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TCA strips can help treat and lessen skin break-out scars. Moderate compound strips are not ordinarily presented for skin break-out scars as these don’t enter the skin as profoundly as TCA strips. Profound strips, for example, the TCA Peel works by separating proteins in the skin and invigorating the development of collagen which assists with recovering the skin and decreases the presence of skin break-out scars.

What it is?

Trichloroacetic corrosive (TCA) is an exceptionally compelling medium profundity strip and can find success in the powerful treatment of:

Decrease of smooth fine surface kinks

Decrease of shallow imperfections

Adjustment of shade issues

Decrease of Acne/Acne Scarring

Sedation isn’t needed for TCA strips. It is applied in four weeks after week meetings. At least two courses of TCA strips might be expected to acquire the ideal enhancements. There is no personal time and you can continue with your exercises as typical.


The results after this treatment are quite astonishing as it is a deep and intensified chemical peel treatment. Skin seems pale-shaded for at most 2 hours after the treatment. The skin lasted red for 2 days after the treatment. But the glow and shine and visibly removed pigmentation can be seen. And the results last for at least 2 months.

Ideal Candidate

Synthetic strips can be shallow, medium, or profound strength. TCA strips are viewed as medium strength, meaning they ought to just be applied by an ensured skin health management proficient. The ideal contender for a TCA strip:

  • Women conceiving 
  • doesn’t have a chronicle skin condition
  • doesn’t have some work that gives them intense sun exposure
  • have no experiences of unfortunate injury recuperating
  • will be advised by the specialist ahead of time about sensible assumptions for the outcomes
  • Individuals who have taken the skin break-out prescription isotretinoin ought to stay away from substance strips for a while after finishing treatment.

Pre Procedure

  • Abstain from peeling and laser medicines no less than one-month preceding treatment don’t utilize Accutane (skin inflammation drug) for weeks before the treatment 
  • Don’t have any significant bearing Retin-A, Tazorac, Renova, or Differin two weeks prior and fourteen days after your treatment
  • Utilize no waxing or hair evacuation creams fourteen days before treatment


After the skin is entirely scrubbed, the TCA strip arrangement will be applied to the skin with a cloth. At times different layers of the strip might be applied for satisfactory entrance. We are needing to accomplish an “endpoint” or even white icing on the skin. The primary sensation during the strip is extraordinary hotness, which will keep going for around 10-20 minutes. A Zimmer cooling gadget will be utilized during the treatment to blow cold air onto the skin to limit distress


Following the aftercare guidance and utilizing an extraordinary homecare pack is fundamental as these are the way to keep up with your outcomes. Dermatologists suggest a hydrating serum, to take the gleaming and flexible think back to your skin.

Your skin might encounter weighty stripping three to six days after your treatment.

Kindly don’t shed until 7 days after your treatment as your skin will be delicate.

You should utilize integral items between medicines to guarantee the skin remains prepared.


TCA strips have many advantages that go past working on the surface and tone of the skin. TCA strips assist with treating the accompanying skin concerns-

  • Lessening earthy colored spots and age spots
  • Diminishing melasma
  • Lessening scarcely discernible differences and kinks
  • Treating sun-harmed skin
  • Conferring a sound gleam to the skin
  • Lessening rough surface


The cost of this treatment is variable due to many factors such as the level of the clinic, geographic location of the clinic with accordance to its gentry, the expertise of the dermatologists, quality of chemicals used during the treatment, availability of chemicals as well.

The estimated cost for the TCA Peel may range from AED2200 to AED3000 for a single session in Dubai.

Why Choose Us?

A TCA substance strip works by disposing of dead skin cells and animating the development of new, better cells. A TCA strip can be utilized on the face and the body securely. At our facility Enfield Royal Clinic in Dubai, we utilize the TCA peel for astounding outcomes while treating back and bearskin inflammation and skin inflammation marks. There is a stripping present for around seven to eight days however the skin uncovers itself to be more brilliant than at any other time.

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