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Intimate issues are sometimes kept secret by women and they bear the pain all the way round in their life. But it’s time to speak about it and get rid of all those intimate issues regarding sexual dysfunction. Enfield Royal Clinic is providing you with the best solution for Female Sexual Dysfunction in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah to let you have a better reason for involving in a happy sexual life with your partner.


Side effects differ contingent upon what sort of sexual brokenness you’re encountering:

  • Low sexual longing: These generally normal female sexual dysfunctions include an absence of sexual interest and readiness to be sexual.
  • Sexual excitement problem: Your longing for sex may be unblemished, yet you experience issues with excitement or can’t become stimulated or keep up with excitement during sexual activity.
  • Orgasmic jumble: You have constant or repetitive trouble in accomplishing climax after adequate sexual excitement and continuous feeling.
  • Sexual torment problem: You have torment related to sexual excitement or vaginal contact.


The result after the treatment is astonishing, as it brings real satisfaction to the client and resolves their issues regarding pain during sex, dryness, less desire for sex, a disorder of sexual arousal, and vaginal discomfort. The visible and feelable outcomes are always witnessed.

Ideal Candidate:

Any woman can be an ideal candidate for this treatment. But few things are there to keep in mind while opting for this treatment which are:

  • Patients have realistic expectations from this treatment
  • Willing to undergo the different phases of this treatment
  • Want to enhance their sexual lifestyle
  • Looking forward to getting rid of intimate issues

Pre Procedure:

The best way to deal with treating sexual brokenness in ladies includes an aggregate exertion between the lady, the accomplice, and the specialists together. Most kinds of sexual brokenness can be treated by treating physical or mental issues, by zeroing in on the accompanying:

  • Giving training. It is essential to teach ladies about sexual capability, ways of behaving, and reactions, as this assists them with beating their interests in sexual capability and execution.
  • Talk and tune in. speaking with your accomplice has a major effect on your sexual fulfillment. Regardless of whether you are not used to discussing what you like and abhorrence, figure out how to do so, and giving criticism can assist with making way for better closeness.
  • Keep up with a sound way of life propensities. Decrease liquor consumption, which can numb your sexual reaction. Attempt to be more dynamic – standard actual work can expand your endurance, work on your mental state, and work on your sentiments.
  • Look for counsel. Consult with an instructor or a specialist about your sexual issues. Remedial meetings ordinarily remember guidance for how to upgrade your sexual reaction, figuring out how to further develop closeness with your accomplice, and suggesting couples’ books and activities.
  • Utilize an ointment. A vaginal ointment might help you during sex in the event that you have vaginal dryness or feel torment during sex.


Schooling about human sexual capability, female Genitalia life systems, and the typical changes related to lactation or menopause, as well as sexual ways of behaving and related reactions, may assist a lady with conquering her nerves about sexual capability and execution.

Psychotherapy works out, clinical methods for relaxation, Botox infusions for vaginismus, O-Shot, P-Shot, PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) infusions in the particular places of the female conceptive organ to upgrade the drive and joy, vaginal laser treatment, and other medical procedures for physical reasons of sexual brokenness can treat many instances of female sexual brokenness.


Once the procedure is done is not mean that they require no other efforts to have a happy and healthy sexual life. Aftercare is really very necessary in maintaining the results gathered from the treatment. Some of the main points to take care of are:

  • Dry the vagina after splashing water or after using the toilet to make it safe from fungal infections.
  • Use topical creams which are prescribed by the gynecologist to have a soft and moistured vagina
  • Take citrous soda for a healthy and infection free Urinary tract
  • Take the prescribed medicines on time to recover from any previously lying infection
  • Do not rub the treated area harshly
  • Try to avoid overheating the treated area.


This procedure is a set of treatments that will provide you with a bundle of advantages. Some of its main advantages include:

  • Treatment takes no downtime
  • Fast Recovery
  • Healthy and happy lifestyle
  • Pain-free Intercourse
  • Highly Desired Intercourse
  • Non-surgical Procedures


As it s well known that Dubai is a common spot for medical and cosmetic procedures visited by multiple different people, especially celebrities. So the charges they offer to clients are somehow high sometimes but Enfield Royal Clinic is providing you with amazing discounts and offers on all the medical and cosmetic treatments under the supervision of highly Expert Gynecologists to make you feel Dubai is your hometown no matter from wherever you belong. 

According to an estimate the cost for Female Sexual Dysfunction in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Ranges from AED 3999 to AED 9999 depending upon multiple conditions such as the level of the clinic, the reputation of the clinic, the condition of the client, the area where the clinic is located, and the number of treatments needed to be done. So it is highly recommended to get a consultation prior to the treatment to have a better understanding of what you are going to have and what you are paying for as well at our clinic we are offering a free consultation to all so that they can save their expense of consultation and get more from us.

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