Traumatic Brain Injuries in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Price & Cost

An injury is already a life-altering event that leaves behind profound outcomes. However, when it comes to Brain-related disorders or accidents, the negative impacts will seriously damage an individual’s physical, cognitive, and emotional well-being. Every day, millions of people get involved in sudden accidents such as; sports injuries, road crashes, or violence in general. These unexpected mishaps lead to serious after-effects that can truly affect one’s life. Fortunately, today, we have a wide range of medical treatments and equipment that are excellent in terms of detecting indications and providing accurate therapies to aid patients walking through their journey to recovery.

What Is A Traumatic Brain Injury?

It is a disruption or sudden damage to the normal brain function that blows, knocks out, or wrecks the skull, leading to massive destruction of the fragile form of the brain. The severity of this injury can vary from mild to extreme harmful effects. Furthermore, these impacts may also lead to short-term or long-term consequences for each patient. Below is a brief information about the complications and their possible complexities;

  • Mild TBI: this is usually a common type of injury that is often linked with short-term memory loss. As a result, the patient could be conscious, confused, and lose memory while being physically well.
  • Moderate TBI: this type is highlighted as a more significant injury or damage to the brain. What happens is that due to prolonged unconsciousness, amnesia, and other severe symptoms, a person could lack or completely lose their cognitive impairments.
  • Severe TBI: has the most serious and harmful impact on the survivor. However, the complications can lead to long-term or permanent disabilities from physical and emotional states as well as falling into a coma. 


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What Are The Chances Of Getting Injured?

To be fair, anyone can experience this medical mishap. On average, about 80% of these injuries usually happen to men. However, since the triggered problem begins with an accident, we can not precisely tell which pedestrian or driver is likely to suffer an injury. Moreover, people who may be prone to be at risk usually are involved in professions such as; Athletics, Construction workers, Military members, or anyone outside their homes.

What Are The Possible Factors Leading To The Causes?

Accidents can happen anywhere. Whether you are at home or outdoors. From falling off the stairs to vehicle accidents on the road. Any injury whether it occurs while playing sports or slipping from a water spill can lead to serious risks of getting hurt. However, if a person falls onto something rough that hits their head. During a violent fight or abuse, any hard object that is used to hit someone on the head can also lead to the development of a serious brain injury.

What Are The Early Signs And Symptoms?

The early indications may vary from person to person. However, the key sign may trigger alarming signals when you notice someone is losing consciousness or passes out almost instantly. Moreover, some people may also feel dazed or frozen from time to time. This is yet another sign that needs an immediate check-up before unresponsiveness prolongs and the candidate falls into a coma or persistent vegetative state. In addition to this, some other early signs and symptoms may include; 

  • Headaches or dizziness,
  • Imbalance sight viewing due to brain malfunction,
  • Confusion or memory loss,
  • Annoyed or furious behavior,
  • Mood swings or concentration problems.

How Is It Diagnosed?

The healthcare providers are going to ask the family members about the details of the accident and the early symptoms of the injury which we have mentioned above. After which, depending on the severity of the early indications, we will perform the following examinations;

  • Neurological evaluation: A brain specialist is going to conduct a few mandatory tests on the brain to check the motor function and coordinating reflexes to detect the sensory functions as well. 
  • Imaging Tests: several CT scans and MRIs are performed to detect if there is any internal bleeding or swelling inside the skull.
  • Blood Tests: play a vital role in terms of providing adequate information about the loss of protein cells that signify the indications of concussion or mild TBI. These precautionary measures are taken before we can sign up the candidate for suitable treatments or respective rehabilitation programs. 

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What Are The Treatment Plans?

  • Medical Intervention: we provide emergency services to stabilize the patient and take care of further notices to prevent damage. Furthermore, preparation for the required surgery is also put under consideration to remove hematomas or relieve intracranial pressure inside the skull.
  • Rehabilitation: is an umbrella treatment program that includes several therapies and services such as; physical, occupational, and speech therapies. Additionally, cognitive rehab plus psychological counseling helps patients regain strength and relearn their daily living skills to become independent and resume life after a successful treatment. 
  • Support system: provides essential psychological reinforcement for both the patient and their family members. These therapeutic programs will provide awareness and understanding regarding the matter to promote TBI prevention and take the initiative to support the patient’s emotional and physical well-being. 
  • Long-term care: some patients require ongoing care and assistance depending on the intensity of the damage or injury caused to their brain. This is why, we advise patients’ families to be very patient with their loved ones as they are gradually motivated to activate their willpower to recover smoothly.

What Are The Generated Outcomes Post-Rehabilitation?

  • It takes time to recover from TBI. However, with persistent care and determination, a patient can walk again after their physical therapies. 
  • Similarly, their cognitive rehabilitation can help a person to participate in their social activities. Their communication skills will go back to track as well as returning to work after completing a successful training or treatment program.
  • Furthermore, due to complex complications at times, a candidate may require a prolonged process of rehabilitation. However, even people with severe complications will make a significant improvement with the right medical support and caring professionals.

Traumatic Brain Injuries FAQ’s:

The amount of compensation given to patients with brain injuries is not predetermined. The extent of your injuries and the time it will take you to heal are just two factors that could affect how much you could get. Your compensation award takes into consideration any lost income as well.

Aggression in people with a history of traumatic brain injury (TBI) could result from a mix of emotional and cognitive problems, such as heightened impatience and decreased inhibition. The TBI may alter emotions if it damages brain regions involved in emotion regulation.

Make sure you sleep well at night and take breaks during the day. Steer clear of physically demanding activities such as hard housecleaning, weightlifting, working out or highly concentrating activities such as handling your checkbook and other tasks.

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