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If you are a parent whose child is currently struggling or suffering from an unideal health condition. It is possible, it could have been present during the formation of the fetus or must have occurred after the delivery. However, we understand any problem faced by the infants will eventually stress out the parents as well. The warmth and unconditional love you feel for your infant is in our hearts too. And to continue the legacy of love and care for the children’s health. We are offering a wide variety of Best Pediatrician in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Read more about a Pediatrician and visit us today to work together for the safety and prosperity of your baby’s life.

Who Is A Pediatrician?

This professional doctor is a board-certified expert that works to sustain the maintenance of an infant’s mental and physical health. He/She is an experienced professional who begins to look after the infant’s well-being from as early as birth to the post-teen era. The goal of a Pediatric is to work as a child specialist. And connect with them deeply through their communication and friendly behavior to make a bridge between you and your child. And help you to understand and address the given situation hand in hand. 

What Is The Result Of The Consultation?

There are wide categories of analyses and treatments that are conducted in terms of taking care of your child’s overall health and fitness. This includes curing and prevention of emotional and physical well-being for a prosperous lifetime.

Candidacy And Care:

  • This is a special field of medicine, where special care is provided to babies, children, and adolescents from birth and up to the age of 25. 
  • The treatments are alike internal medicine but for younger patients. Kids cannot be referred to as young adults because their physiology is different. Therefore, the same medicines used for adults may negatively affect profiles in children and lead to dangerous side effects. 
  • Additionally, since children are more resilient than adults, they tend to crash hard and abruptly. Meaning, they may seem relatively stable but decomposed. 
  • However, if a newborn’s health is unstable within the initial 48 to 72 hours after the birth. You are advised to reach out to an expert for a detailed analysis. Careful observation is held for a year or prolonged-time period according to the state and condition of your child. 

How Should I Prepare My Child For The Appointment?

Do not frame the appointments as doctor’s visits. Instead, encourage them to opt for the check-up sessions as a routine activity. You can remind them of the toys and other fun activities that are available at the Doctor’s office. This shall do the trick and keep their spirits high for the mandatory visits.

What Are The Different Treatments?

A Generalist or Specialist will see you at the check-up appointments. Below are the main concerns that are frequently looked upon;

  • Hematology / Oncology: this is more focused on treating a child with blood or solid cancers including; Leukemia, Lymphoma, and Brain Cancer. However, other non-cancerous blood disorders such as Sickle Cell Disease are also primarily addressed. But these specifications are handled by those specialists who have specialization in the field of brain and heart specifically for children. 
  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU): we deal with critically ill infants who have been diagnosed with a serious problem. Our primary aim is to stabilize and support the health of those children; who are on breathing tubes. Furthermore, kids with blood pressure issues, cerebral palsy, or those who are frequently in and out of ICU because of infections are taken care of here.
  • Cardiology: it is the most important and challenging specialty because the main treatment revolves around human organs such as heart transplants and blood flow. We manage and monitor the optimal timings of repairs and evaluate the need for the surgery and the time period that is required to take the decision.
  • Gastroenterology: dealing with chronic diseases like inflammation in the organs in treated in this field. We work on the child’s mind and body connection, to help the anxious kids with problems like abdominal pain or child obesity.
  • Emergency Medicine: taking care of kids in general by stabilizing them and helping in their hour of need. Moreover, as this is also a difficult situation for the parents too, therefore, special assistance is held for the family. From premature babies to healthy children, we aid in regular PCP visits or hospitalized children for rare genetic anomalies as well.

What Is Aftercare?

It is important to create a pleasant atmosphere for the children even at home. Below are a few guidelines that will help you;

  • Create a child-friendly space and environment at home.
  • Talk to your infant on the same level of their understanding.
  • Track and recognize their actions and behavior to address respectively.
  • Spend more time with them to allow warmth in your connection.
  • Read related books and educate yourself on the matter.

What Are The Benefits?

We gathered some beneficial outcomes for you and your child. Read and explore the perks;

  • Even the most hidden or underlying problem that is on the peak to the horizon can be detected on time and treated accordingly.
  • Both mental and physical well-being is monitored beforehand. This allows a better understanding for both the physician and parents when dealing with the child.
  • The well-trained experts can relate to the infants. Their communication skills will allow an insight into your child’s inner thoughts and feelings.
  • The kids do not feel uncomfortable during their treatment sessions. And the child-friendly environment will encourage them to go back for fun and exciting sessions.

Is There Any Side Effect To Worry About?

The parents are advised to provide an adequate and calculated dosage of prescribed medication to their children. In case of any miscalculation, some unideal circumstances may take place. In case of any mishap or serious problem, reach out for medical assistance as soon as possible.

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