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Beauty often requires sacrifice, and a beautiful smile is no different. Whenever a micro prosthesis needs to be installed the enamel is treated, and the outer layer of teeth is cut off and reshaped to make the prosthesis fit perfectly. The fact that their teeth will never be the same again stops many people from getting the smile of their dreams as soon as possible. But with modern procedures, it is now possible to get Non-Prep Veneers in Dubai Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

What are Non-Prep Veneers?

Veneers are the thinnest plates of ceramic or composite materials that allow you to adjust the shape and colour of your teeth in a short time. Reliability, high aesthetic results, and prolonged service life have made veneers a popular solution in dentistry. It is a quick way to restore a damaged dental crown. The only thing that frightens people is that the preparation process before the treatment is irreversible and will change your teeth forever.

Why is Preparation Needed?

For the veneer to perfectly fit the teeth they must be ground. The thinner it is the less grinding is needed. However, the ultra-thin prosthesis is installed on the teeth with minor deformations of the enamel, colour, diastema, with minor chips.

Results of Non-Prep Veneers Dubai:

The main goal of treatment is to hide the discolouration of teeth and cover up any other imperfections and this will be immaculately achieved. The results will be long-lasting and natural-looking.

Non-Prep Veneers in Dubai  Non-Prep Veneers in Abu Dhabi  Best Non-Prep Veneers in Dubai

Best Non-Prep Veneers in Abu Dhabi  Best Clinic of Non-Prep Veneers in Dubai  Best Clinic of Non-Prep Veneers in Abu Dhabi


The treatment has the following advantages:

  • Non-invasive: It is not an invasive treatment at all.
  • Aesthetic Improvement: The treatment will result in an aesthetic improvement and a beautiful smile.
  • High Strength: They do not get damaged easily and are quite durable.
  • Natural Results: The results of treatment will be entirely natural and will not look any different.
  • No Anesthesia Required: The treatment does not require any sedation.

How are they Installed?

The following is a summary of what you can expect from a Non-Prep Veneers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi installation treatment performed by our award-winning and highly recognized experienced dental team.

  • To verify that the tooth structure is stable and sound, we shall do a thorough oral inspection and examination.
  • We shall take impressions of your teeth from here in order to make customized and personalized veneers.
  • After we’ve taken the mould, we’ll handcraft your new set of teeth one at a time.
  • Following that, we’ll match your veneers to your teeth and make sure they’re a great fit.
  • A small etching of the surface of your teeth may be necessary to provide a firm and stable adhesion between the veneer and your teeth.
  • Your teeth are glued to the veneers.


The care after getting the treatment is like that of caring for your natural teeth. Some of these include:

  • Follow good oral hygiene, brush your teeth twice a day, and floss once every day
  • Do not eat any hard foods that will damage the prosthesis  

What Complications can Arise?

The treatment is completely safe and does not cause any side effects. The only two complications that may arise include:

  • The risk of developing a cavity
  • The prosthesis can loosen over time

Quick Tip! These are suitable for patients who carefully monitor oral hygiene and do not miss scheduled dentist visits.

Non-Prep Veneers FAQ’s

Without any preparation, no-prep veneers can last up to seven years, or even longer with careful care. Some manufacturers claim that their veneers require no pretreatment and have longer lifespans. Those who don't want to overly stress their otherwise healthy teeth may find that this kind of veneer is a healthy option.

To cut through the veneer and bond without damaging the tooth underlying, the laser uses two wavelengths of radiation. In addition, this method is far quicker than using a conventional bur.

When placed properly, veneers should feel natural in your mouth. When speaking, eating, or doing anything else with your teeth, you shouldn't even be able to see them. They should feel and look like natural teeth and don't need any additional maintenance.

Absolutely yes! Veneers that require no preparation can produce beautiful, lifelike results without endangering a patient's tooth structure. For individuals who wish to avoid receiving veneers but have generally healthy teeth, no-prep veneers are an excellent alternative.

The majority of dental veneer varieties are irreversible, meaning they cannot be removed. Certain veneer varieties, including minimal or no prep, can be reversed. Dental veneers often last ten to fifteen years with appropriate maintenance and care.

Cost of Non-Prep Veneers:

The cost of Non-Prep Veneers in Dubai can range from AED 1499 to AED 9,999. The cost of installation depends on various factors, the type of micro prostheses, the number of teeth to be restored, the amount of preparation required, the clinic location and level.


The grinding of teeth is not always necessary for dental prostheses, and you can enjoy a perfect smile and admiration of others. But for the achieved result to please you for as long as possible, you need to take care of the Non-Prep Veneers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah and it doesn’t matter if they are turned or not. The poorly removed plaque often leads to cervical caries, so you need to undergo preventive examinations with a doctor in a timely manner. This is why it is necessary to get treatment at Enfield Royal Clinic from experts.

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