Revision Bariatric Surgery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Royal

Certain individuals have recently gone through bariatric medical procedures yet the system that was performed sometimes fell short for them, and along these lines, they had disheartening weight reduction results or have begun to recapture the weight. Enfield Royal Clinic is providing the best solution to this problem by performing Revision Bariatric Surgery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah and bringing effective outcomes at a basic cost.

What this Procedure is?

Revisional Weight misfortune medical procedure is a strategy performed on patients who have gone through bariatric medical procedures previously, yet have fostered some type of difficulties, or have not accomplished critical weight reduction. To decrease the inconveniences and reestablish trust in the existence of patients, correction in the methodology performed should be finished.

Results of Revision Bariatric Surgery:

The results after the revision are according to the client’s expectations. The outcome can be seen in having less appetite, burning more fat, and finally reducing weight in the meantime. Optimum results are being provided by Dr. Abdul Majeed at Enfield Royal Clinic in Dubai. 

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Ideal Candidate:

You are an ideal candidacy for the revision treatment if you are having the following issues;

  • Weight recapture,
  • Wholesome lack of nutrition,
  • Difficulties connected with the gastric band
  • Facing severe heartache or heartburn
  • Difficulties because of digestive association (anastomotic)
  • Facing extreme levels of anemia
  • Minor ulcers, and so on.

The procedure of Revision Bariatric Surgery:

There are four types of revision procedures clients choose to get back the optimum results out of their previously failed or unexpected bariatric procedure:

  • Gastric Bypass:

gastric detour is an ordinarily picked modification procedure, especially in patients who have not been effective in gathering their weight reduction objectives after stomach stapling, gastroplasty, vertical gastric banding, or laparoscopic flexible gastric banding. The earlier method frequently fits an amendment to turn into a gastric detour. It very well might be performed laparoscopically, and the normal recuperation time is around fourteen days. The weight reduction achievement rate after a gastric detour modification medical procedure is by and large brilliant.

  • Mini Gastric Bypass:

A scaled-down gastric detour can be performed on patients who have gone through either gastric band or sleeve gastrectomy before and have not lost huge weight or recaptured weight after starting weight reduction. This methodology again can be performed laparoscopically. Weight reduction is accomplished by adding the malabsorptive part to the generally existing prohibitive method.

  • Sleeves Gastronomy:

sleeve gastronomy eliminates an enormous part of the stomach, with the excess piece reshaped to become tube-like or sleeve-formed. This makes an expanded feeling of satiety and diminished hunger in patients, frequently prompting weight reduction and further developed well-being. The method is by and large less intrusive than numerous other weight reduction medical procedures and has a lower potential for intricacies that might be related to gastric detour a medical procedure.

  • Gastric Banding:

A movable gastric band is an inflatable silicone prosthetic gadget that is set around the top piece of the stomach. This method can proceed as an amendment technique for some patients who have had a past stomach stapling, gastroplasty methodology, or Roux-en-Y gastric detour a medical procedure yet have recovered weight. The system is typically performed laparoscopically, however in a little minority of occurrences earlier medical procedures might have come about in broad scarring, requiring an open medical procedure.

Cost of Revision Bariatric Surgery:

As this treatment is divided into 4 multiple types then the cost is entirely dependent on the factors such as the level of the clinic, the location where the clinic is located, the level of expertise of the cosmetic surgeon, types of equipment being used, the type of procedure selected on the basis of previously done treatment, and the physical condition of the client.

The estimated cost for Revision Bariatric Surgery in Dubai may range from AED18,000 to AED28,000 but the actual cost can only be fixated at the time of consultation as per your condition.

Why Choose Us?

If you are facing a problem with the previously done surgery for weight loss then do go for a revision to get relief. Our expert surgeons at Enfield Royal Clinic know well how to treat you the best way you ever expect. Our clinic is offering a very first free consultation with the specialists so don’t do it here and there and just grab this amazing offer and learn more about Revision Bariatric Surgery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, and its actual cost.

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