Teeth Straightening and Alignment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost & Price

Even one uneven tooth can cause isolation and self-doubt, causing many problems. What can we say about the uneven dentition! It seems to many that the alignment of teeth in adults is difficult or even impossible. The Enfield Royal Clinic has been proving the opposite for many years, this problem can be solved at any age if you approach it responsibly. Patients who are afraid to smile come to us and Teeth Straightening in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, they leave us happy, elated, with a big smile. For us, such a transformation is always like a small miracle. If you are wondering how to straighten your teeth, we are waiting for you!

Ideal Candidate:

Modern technologies make it possible to choose the most suitable structures for aligning teeth in adult patients. The suitable candidate for the treatment is someone having the following conditions:

  • With the growth of teeth outside the dental arch
  • Rotation around the axis
  • Too large or small teeth
  • Inclination of the teeth
  • Jaw imbalances

Quick Tip! Only an experienced doctor can determine the most appropriate treatment after additional examinations.


The misaligned teeth having cross bites will be treated with the most suitable techniques. Any uneven, overlapping, or crowded teeth will be fixed. You will get a beautiful smile and oral health will also improve significantly.

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Best Teeth Straightening in Dubai  Teeth Straightening in Abu Dhabi  Teeth Straightening in Dubai

Pre-Treatment Preparation:

Before proceeding to the alignment of teeth in children and adults, a complete examination of the patient should be carried out.

First of all, an examination of the oral cavity is performed. In this case, not only the position of the units is evaluated, but also their integrity. As for the prognosis, it directly depends on which method is used and what pathology was present initially.

Mandatory in the diagnosis of deviations is an orthopantomogram. It reflects the position of all teeth and helps to choose the best method of treatment.

Only after the diagnosis is made, the doctor begins to prepare. Preparation includes the following:

Moreover, it is important to note that professional cleaning and filling are performed in any case, regardless of whether braces, aligners or caps are used.

Treatment Techniques:

Each individual case is different in terms of the results they are looking to achieve and how complex their problem is. Following treatment options are available for Teeth Straightening in Dubai:


These are thin ceramic bearings. How are adult teeth related to veneers? The dentist begins to prepare the teeth by cutting a small layer of enamel. He then takes the ideas used to make the veneer in the dental lab. The role of an orthodontist usually involves a dental technician with prior knowledge of the patient’s wishes.

Complete work helps us to achieve impressive results: the patient gets just the smile he was dreaming of. We recommend veneers if 1-2 teeth are misaligned. This will allow the problem to be solved in 3 clinic visits. But if it is necessary to make many lower teeth, it is better to choose another method to correct the position of several front teeth.


These are the most popular option. Unlike aligners and blades, they “help” solve even the most complex problems, regardless of the patient’s age. The procedure involves placing special locks through which a metal arch passes, forcing the teeth to move in a certain direction.

An important advantage is that, unlike, for example, plaque, braces treat any pathology. But at the same time, such a system is rarely used for younger patients, since an incompletely formed skeletal system is easily corrected by simpler structures such as capillaries.

Unlike aligners, orthodontic appliances are a non-removable system. They are visible to others when mounted from the vestibular side. But sometimes they only help to return the teeth to the desired position.


If you need quick alignment of your teeth, and you want to do it comfortably and discreetly, look into aligners. These are caps made of special plastic patented by the manufacturer. Made individually in a dental laboratory.

Both the alignment of the lower teeth and the correction of the position of the anterior ones are equally effective. The benefits of this treatment are clear, you get a quicker treatment, easy-care, and will not cause as much discomfort as braces.


The cost of Teeth Straightening in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah can range from AED 5000 to AED 20,000. The price of teeth straightening depends on the chosen method of straightening, dentist experience, clinic location, and level. The exact price of braces, plates, caps or other additional procedures can be calculated during the initial visit.

Quick Tip! In the long run, braces will prove to be the most expensive treatment due to repeated visits to dental clinics.

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