Endoscopic Balloon Extraction in Dubai Weight Loss Surgery

When it comes to stubborn weight, everyone needs a boost to safely discard excessive fat storage. Where there are traditional exercising methods; that are no doubt immensely effective. Some people often opt for pills and other weight-loss remedies to shed off a few kilos. We understand it is not easy to reach your ideal weight goal over a night. However, we pave the road to the transformational journey that leads to dramatic changes overnight. Explore the effectiveness of Gastric Balloon In Dubai.  Find out how Endoscopic Balloon Extraction in Dubai & Abu Dhabi works and discover details about the minimally invasive solution to dismiss digestive blockages and stored fat.

What Is An Endoscopic Balloon?

This is a Gastric Balloon treatment usually prescribed for weight loss. It is a pill-like device that is carefully transferred into the belly sack with the help of an endoscope. The medical balloon is a soft silicone instrument that is blown inside the belly to fill up some space. As a result, the lack of capacity inside the stomach will affect the timeless hunger and trigger the digestion system. Your brain gets the signals of a full belly. This causes the body to shift focus from consuming to reducing. The living enzymes inside the body begin to feed off the stored fat and help in the shrinkage of excessive weight. 

How Is It Extracted?

It is a simple and painless procedure that involves an endoscope. This is a fine and flexible tool that has a built-in camera and a torch device. This robotic device works as a third hand to reach inside the tightly packed food tube and smoothly reaches the belly sack. The balloon is inflated and carefully removed through the mouthway. 


This technique has proven to be significantly remarkable in terms of utilizing numerous weight-concerning conditions and other problems such as gallstone removal and strictures. As a result, you experience a dramatic improvement in the overall mass of the body without putting it under the knife. 

Ideal Candidate:

We recommend the treatment to those who are medically fit – and are not dealing with any drug allergies or other serious health hazards. Ideally, the same candidates are eligible for the extraction procedure as well. You are required to opt for an initial consultation beforehand. The expert in charge will examine your general well-being and guide you about the medical formalities and respective protocols before signing you up for the procedure. 

Pre-Care Guidelines:

  • You are advised to be fasting on the appointment day.
  • Furthermore, even the intake of any medications is prohibited.
  • Moreover, blood tests and other screenings such as ECG and X-ray are forbidden.
  • Pause smoking and do not participate in any exhausting exercises.
  • Before undergoing the extraction process, consult a specialist to examine your general well-being beforehand. 


A brief introduction about the series of steps and stages of the method;

  • You are sedated with a required percentage of anesthesia to numb the throat region from within. This allows no pain memory during the whole process.
  • The next step is to insert the endoscope inside the throat region to reach the stomach wall. 
  • The built-in camera and robotic hand are going to reach the designated location and safely deflate the balloon.
  • Once the pressure is completely deflated, it is effortlessly removed from the body within a few minutes.
  • In the end, you are provided with home care guidelines before being discharged from the clinic. 

Aftercare Precautions:

  • You may want to call it a day and rest for the remaining time. Take a nap or sleep until the next morning to feel relaxed.
  • Do not take part in any tough exercises and refrain from working out for a few days.
  • You are advised to drink plenty of water and keep yourself well-hydrated at all times.
  • Consume a balanced and healthy diet that is rich in minerals and other vital nutrients.
  • Pay attention to your napping hours and overall sleep cycles. 
  • Refrain from processed and junk food munching to sustain your weight.
  • Visit your Nutritionist and Dietitian from time to time to upgrade your diet plan.
  • Cut down on your alcohol and other sugar-based beverages for prosperous health.


The entire placement and extraction process offers a variety of prosperous perks for your overall well-being. Read along as we enlighten you about a detailed overview of the outstanding outcomes; 

  • It is a minimally invasive method without opting for any incisions or other tissue disruption.
  • The recovery time is swift and smooth. You do not feel any pain during or after the extraction.
  • Furthermore, it is an outpatient procedure, therefore, you may return home right after stepping out of the clinic. 
  • On top of that, there are no serious restrictions post-treatment regarding your movement or other activities.
  • You can resume work from the next day. You are not likely to encounter any difficulty while walking, sitting, eating and drinking.

Risks And Recovery:

They say every action reacts. Such is the case with this non-surgical approach of removing the Gastric Balloon. Although there is no serious recovery to be concerned about. However, you may experience mild soreness or discomfort within the throat region. You are generally prescribed some aftercare, which will soothe your challenging situation shortly.

Charges Fees:

Your safety is our number one priority. We are equipped with state-of-the-art technological medical tools and devices that are upgraded and well-sterilized for your safety. Additionally, disposable instruments and other hygiene protocols are followed for your personalized care. These factors may fluctuate the final cost. However, our premium quality services for Endoscopic Balloon Extraction are valued at AED 6,000. 

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