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We have a global population of elderly citizens. Not everyone is eligible to take care of themselves. Similarly, often older adults are living on their own. This is when self-independence may trigger some health-related malfunctions and cause utter disturbance in the basic everyday living standards of life. The fact about older adults is that they demand additional time and assistance to pursue life. Any situation otherwise can cause significant geriatric disorders. This is why, we are offering our best services to provide Geriatric Rehabilitation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah to mark a positive impact on the lives of those who matter the most to us.

What Are Geriatric Disorders?

There is a wider range of medical conditions that may fall under the health factors that affect the life quality of older adults. Below are some of the most common Geriatric disorders;

  • Arthritis: is related to bone pain and other disorders that are responsible for causing internal inflammation. It is also found to be the root cause of joint pain after a particular age and leads to disability risks in older people. 
  • Dementia: causes cognitive function and is powerful enough to interfere with your daily activities. Furthermore, some symptoms are also studied to be linked with Alzheimer’s disease, which is another form of Dementia. 
  • Osteoporosis: is a common medical mishap that makes your bones fragile with time and causes them to weaken and brittle. As a result, the higher percentage of risk factors is usually a dense fracture in such patients. 
  • Heart Disease: could also develop over time as it is also linked with growing age due to the weakening of the blood vessels and slow blood flow within the bloodstream. Hence, it affects the pumping and blood circulation system.
  • Stroke: poor blood supply is also going to affect your brain. Consequently, it leads to the damaging of brain cells and triggers further mental and physical disabilities.
  • Diabetes: is one of the common and critical conditions that interferes with the natural insulin level and increases the percentage to a level that it begins to affect the health of your heart and kidneys.
  • Depression: mental disorders are often the ongoing process of anxieties and panic attacks that take place in loneliness. Therefore, it is characterized by feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and worthlessness in elderly people. As a result, their self-esteem decreases which leads to poor mental health and depression in general.
  • Balancing Problems: patients tend to fall due to poor physical/mental stability and balance control. This causes them to fall unexpectedly, which can lead to serious injuries and other severe fractures. Moreover, their eye vision weakens. The communication and comprehension skills decrease as well. On top of that, muscle flexibility and function meet a downfall too.


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What Is A Geriatric Rehabilitation Program?

This is a specialized treatment program that is specifically designed to help elder patients. The goal is to provide adequate services and aid to those who need special care and assistance in terms of recovering from injuries or other illnesses. Furthermore, this rehab program is also helpful for managing chronic conditions and promoting independence to improve overall functional abilities. Moreover, our treatment program also aims to restore a patient’s willpower to carry on with their lives with energy and enthusiasm.

Who Can Sign Up For This Treatment?

Although it is a special program for our senior citizens only. However, any adult who is experiencing a variety of conditions mentioned below may also sign up for this treatment plan;

  • Stroke or heart related-problems,
  • Hip Fracture,
  • Joint problems,
  • Spinal Cord Injury,
  • Traumatic Brain Injury,
  • Parkinson’s Disease,
  • Alzheimer’s Disease,
  • Neurological Disorder,
  • Arthritis or Osteoporosis,
  • Chronic conditions or Cancer,
  • Malnutrition and Frailty.

What Happens During The Therapy?

We perform and introduce a variety of beneficial treatments and therapies to our patients. These are going to make a positive change in their personal lives and overall surroundings. Some of our basic rehabilitation services include;

  • Physical therapies are essential for older adults as they can improve the range of motion and movements. To regain strength and control their overall balance.
  • Furthermore, Occupational therapies play their role in helping the patients relearn old or learn new activities of daily living such as; dressing, bathing, eating, reading, communicating, and using digital devices for fun and games.
  • Speech Therapy is the key to helping our patients get back to normal life as they can easily communicate their thoughts and feelings with those around them. 
  • Nutrition Counseling is going to motivate and support the candidates to approach a healthy diet for a smooth recovery. Furthermore, it is also going to aid the patients in upgrading their living standards to live a healthier life. 
  • Social Services is an additional program for those who are doing well with the recovery process. Henceforth, we will encourage them to take part in helping their peer groups who are dealing with aging challenges and other illnesses post-surgery.

What Are The Benefits Of The Treatment?

  • Our rehab program is working wonders in terms of restoring and upgrading the quality of life for our patients. 
  • You will notice improved coordination and betterment in the mental and physical condition of your loved ones. 
  • Even the pain and other disabilities are going to gradually reduce. Furthermor, their participation in household or other outdoor activities or chores is also going to improve day by day.
  • They will enjoy communicating and spending quality time with their families and friends. Moreover, this is going to reduce their stress and anxiety vastly.
  • As a result, their self-esteem and confidence are going to boost. These happy changes will motivate them to live and maintain a healthy and prosperous life. 

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