Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi VRS

A problem regarding female sexual function belongs to the category of serious psychophysiological problems. Sexual relations and sexual pleasure are very important for a woman’s health and a normal family environment.

Under the syndrome of Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is the loss of the structure of the vagina, which happens after natural delivery or due to aging of the body. The loss of elasticity of the vagina causes a decrease in friction during sexual intercourse, which reduces or completely disappears sexual satisfaction.

What is Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome?

It is a female gynecological disease in which the muscles and mucous membrane of the vagina lose their tone, which leads to an increase in the volume of the vagina and incomplete closure of the vulvar ring.

It has several names, vaginal weakness, wide vagina syndrome, vaginal atony. The disease does not pose a threat to life, but greatly worsens its quality: women complain of a decrease in sensitivity during sexual intimacy and difficulty in achieving orgasm. Not the last place is occupied by complaints of an aesthetic nature: a wide-open genital gap is perceived by many as a sign of vulgarity.


When the collagen increases after heating of the tissues they contract, and vaginal relaxation goes away. Vaginal laxity is improved and reduces the effects of vaginal relaxation syndrome.

Ideal Candidate:

The best candidate for the treatment is someone having the following conditions:

  • Treatment of vaginal relaxation syndrome in patients in the postpartum period
  • Treatment of vaginal relaxation syndrome due to changes in the level of the hormonal background
  • Treatment of various forms of sexual dysfunction with changes in the components of the connective tissue of the vaginal wall
  • Prevention of genital prolapse
  • Elimination of tension and tension of scar tissue on the walls of the vagina.


The advantages of the treatment include:

  • Completely outpatient procedure
  • There is no need for hospitalization
  • No special training is required
  • The duration of the procedure is no more than 30 minutes
  • The procedure is completely painless
  • Without necrosis or other anesthesia
  • Short rehabilitation period
  • Return to sexual life after 72 hours
  • Absolutely safe method of treatment
  • High efficiency in the treatment of i and ii stages of urinary incontinence
  • Long and stable effect
  • The possibility of a combination of treatment of urinary incontinence and prolapse of the genitals.

Treatment Options:

For patients suffering from Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome Treatment in Dubai, intimate plastic surgery is recommended to achieve quick and lasting results. To solve the problem of vaginal weakness, the following methods are used:

Surgical Correction:

Planned surgical plastic surgery of the vaginal walls is carried out, which requires significant physical and psychological preparation of the woman. It should also be noted that deep anesthesia is necessary for this operation.

Laser Treatment:

During this procedure, step-by-step laser treatment of all surface layers of the mucous membrane is performed. Tissues are heated to a temperature of 60-63C. A full laser beam is used, directed by a golden cone-shaped mirror, which ensures a uniform distribution of energy over 360 degrees.

This smooth heating provides an instant contraction of connective tissue fibers (collagen), and the mechanism of neocollagenesis, the appearance of new collagen fibers is launched. As a result, the treated tissue becomes more resilient and elastic, due to which the vaginal relaxation syndrome is eliminated.


In the area requiring correction, injections are made with a filler preparation usually hyaluronic acid, which restores the anatomical contours of the intimate area.


The cost of Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah can range from AED 2999 to AED 7999. The cost of treatment will vary depending on several factors and will be determined by the doctor after the initial consultation.  

Why Choose Us?

The Enfield Royal Clinic uses a unique technique that allows for minimally invasive treatment of the issue with the available treatment options that gently interact with the mucosa. The pulses from the machine, which can be precisely controlled, send energy into the vaginal canal and genital tract, causing the collagen in them to heat up and contract.

Subsequently, its fibers shorten and thicken, and the tissue shrinks. The process of reconstruction and production of collagen is launched, as a result of which the tissue rejuvenates and becomes much more elastic.


Dr. Rashad Haddad Gynecologist

Dr. Rashad G. Haddad is a French board-certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist having more than 25 years of experience. He is a member of the French College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and is senior International Faculty in the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.

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