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Sports is an important part of our lives. From early school curriculums to professional careers, the goal is to promote physical fitness, improve teamwork, and support competition. However, it is also a ground reality that sports activities will eventually lead to a few minor and major risks or injuries. These mishaps are not necessarily related to younger children who tend to fall often and struggle with the circumstances. Having said that, adults regardless of their ages and gender also get affected by unexpected accidents. If you are a keen young or adult athlete, despite of your profession; who is dealing with any type of injury. We are here to help you understand what exactly is happening and what are the best suitable methods to prevent and take care of Sports Injuries in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

What Is A Sports Injury?

Unlike any other injury, it too can occur unexpectedly. During any physical activity, acute or chronic mishaps can occur naturally. Some of the most common sports injuries include;

  • Sprains and Strains: when the ligaments that are closely connected to the surrounding tissues of the bones are forcefully hit externally. The muscles or tendons around the cords get inflamed and cause a bruise on the outside and swelling on the inside.
  • Fractured Bones: most of the time, sprains and strains can also lead to fractures. These broken bones commonly occur in professional athletes during football or basketball matches. It is a result of an aggressive and highly intense battle between the two teams.
  • Concussions: this is a rather serious injury that is caused when the other party or individual completely knocks or blows the head through a physical attack; intentionally or unintentionally. 
  • Joint Injury: it includes knee or shoulder injury mainly. It happens when a repetitive movement or sudden shift in the motion or direction of a muscle activity meets forceful pressure. 


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What Are The Ways To Prevent Sudden Injuries?

Athletes practice several precautions to prevent sudden sports injuries. Some of them are mentioned below;

  • Your physical health is important because it is going to allow you to stretch during training sessions and practice flexibility before and during the performance.
  • Similarly, warming up is equally essential beforehand. It allows your muscles to prepare for the elongated movements. Reduces the risks of fractures and bone breakage as well as gives you maximum potential to accelerate your physical capacity.
  • Moreover, a set of protective gear is highly recommended. From helmets, pads, mouthguards, and other essentials during a high-contact or intense sport.
  • Furthermore, you are advised to rest and recover simultaneously. Your body needs to calm down, pause, and repair or restore its strength from exhausting training, workouts, or over-performing activities. 
  • Lastly, the right approach and proper technique to perform physically is the key to giving and generating the best results. You must follow the instructions from your coaches to prevent any undesired accidents.

How To Opt For A Speedy Recovery?

If you have hit a rough patch and are going through the healing process, this is what you ought to follow;

  • Have a good rest and be patient with your journey. 
  • Do not force pressure on the injured region.
  • Apply an ice bag to the soreness to tame the swelling.
  • You can cover the bruises to prevent any infection or prolonged bleeding.
  • Apply topical antiseptic or antibacterial medication to heal the wound faster.

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What Are The Medical Treatments For Smooth Outcomes?

In some cases, some bruises or wounds may need special care and assistance. Similarly, oftentimes, due to serious or critical injury, you are required to undergo complete treatment or rehabilitation. In such a case scenario, here a some general principles for a smooth and speedy recovery;

  • Be sure to reach out for a professional consultation. He/She will aid the suspected injury with medical attention to help you return safely to the grounds again.
  • You may also want to consider rehabilitation. This includes physical exercises and therapies under the supervision of an expert. The aim is to rebuild your strength and muscular flexibility by empowering the bones and blood flow in particular.
  • Topical and oral medication both also play a vital role in helping you get on your feet and running. This is why, it is important to follow the guidance of your physicians and take the pain-relief or anti-inflammatory medicines on time.
  • Furthermore, a customized plan for the physical curriculum is designed according to your recovery. This allows you to gradually return to the sport with ease and comfort. It is a slow and steady training of your muscles to gain control respectively.
  • Finally, psychological support is also going to challenge you to process the recovery period and restore health based on your willpower.

Sports Injuries In Dubai FAQ’s:

Joint injuries are the worst types of injuries that can seriously harm a person. It mostly refers to injuries to the knee or shoulder. It occurs when forceful pressure is applied to a muscle activity that involves repetition or an abrupt change in motion or direction. A forceful hit to the front of the shin is typically what damages the posterior cruciate ligament in the knee.

How To Safeguard Children From Getting Injured During Sports?

As mentioned above, everyone can fall and get injured during physical activities. However, some guidance and tips can prevent children from getting injured during a training session or live action;

  • Make sure your child is selecting the right sport that is suitable for their age and mental level. 
  • You must encourage your child to warm up beforehand. It is an equal part of the game as playing the sport specifically. 
  • A complete safety gear should be worn to avoid any fracture or injury. Some sports require teeth covering, therefore, mouth gadgets must be properly put to good use as well.
  • On top of that, you can help your child to develop good sportsmanship. Teach them to learn how to play it safely and avoid bumping into other players. Winning and losing is an equal part of the game. What matters the most is giving your best!
  • Monitor their participation and make sure the child is not being overtrained. It may exhaust them or tire out the muscles.

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Sports Injuries in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah are a part of the athletic world. However, the right precautions and approach can prevent and manage the risks. If you are an Athlete or parent who wants to seek more information about the treatments and therapies. Feel free to fill up your details in the form below. Or call our hotline to book a free consultation with our experts today. We will register you for a pre-booked appointment with our best healthcare providers at Enfield Royal Clinic.