues, the body starts a healing process from the inside out. Lastly, the removal of the entire tract can reduce the risk of recurrence since there is no hidden space for the infection to linger and develop.


The patient will notice the sudden elimination of pain and discomfort as well as drainage of pus, and mucus from the affected area. It also restores functioning in the bowel area, allowing the individual to preserve their health while getting rid of bowel discomfort.

Eligible Candidate:

This treatment is unsuitable for lactating women as well as patients with a rich history of keloid scars, and active skin conditions in the affected area. Moreover, it is a good treatment option for those who show symptoms of fistulas and are generally healthy individuals. However, this treatment is also unsuitable for people with severe fistula.


  • Fasting before the procedure is advised.
  • Stop taking certain medications to avoid a negative interaction during the procedure.
  • Avoid exposure to passive as well as active smoking.
  • Do not shave the surgical site,
  • And avoid drinking alcohol or consuming drugs.

What Happens During The Procedure:

  • Before the start of the procedure, the bowel is cleaned with laxatives and enemas to eliminate stool contamination.
  • Then, general or spinal anesthesia (to numb waist-down) is given to the patient.
  • The specialist will make incisions in the targeted area to identify and examine the depth of the tract.
  • The surgeon will cut along the entire length of the sac, ensuring no additional opening is left behind.
  • Then, the wound is cleaned with a drainage tube to prevent fluid buildup and promote healing.
  • If the wound is deep then incisions are closed but typically, it is left to heal on its own.


  • Avoid exercising and allow the body to rest.
  • Practice safe hygiene but do not scrub around the treated site.
  • Avoid sexual intercourse for at least a week.
  • Do not sit in one place for an extended amount of time, take frequent breaks to avoid discomfort.
  • Wear loose-fitted clothing.
  • Refrain strictly from smoking, since it can slow down the healing process.

Benefits To Look For:

Patients experience several advantages of the treatment. These include:

  • Primarily, it eliminates any pain and discomfort felt around the anus, potentially getting rid of the undesired drainage.
  • Moreover, the treatment also reduces the risk of UTIs, STDs, and other anal infections by closing the pathway responsible for it.
  • It also improves rectum muscle control, potentially contributing to restoring the natural functioning of bowel control.
  • Furthermore, it also improves hygiene, since the constant drainage from these sacs can become a health hazard.
  • The procedure involves consistent results along with a high success rate. This property makes it an ideal treatment.
  • It also addresses the underlying cause of the condition and addresses symptoms to reduce the chance of recurrence.
  • Lastly, with the elimination of pain and discomfort, the patient will be able to feel more confident in their skin while wearing anything without restriction.

Potential Side Effects:

These side effects normally do not persist and perish typically after a few days. However, if these continue for more than a week, then it is advised to consult the concerned healthcare professional immediately.

  • Pain and discomfort,
  • Minor bleeding,
  • Swelling and bruising,
  • Drainage of pus or fluid from a tube,
  • Difficulty during stool and sitting.

Expected Cost:

On a general overview, the pricing starts at AED 6,000. Additionally, these charges vary depending on the complexity of Fistula Surgery In Dubai and the experience of the surgeon, along with additional resources utilized during the procedure. So, contact your healthcare professional to get a precise idea of the charges.

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