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As obesity continues to increase among a vast majority of the population. Different types and intensity of invasive and non-invasive treatments are making their way through modern-day procedures. We understand not everyone is a fan of going under the knife. That is why a few international standard treatments are designed to shrink the stored fat. However, to ensure a dramatic transformative change to your life, we offer our expertise to provide excellent quality services using advanced state-of-the-art technologies. One of our top-class treatments to target several other diseases by addressing obesity is through Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery In Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Discover the pathway to overcoming overweight challenges. Untangle yourself from troublesome thoughts and ongoing concerns regarding your health.

What Is A Bariatric Surgery?

This is a medical procedure that is specifically designed to target obesity. It is also approached for altering the digestive system and other metabolic complexities. Moreover, we often recommend the respective operative measures to those who can not achieve their ideal fitness goals through diet plans or exercises. In addition to this, the surgery aims to reduce the size of the stomach by limiting food storage. Hence, a swift weight loss journey is activated through physical modifications. 

How Does It Work For Weight Loss Purposes?

We conclude surgical procedures as a powerful tool against the targeted problems. When addressing obesity in general Bariatric Surgery In Dubai is a work of art that is a reliable solution for several health-related problems. It not only cuts off additional fat cells but also trains the body to adjust to the newly improved structure. Consequently, the muscles and tissues sync to the changes. This influences promising weight loss with an upgraded quality of life. 

What Are The Results After The Surgery?

It is a customized treatment plan that works differently for each patient. The average wipe-out of stored fat is determined to be above 40%. However, most people experience 60% of weight loss within 12 months post-recovery period. On the other hand, with dedicated post-surgery measures, candidates can achieve a 70% reduction in weight, resulting in an outstanding weight loss transformation. 

Who Is A Suitable Candidate?

Candidates who are dealing with a recorded BMI of 35, more or less, are advised to consult a specialist. We will examine your health condition and previous medical history before registering you for the operation. However, we do not recommend the surgery to those with critical medical complications such as; asthma, cancer, and diabetes in general. All the mandatory precautions will be provided to you before your hospital admission. 

What Are The Pre-Treatment Guidelines?

Early precautionary measures will prevent any possible mishap from taking place. Below are a few safety guidelines for you to follow beforehand;

  • Make sure to pause any blood thinning medications after consulting with your general doctor. 
  • Do not smoke or consume alcohol. You must be on a restricted diet plan before proceeding with the treatment. 
  • A complete health check-up is mandatory which includes all lab tests and special screenings. 
  • We may also conduct a stool or urine test to detect your overall and current health condition before the surgery.
  • You are advised to remove all your jewelry. Even tiny studs are prohibited during the operation.
  • Pack your bag with all the essential items you may need during your hospital stay. This includes comfy clothes, favorite snacks, and important documents.  
  • You can resume your liquid diet a night before the appointed date. Solid meals and other processed foods are not allowed during this period. 

Bariatric Surgery And Procedures:

The weight loss surgery is divided into four main categories. The most suitable method is approached for the patient after a complete consultation conducted by the head of the surgical performance. 

  • Gastric Sleeve: a minimally invasive procedure that involves removing a precise part of the stomach. This limits the storage of the belly sack by reducing the size and capacity for food storage. 
  • Gastric Bypass: a surgical method that reroutes the digestive system as it bypasses an area of the intestine. Gastric Bypass causes a reduced availability of calorie consumption, leading to a restricted space in the stomach. 
  • Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery: a less invasive version of the operation mentioned above. This method requires the same approach with the least operative measures. Hence, it offers a faster recovery with minimal reduction of the stomach sack. 
  • Gastric Banding: an adjustable band is placed around the upper stomach. This causes limited storage of food intake as it ties the sack; preventing the patient from eating more than the available space. 

What Are The Aftercare Instructions?

Special home care instructions are provided after each operation. Below are a few mandatory directions to help you heal smoothly;

  • You need to follow a specific diet plan to encourage your body to restore strength and energy wisely. 
  • Refrain from processed and junk food for the time being. Make sure to take your oral medications on time.
  • Change the dressing punctually, and follow the hygiene protocols. Use the antiseptic topical medications generously – it will speed up the recovery process. 
  • Wear loose and breezy clothes to allow air circulation inside your garments. It is ideal to wear soft and comfortable fabrics.
  • After 48 hours, you may take a warm shower carefully or under the supervision of your nurse. We also offer home nursing in case you need extended help after the operation.
  • You are advised to opt for regular check-ups. It is important to track your recovery progress. We also suggest suitable exercises to promote weight loss maintenance. 

Health Benefits:

  • It is one of the easiest pathways to reduce excessive weight. 
  • The new changes shall shape your body and upgrade your lifestyle.
  • Candidates talk about improved health with potential physical strength. 
  • You feel active and energetic without feeling fatigued or sense of exhaustion. 
  • Type-B diabetic patients can seek advantages from the minimally invasive procedure.
  • It improves your mobility as well as contributes to upgraded mental well-being. 
  • Your hormones begin to tame while improving your dermal problems too.
  • Other cardiovascular diseases and serious health threats are dispersed for good.
  • It is the reverse of obesity without having to undergo major surgery.
  • Your sleep cycle improves unlocking significantly positive outcomes inside the body.
  • Even knee and joint pain is reduced immensely due to weight reduction.
  • Last but not least, you feel happy inside your body. It is a boost to your self-esteem.

Risks And Side Effects:

  • Potential risks are a part of every treatment. However, we make sure no serious damage is done along the way. There are a few natural reactions to surgical measures such as swelling or mild scarring. We prescribe topical medications and painkillers to allow a smooth recovery.
  • On the other hand, all the treatments are backed up by FDA standards. Therefore, the risks of side effects are minimal. In case you witness post-surgery bleeding, be sure to reach out for medical assistance immediately. 

Recovery Timeline:

  • You are required to remain under observation for 48 hours post-surgery. Your general health is monitored 24/7, after which you are discharged accordingly. 
  • However, it may take 3 to 4 weeks to heal from the inside and out. Your progressive weight loss journey begins right after the recovery period.
  • It takes 18 to 24 months to witness obvious improvements in your physical structure. However, continuing healthy dietary habits and regular exercising will sustain the maintenance for a prolonged time frame.
  • About 40% to 60% of Weight Loss Surgery is reduced within 2 years – resulting in a smooth transformation of a successful weight loss journey. 


All the procedures mentioned above are customized methods that are performed according to each candidate’s personal requirements, medical health, and other formalities determined by the surgeon in charge. These factors eventually cause a fluctuation in the final estimation of the surgery. However, to highlight the average cost of Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery In Dubai & Abu Dhabi the charges range between AED 9,999 to AED 19,999. 

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