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Beautification comes in all sizes, shapes, and styles. When it comes to facial beauty, there is more to the look than just cosmetics and cosmetic treatments. Even a tiny and minute detail can add huge impression of beauty. Such is the case with Ear Piercing. If you are an adult regardless of your gender; who wishes to seek an additional piercing or two for yourself or your child of any age. We are offering our expertise to provide you with the best self-expression experience at our clinic. Read about; Ear Piercing in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah and explore the simplicity of this splendid symbol of beautification.

What Is Ear Piercing?

It is considered to be a beauty symbol and a fun way to modify your looks. This ever-popular trend has been in practice ever since the early ages. However, the procedure has revolutionized from massively painful to incredibly painless methods. Furthermore, ear piercings are referred to as expressing one’s style to enhance the appearance of both men and women. You can get the procedure done at tattoo shops, piercing studios, or even health clinics to protect your safety and overall well-being.

What Are My Options?

There is a traditional method, where a slightly larger needle is used to manually pierce into the skin. However, it is not an ideal method as it lacks hygiene and is considered to be a painful option. Therefore, we use special disposable stapler-like devices for individual candidates. Hence, the same procedure can be effortlessly performed on your earlobes and cartilage bones to aid their aesthetic concerns. 

How To Prepare For The Appointment?

We gathered a few quick and easy safety precautions to help you practice your basic preparations for the big day;

  • The first key factor to consider is choosing the right place. Make sure all the safety standards are meeting the required hygiene protocols. 
  • You can purchase the studs of your choice beforehand and bring them along with you to the clinic.
  • If you are an adult, make sure no alcohol intake is approached before and after the procedure. 
  • For infants and children, we recommend coming with a full tummy because it may take a while to successfully get through the session in one sitting.
  • Finally, take a long shower or bath before leaving the home. Additionally, avoid wearing or applying any chemicalized product to the facial skin and its surroundings to prevent any possible allergic reactions. 

What Happens During The Procedure?

This is a quick and easy session that is going to take less than half an hour to get through the whole process. Below is a general information to enlighten you about the procedure;

  • We will take off by gently disinfecting the ear lobes or upper regions of the ears on both sides.
  • Some anesthetic spray or cream is applied on top to provide you with a comfortable experience. 
  • The next step is to mark dots to perfectly align the symmetry of the piercings.
  • This step is followed by choosing the right material and preferred studs for you.
  • After that, a stapler-like device is used to make tiny incisions into the skin along with the chosen studs.
  • It takes seconds to perform the act in your desired areas. We will apply some soothing gel toward the end to soothe the soreness. 
  • Lastly, you are given instructions to practice safe healing along with antibacterial ointment to avoid any bacterial infection.

Results of Ear Piercing:

The results of ear piercing are always breathtaking. They bring an amazing look and appearance. Ear Piercing is no doubt a less painful and maximum result-bringing procedure. Our clients are always found satisfied with their results, from the dermatologists and the earrings as well whether they are men or women or kids.

Ear Piercing in dubai  Ear Piercing Clinic in Abu Dhabi  Best Ear Piercing Clinic in dubai & Abu Dhabi

Best Ear Piercing in dubai  Ear Piercing Clinic in dubai & Abu Dhabi  Ear Piercing Clinic in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah

How To Look After Your Piercings?

It is very important to responsibly follow the aftercare guidelines for your safety. Below are a few tips for a smooth recovery;

  • Do not touch your piercing with uncleaned hands.
  • Make sure to follow a healthy cleansing routine.
  • Do not swim or soak your ears while taking a bath.
  • Rotate the stud in circular motions with clean hands.
  • Apply the provided antiseptic medication to prevent bacteria.
  • After a week, change the stud and insert the best suitable material according to your body in the form of ear pins or earrings to add charm to your aesthetics.

What Is The Recovery Period?

It usually takes about 3 to 4 weeks to heal completely. However, the healing time is going to vary from person to person generally. It could take 6 for some, or as long as 8 weeks in a few rare cases. This is why, we advise our clients to carefully follow the homecare guidelines to speed up the healing process. 

Are There Any Risks Or Complications?

To be fair, it is the safest and ever-lasting procedure that has no side effects latched to it. The only minor mishaps you could consider are soreness, pus infections, bleeding, or swelling. If you feel massively uncomfortable even after a week or more. You can reach out for medical care to ease your pain.

Ear Piercing In Dubai FAQ’S:

While following the personalized cautionary measures the patients are not in any way capable of encountering the painful sensation during and even after the session. 

To be precise, no, the patients need to avoid the application of any random cosmetic or medical product. In fact, they need to sign up for the customized consultation and receive the personalized dos and don’ts to follow after the session.  

The patients need to thoroughly wash the piercing with water or any fragrance-free mild cleanser. After that they need to be dried off before wearing and after taking them off. Furthermore, the patient should also make sure to completely rinse away the soap. 

According to the researchers, the patients are able to be cured within a minimum of six weeks to a maximum of twelve weeks. However, the period of time to heal from the ear piercing varies from person to person, depending upon the intensity of the process along with the personalized dermal and epidermal health conditions.  

To be precise, no, signing up and getting the ear pierced is officially not prohibited in Islam. Furthermore, individuals can also sign up for nose piercing as well.  

Yes, the patients can proceed on with taking a shower even after going through the session of getting an ear pierced. 

To be precise, yes, however, as a cautionary measure, the patient needs to reach out to the consultation in order to receive the personalized soap.  

What Are The Benefits For Me?

There are numerous perks to Ear Piercing in Dubai. Read and explore the wonders in store for you;

  • First things first, it is one of the most elegant ways to express your style expression. 
  • Furthermore, you can choose to opt for as many piercings as you prefer.
  • It is going to upgrade your facial profile by the choice of earrings you opt for.
  • Moreover, piercings are looked upon as signs of beauty. So whether you are male or female, you can add your share of beauty to everywhere you go.
  • On top of that, you can even redeem your options of undergoing the procedure to pierce your nose or other suitable areas for the procedure.
  • Eventually, the modifications are going to boost your self-confidence and increase your self-esteem because you will appear more graceful than ever before. 
  • Lastly, it is one of the more affordable procedures, and there are no follow-up sessions to worry about.

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