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A medical condition that lasts for more than one year and requires long-term treatment is known as a chronic disease. About one in three of the adult population suffers from these prolonged diseases. These diseases require long treatment schedules and long-term management of the patient’s symptoms. Managing these symptoms can help people live a controlled and balanced life. If these diseases are not taken seriously, they may become the cause of a patient’s death. But by managing and properly monitoring the patient’s symptoms you can help control them. With the prevalence of these illnesses, you can now receive the perfect Chronic Disease Management at Home in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, with the benefit of being treated in your home.

Chronic Home Healthcare:

Chronic disease patients require proper medical assistance and monitoring. Their vitals should be monitored regularly. Proper treatment and doctors can help you maintain your symptoms, in addition to improving your life. Proper assistance can make the progression of this disease slow. Chronic Disease Management at home in Dubai is an ideal option for patients who suffer from these prolonged diseases. Our services provide proper medical assistance to patients so they don’t feel alone in their journey of life.

Common Chronic Diseases:

  • Diabetes.
  • Cancer.
  • Stroke.
  • Heart disease.
  • Arthritis.
  • Asthma.
  • Cystic fibrosis.
  • Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Obesity, etc

Good Candidate For Chronic Disease Management:

People who lie in the following candidacy criteria should undergo this program:

  • A person who suffers from having a family history of certain diseases such as heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc.
  • People who are overweight or suffer from any other underlying health problem.
  • People who are diabetic.
  • Individuals who require proper treatment, care, and monitoring.
  • Elderly people who require specialized care.

Causes of Chronic Diseases:

Chronic diseases are caused by several different reasons:

  • Exposure to some kind of smoke.
  • Having poor nutrition.
  • Being physically inactive.
  • Smoking cigarettes.
  • Excessive use of alcohol.
  • Poor eating habits.

The Process of Chronic Disease Management At Home:

Here is what you can expect when you book an at-home appointment with our doctors, specialists, and healthcare providers. We help manage the symptoms of our patients by providing them with the following services:

  • Initial Assessment:

When our healthcare provider reaches your home. They begin the process by initially examining the medical condition of the patient. This may include checking their medical history and asking them questions related to their symptoms and the disease they suffer from.

  • Coordinated Care:

Our team at our clinic works in a coordinated manner with the patient’s family to provide proper coordinated care to the patient, in their difficult time. This is done to make sure that the patient receives the right services, right medication, and right treatment at the right time.

  • Monitoring and Health check:

The healthcare provider will then start to check the patient’s vitals. This involves checking their blood pressure, heart rate, and blood sugar level.

  • Educating the Patients:

The patient and their family members are properly educated about the basic knowledge of their disease. This also involves making sure that the patients are taking the correct dosage of medicine at the according time.

  • Lifestyle change:

This step plays a major role in the health of the patient. As most of the patients live an unhealthy lifestyle, eating unhealthy food items. Our team of professional doctors and nurses helps the patient in managing a healthy, balanced lifestyle that is essential for their good health.

  • Patient Support:

We know that our chronic patients suffer a lot because of their illnesses. Our professionals make sure that our patients are given the proper emotional support and education about their health and disease. Our doctors properly guide the patients and their families on what symptoms to observe and what precautionary measures to take.

How Can One Manage Their Chronic Disease:

If a person follows certain things they may be able to manage and control their illness:

  • Try to maintain a healthy balanced diet.
  • The patient should try to eat healthy food items.
  • Try to do certain relaxation exercises.
  • Make sure that you avoid any food items that may trigger your condition.
  • The patient should try to manage their depression.
  • Have proper communication habits with your family, and friends.

Advantages of At-Home Disease Management:

  • The convenience of being treated in your home without worrying about not being able to visit a hospital.
  • A more comfortable environment for the patient.
  • More affordable cots.
  • Being less prone to infectious disease. As being in a hospital makes you more prone to infectious diseases.

Chronic Disease Management At Home FAQ’s:

You must first consult your general practitioner (GP) to determine your eligibility before beginning the process of obtaining a Chronic Disease Management Referral. The GP will arrange for the necessary documentation with you if you qualify. The Practice Nurse for your GP may also be involved in the process at times.

Self-management support, SMS is the process of educating and supporting individuals with long-term medical problems and their families so they may take charge of their treatment, understand their disease and its implications, and adopt healthy behaviors.

Cost of Chronic Disease Home Healthcare:

The cost of this service at our Enfield Royal Clinic Dubai ranges from __AED to __AED. Your doctor will inform you about the final cost after properly examining the health of the patient.

The cost may vary due to some reasons such as:

  • Experience of the healthcare provider.
  • Distance from the clinic.
  • The health condition of the patient.

Let Us Help Take Care of You!

With our home healthcare services, our patients can achieve the perfect treatment at the ease of their homes. If you want to book an appointment with us consult our best professional doctors at Chronic Disease Management at Home in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. Fill out the consultation form provided below and our team will reach out to you shortly.