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Pregnancy requires special care and consideration. Although medical sciences are still working on the possible factors leading to Cerebral Palsy. However, it is a proven fact that it is during the early stages of fetus formation that this neurological disorder kicks in. Unfortunately, today, millions of people are struggling with this cognitive condition. Although with advanced medical sciences and treatment options, we have witnessed significant improvements and progress in the candidates. However, due to a lack of awareness in the families, some patients have lived through disabilities all their lives. To awaken awareness, we are using this platform to guide you regarding the medical condition and possible therapies to promote Cerebral Palsy Rehabilitation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi to instill better living standards for the patients.

What Is Cerebral Palsy?

It is a non-progressive disorder that is usually present in the infant since birth. What happens is that the motor malfunction formation damages the development of the brain. As a result, the extent and location of the brain are affected greatly. Consequently, it results in a wide range of medical complications and by-birth indications of the symptoms.


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What Are The Early Signs And Symptoms?

If the medical condition is suspected in the early stages of pregnancy today, we will diagnose it beforehand. However, in a few cases, the symptoms become apparent over time. Sometimes, the indications are mild, and takes a delayed period for it to develop. Therefore, during your gynecologist’s appointments, we review a complete medical history of the family and conduct a physical examination to monitor your child’s growth and early development. Since this is a brain-related disorder, a team of specialists will perform a series of pediatric physical tests to diagnose the possible causes and symptoms. Moreover, the recorded symptoms among the candidates include muscle stiffness, weakness, coordination, and other difficulties with even greater cognitive impairments. The severity of this diagnosis can vary from milder, moderate to highly severe mechanization. To take control of the situation, personalized rehabilitation programs, and therapies are advised to the families.

What Is Cerebral Palsy Rehabilitation?

CP Rehab is a lifelong process. Our goal is to play a vital role in the interventions and aid the individual according to their medical needs and abilities. Furthermore, these programs are successfully helping the patients to achieve their maximum potential to live completely independent and prosperous lifestyles with full control over their brain function and bodies respectively. 

What Are The Goals Of The Treatment?

  • Our primary goal is to improve the candidate’s motor skills such as walking and sitting and performing other tasks for example; writing, reading, and communicating.
  • We offer special classes to increase their strength and coordination as well as improve their balance and moral etiquette.
  • Developing self-care and enhancing cognitive function is also very important for their education. This is why we promote their independence and motivate our patients to be able to perform normal life activities.

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What Happens During The Therapy By Age?

Both children and adults with Cerebral Palsy require lifelong healthcare assistance. This is why we have a team of professional Pediatric Neurologists, Therapists, and other Mental Health Specialists; who are available around the clock to give special attention to patients of all ages. A series of various advanced treatment options are available today to help improve the candidate’s daily functioning. These include; oral medicines, therapies, surgical procedures, and other suitable treatments according to the patient’s age and condition.

What Are The Benefits After Post-Rehabilitation?

  • You will witness improved motor skills in your child or adult family member.
  • It will increase independence as the patients learn to take control of themselves.
  • Their communication skills enhance as they begin to form trust with their surroundings.
  • They will adore spending quality time with their new friends and family as they begin to make bonds with people around them.
  • Their participation is going to improve greatly, whether it be in sports, household activities, or general outdoor fun.
  • The candidates will show massive improvements through their accelerated self-esteem and incredible confidence in themselves.
  • Over time, the risks and other medical complications will reduce compared to where we first started from. 
  • As a result, we will experience a significant impact on our patient’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Cerebral Palsy Rehabilitation FAQ’s:

Your child's strength, flexibility, balance, motor development, and mobility can all be improved with muscle training and exercises. You can learn safe home care techniques from a physical therapist for your child's daily requirements. This can involve bathing your child and feeding them.

This non-progressive condition is typically present in the newborn from the time of delivery. The brain's growth is harmed by the establishment of motor malfunctions. The outcome is a significant alteration in the size and position of the brain. As a result, it causes a variety of health issues as well as symptoms that are present from birth.

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