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What is a Home Visit Doctor?

Sometimes people are in specific conditions that they are unable to visit a hospital. Being unable to visit a hospital due to a certain condition, health issue, or a pandemic doesn’t mean that you don’t get the right treatment. Everyone deserves and has a right to be treated. Elderly people are more prone to diseases, and by visiting a hospital they may even get more medical issues. So it is more efficient for these people to get their treatment and checkups in the comfort of their own homes. Home Visit Doctor Dubai & Abu Dhabi offers the best services of doctors visiting the homes of their patients whenever they require certain treatment and are unable to visit a hospital.

Main Aim of this Service:

Not being able to visit a hospital won’t be a problem anymore. Sometimes due to certain circumstances, it becomes difficult for people to visit a hospital. Not visiting a hospital might become a worse situation for people who suffer from serious health conditions. The main aim of our home visit service is to provide people with the benefit of treating them at the ease of their home. Our Home Care Services are for people of all ages. People who are severely sick, elderly people, or special people, now do not have to worry about not being able to visit a hospital due to different circumstances. We aim to provide you with ease. We care for our patients and aim to provide them with the best treatments.

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Who Requires Home Visit Doctors?

Our home visit doctors’ services are for people of all ages. Our services are designed especially for people who need assistance with:

  • Elderly people who are unable to visit a hospital due to their old age and other health circumstances.
  • People who are suffering from severe medical conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, etc.
  • Someone who requires post-surgical care.
  • Individuals who have undergone major accidental injuries.
  • Someone who requires IV drips.
  • People who want help with changing their wound dressings, and bandages.
  • Individuals who require physical therapy.
  • People who are on a ventilator.
  • Individuals who are unable to visit a hospital.

What Instructions Should One Follow Before a Doctor’s Visit?

Below are some instructions a patient must follow before a doctor’s visit:

  • Wear loose, baggy clothes.
  • Do not drink alcohol.
  • Try to maintain a healthy diet.
  • You must inform the doctor about your concerns and questions.
  • The patient must take a shower before the doctor’s visit.
  • Try to provide the doctor with your medical records, so they will be well-informed about your medical history.

How is a Home Visit Checkup Done?

  • The doctor will arrive at your home, shortly after you book an appointment.
  • The doctor will briefly view your medical history.
  • He/she will monitor the patient’s vitals.
  • The doctor will bring all the required medicines, instruments, IV drips, etc along with him.
  • The doctor will do a proper thorough checkup and will prescribe you your required treatment.

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What Should A Patient Do Afterwards?

  • After the doctor’s visit, the patient must follow the doctor’s recommendations properly.
  • You must take all the prescribed medications on time.
  • You must avoid any type of harmful things that the doctor has advised you to avoid.
  • Rest properly.
  • Take a good balanced diet.
  • Consult your doctor immediately if you feel any severe pain, bleeding, or unusual symptoms.
  • Keep your doctor up to date about your condition until you are properly healed.

Advantages of Home Doctor Visits:

This service comes with various advantages for our patients, some of these advantages are discussed below:

  • Convenience:

This service brings so much convenience with it. The patients are treated in the ease of their own homes. When people are unable to travel to the hospital due to vehicle inconvenience, or due to any other reasons, they can easily book an appointment with our doctor. 

  • Waiting:

In a hospital patients usually have to wait in huge lines to see a specific doctor. Patients sometimes have to also wait in the emergency wards to get their treatments done. This brings them more pain and uneasiness. But with at-home doctor visits you do not have to wait in long lines. You won’t have to wait until other patients get treated. Waiting won’t be a problem as your doctor will easily treat you. 

  • Time Restrictions:

Whenever a patient visits a hospital there are certain time restrictions for every patient. Every patient has a certain time limit with the doctor. Doctors have to check and treat a lot of patients so they do not spend a lot of time with a single patient, as there is the majority of patients in a hospital that need treatment. But with this service, our doctor will spend more time with you and will provide you your personalized care and treatment. Our doctors listen to the patient’s concerns and questions and then provide them with their required treatment.

  • Beneficial for the Elderly:

This home service is super beneficial for elderly people. It becomes difficult for elderly people to daily visit the hospital for their routine treatments and checkups. Sometimes they are unable to walk properly, so they cannot travel to the hospital. Our clinic has the best male and female doctors and nurses for your ease. They are highly experienced and they treat you within the comfortable environment of your home.

  • Prevention from Infections:

Many people are prone to infections. And hospitals are the worst place for anyone who is prone to certain infections. These people should opt for home checkups, as they are less risky for them.

Home Visit Doctor Dubai FAQ’s:

In Dubai, the average cost of a doctor's house call is between AED 300 and AED 800, and this usually covers the consultation fee as well as a basic medical evaluation.

While Dubai's healthcare system is mainly intended for residents with insurance, visitors who might need medical care while visiting still have options. It is advisable to have current travel vaccinations before visiting Dubai.

Fee of Home Visit Doctor’s Dubai:

The cost of a Home Visit Doctor in Dubai ranges from 799 AED to 2,999 AED. The cost may however vary due to several different factors. These factors are:

  • Experience of the doctor.
  • The severity of the case.
  • Type of treatment.
  • The reputation of the clinic.

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