Improve Mobility And Balance in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price & Cost

Being flexible and able to move around swiftly is the key factor to living and sustaining a healthy lifestyle. You feel active and energetic to perform your daily activities. Furthermore, it allows us to play an incredible role in contributing to our loved one’s well-being as well. However, due to aging factors or sudden injuries, it becomes challenging for a person to fulfill their everyday commitments. To get you back on track, we are offering our expertise to Improve Mobility And Balance in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah for anyone who needs to move around freely and perform all their daily activities with ease. Read along, as we unfold the path to living a healthier and more prosperous life.

What Is The Importance Of Mobility And Balance?

When we talk about mobility, we refer to moving freely – whether it is walking, running, or performing tasks as simple as getting up from a chair. Whereas, balance is the ability to sustain a stable position or posture when standing on one foot or using the whole arm and muscles to pick something up and place it where it is needed. These two aspects may differ from each other. However, they are also closely linked together. Henceforth, when the two motions sync together, you are easily able to;

  • Move with ease, safety, and independence.
  • Your daily tasks and activities are performed without any delay.
  • It reduces the risks or chances of falling suddenly and hurting yourself.
  • Moreover, you are capable of practicing your fitness exercises and regimes.
  • You can have fun with outdoor activities like playing sports or swimming.
  • Candidates feel active and energetic which helps to maintain their weight.


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What Happens During The Therapy Sessions?

We conduct a variety of physical exercises and therapies to circulate the blood flow and keep the muscles moving. Below is general information about the treatments that are included in your therapeutic sessions;

  • Strength Training: this allows you to build muscle stamina to help stabilize your joints and improve your balance and coordination.
  • Cardiovascular Exercises: these include activities such as; walking, swimming, and cycling to improve your fitness and support overall mobility.
  • Stretching Exercises: these are helpful in terms of improving the range of motion, and movements, and reducing stiffness or lack of flexibility to make good use of your muscles.
  • Yoga & Tai Chi: these mind-involving body exercises are going to support mental stress and enhance your physical and mental well-being with corresponding balance, mobility, and strength to promote flexibility and overall physical well-being.
  • Physical Therapy: the board-certified therapists will provide personalized exercises and guidance regarding specific discomfort and respective physical issues.
  • Balanced Diet: proper nutrition is essential and highly recommended to allow the body to fuel itself on the right source of energy. Consequently, a sufficient portion of vitamins, and minerals, along with required carbohydrates and proteins will support your muscle and bone health. Your therapist will design a custom-made diet plan for you that is going to play a significant role in balance and mobility.
  • Mental Health: special counseling and other relaxation techniques are provided to alleviate mental stress and depression. The aim is to boost a positive impact on your physical health by taming mental distressing signals. This therapy is going to improve your eye vision, reduce the risks of falls, and maintain the body’s balance for motion.

What Are The Significant Improvements After The Treatment?

We gathered some beneficial outcomes of the treatment plan. Read and explore the perks of productive results; 

  • It will prevent sudden or random falls. As a result, the risk of getting hurt or injured is going to decrease. 
  • Your body will naturally maintain a balance as you step forward to take a step while walking or climbing up or down the stairs. 
  • Furthermore, the boost in independence will allow you to engage in daily activities whether you are outdoors or indoors. 
  • Additionally, you will feel self-sufficient, as you are enhancing your activeness and stability to pursue a healthy lifestyle.
  • The new changes will boost your confidence and increase your self-esteem. Hence, you will feel positive and productive throughout the day, whether you are at home or work.

What Are The Aftercare Guidelines Post-Treatment?

It is important to stay safe while following home practices. Below are a few tips and safety advice for you;

  • Perform a few warming-up exercises to prepare your muscles for stretching and flexing for potential physical performance.
  • Start slow and gradually increase the intensity of your workouts that are prescribed to you by your Physician/Therapist.
  • Be sure to take short breaks and cool your body down. Furthermore, keep yourself hydrated with sufficient intake of plain water.
  • Avoid getting involved in exercises that seem risky or could cause a challenging condition post your recovery or healing process.
  • Be careful and pay attention to your surroundings while exercising. Any ground hole or rough path could increase the risk factors of accidentally tripping and falling.

Simple Exercises To Practice At Home:

We talked to our expert therapists to provide us with a few simple examples to Improve Mobility And Balance. This is what you ought to do;

  • Heel-toe walking for 10 to 20 steps a day, then turn around and walk back and forth for a good 10 minutes.
  • Single-leg stance and standing on one leg for 50 to 60 seconds. Then repeat the same action for the other leg.
  • Clock reach exercises with the help of a chair to provide a good balance will also maintain a healthy posture. You can act on repeat according to your potential stamina or capacity.
  • Sit on a chair and stand flat on the floor for a repeated 10 to 15 times. You can start slow and gradually increase your pace to accelerate your muscle motion and empower your knee and joint health.
  • March, or slow walk using your hands just like soldiers in a parade. A walk for a good 1 to 2 minutes with a 60-second pause will improve your mobility and balance.

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