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One of the leading medical procedures which got flames of fame is Regenerative Medicine. That found miraculous is providing extraordinary results in providing healing to all the inflaming issues caused by aging. One of these treatments is IV Low- Laser Treatment in Dubai, which is the best ever noninvasive procedure to deal with depression, deficiency of Vitamin D, better cardiac functioning, increased immunity, increased metabolism, and healing properties to wounds. A complete set of knowledge is given on this page for the purpose of providing a complete view to people like you who wants to stay younger with surgeries and tablets.

The Target of the Procedure:

The basic aim of this procedure is to provide benefits to people who are sick of taking medicines and want to solve their medical issues with the help of Intravenous Therapy:

  • Improves the immunology of the blood
  • Help in getting rid of stress and depression
  • Provide a healthy amount of vitamin D to make the bones strong
  • Improves the cardiologic health
  • Helps in normalizing the metabolism of tissues
  • Fight against aging signs
  • Improves the healing properties

Ideal Candidate:

Numerous conditions, including 

  • diabetes, 
  • chronic liver
  • kidney illnesses, 
  • lipid metabolic problems, 
  • cardiac diseases, 
  • allergies, 
  • multiple sclerosis

and more have shown promising outcomes with intravenous laser therapy. Additionally, it has demonstrated good outcomes in individuals with:

  • rheumatoid arthritis, 
  • skin problems, 
  • periodontal disease. 

A further advantage is that it has also been shown to have anti-aging properties, which include lessening the visibility of scars and getting rid of wrinkles. If any of the aforementioned conditions apply to you, then you can be considered an ideal candidate for this procedure.


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Pre Procedure:

The main issues that are needed to be controlled prior to the treatment are :

  • This therapy can have an anticoagulant impact when blood thinners are used. People who are taking blood thinners must thus be watched to make sure their INR doesn’t go too low.
  • Blood sugar levels can be lowered by blood sugar medications and this therapy. It’s important to keep an eye on people using blood sugar-lowering drugs, especially insulin, to see whether their blood sugar is decreasing too rapidly, which might have a hypoglycemia impact.
  • Medication- Since IV laser therapy can boost blood flow, all drugs may act more strongly than expected following treatment. For some people, lowering your medication dose in consultation with your doctor may be essential.


Through a straightforward catheter inserted into the arm, much like a blood draw, this therapy treats the blood. The laser energy is delivered to the blood as it travels through the vein using a tiny fiber-optic wire. Different colored lights are allowed to pass through the veins with the aim of providing different benefits with the change in laser frequency.

  • Blue Light:

The immune system and the body’s capacity to repair wounds are both positively impacted by the use of blue lasers because of their anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Red Light:

For the production of ATP, this light is used which leads to better circulation of blood with an increase in energy, immune defense, and better functioning of neurons. Increasing the production of macrophages and T-cells stimulates the immune system. Has the ability to prevent coagulation and prevents platelet aggregation.

  • Green Light:

The green laser light has a potent anti-inflammatory impact. In order to avoid infection, treat inflammatory swelling, treat ulcers, and treat infectious malignancies, green laser therapy is employed. Enhances the blood’s ability to absorb oxygen and stimulates cellular ATP synthesis, which boosts energy.

  • Yellow Light:

This is known for improving the metabolism of serotonin and vitamin D. For treating depression serotonin is used. Which is a hormone responsible for happiness. Whereas vitamin D is efficient in making the bones, connective tissues, and immune defense strong. Effects that detoxify while reducing anxiety and depression. Positive outcomes in fatigue syndromes and persistent infections. powerful bacterial and virus resistance.


There is no such recovery period that needs care. But dietary care is a must to follow in order to provide your body with essential elements as well the procedure needs at least 10 sessions to truly cure the pain and stress that you follow.


A number of benefits can be taken from this procedure. Some of it involves:

  • Therapy lasers are being used more often as an efficient method of treating neuropathy, and several clinical trials have shown promising results.
  • assisting in muscular relaxation and delivering relief from muscle spasms
  • minimizing mild joint stiffness, aches, and pains
  • Utilized to Treat Skin Conditions, Including Wounds and Scars 
  • reducing arthritis symptoms momentarily
  • assisting with blood circulation
  • One of the most popular uses of IV laser treatment is to treat both acute and chronic ailments, like tendinitis or damage to the knees.
  • Can Reduce Pain, Aches, and Inflammation
  • By lowering pain and inflammation as well as promoting nerve regeneration, muscular relaxation, and immune system response, treatments have been demonstrated to give relief and speed up healing.

IV Low Laser Treatment FAQ’s:

Positive laser results can appear instantly and persist for weeks or longer, however, similar to many therapies, laser therapy may necessitate multiple sessions in order to address the underlying causes of pain and function loss.

It is thought that LT acts as an anti-inflammatory, speeds up connective tissue repair, and influences the activity of fibroblasts, the cells that make up connective tissue. In addition to promoting fracture healing and wound healing, LLLT is used to reduce pain and to stimulates collagen metabolism.

The laser beam from a level has very little power, but it is concentrated enough to cause eye damage despite this. Safety measures should be taken by anyone using a laser level such as a laser beam should never be stared at.

LLLT has been approved by the FDA and has achieved over 80-90% success rate. LLLT is a useful tool that promotes the healing of damaged tissue by effectively reducing pain, edema, and inflammation without having a negative impact.

IV Low Laser Treatment in Dubai is estimated to cost between AED 1,299 and AED 1,499 in total. For accurate information about the procedure and its cost, schedule a free consultation with the top clinic in Dubai at Enfield Royal Clinic.

This procedure's primary goal is to help those who are tired of taking medications. By directly boosting blood immunity, reducing stress, supplying vital vitamin D for strong bones, promoting cardiologic health, restoring tissue metabolism, fending off signs of aging, and boosting general healing properties, intravenous therapy seeks to reduce medication fatigue. 


Regenerative medicine cost is truly dependent on the condition of the client as well as the need of the client. The cost of the procedure somehow fluctuates due to multiple reasons such as the expertise of the doctor providing this service, the level, and reputation of the clinic, the certifications of the doctor, the basic aim of the procedure, and many more. According to an estimate the cost of IV Low Laser Treatment in Dubai can range from About AED 1,299 to AED 1,499. Get a free consultation with the best clinic in Dubai to have proper knowledge of the procedure and its cost.

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