Screening For Breast Cancer With Mammography in Dubai Price & Cost

The most common type of cancer found in women is Breast Cancer. A large number of women get affected by this fatal disease every year and many of them die due to late diagnosis. Technology has revolutionized the world at a great pace. Breast Screening was also available before but it takes time to diagnose cancer which takes the tumor to a non-treatable stage. Screening For Breast Cancer With Mammography in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah in Dubai is the best-ever screening technology that provides an early diagnosis of cancer before it makes a lump. Detailed information about the whole procedure is given below.

Breast Screening:

The goal of screening is to find cancer before any symptoms or indicators appear. Tests that can be used to screen a person for particular forms of cancer have been created by scientists and are still being developed. Breast cancer screening’s overarching objectives are to:

  • Detect cancer at an early stage of the disease when it is most treatable. 
  • Reduce the number of individuals who die from the illness or completely stop cancer deaths. 
  • Identify individuals who, because of genetic abnormalities or disorders, may require screenings more frequently or with different screenings for a certain form of cancer.


Mammography screening employs X-ray imaging to detect breast cancer before a lump is felt. When one cure is more likely, the objective is to treat cancer early. Some women will receive a cancer diagnosis as a consequence of screening, even though their disease would not have caused them to become unwell or die. We think it’s time to reconsider whether universal mammography screening is something that should be suggested for any age group. Improved therapies and more breast cancer awareness are the key factors for declining mortality rates for breast cancer along with an early diagnosis of cancer with Mammography on a treatable stage.


  • The patient disrobes up to her waist and then stands in front of the mammography equipment. 
  • The expert sets one breast on the platform and adjusts the height of the platform to fit the patient. 
  • The specialist assists the patient in adjusting her head, arms, and torso so that she can see the breast well. 
  • A clear plastic plate progressively presses the breast against the platform. 
  • The breast tissue is stretched for a short while by the continued pressure. Although the pressure is not hazardous, the patient may occasionally feel uncomfortable. If the discomfort is excessive, let the physician know. 
  • To allow the X-rays to reach the breast tissue, the breast must be equally squeezed. Additionally, the compression stabilizes the breast to lessen motion blur and reduces the necessary radiation dosage. 
  • The patient will be urged to remain calm and hold her breath during the short x-ray exposure.

Where You Can Get This Treatment in Dubai?

Mammography is a new technology that is revolutionizing the world with its great benefits. Which is why it is not available all around Dubai. Very few clinics have this emerging technology but this needs specialists and doctors to operate it. In Dubai, Enfield Royal Gynecology Clinic is one of the leading cosmetic and general facilities with 500+ procedures along with a great successful reputation. One of its burning facilities is Mammographic Breast Screening with great effectiveness. We have specialized doctors, especially for this procedure. Our doctors have hands-on experience in performing this treatment. Whereas we are also offering consultation for free so that you can build a better understanding of the screening procedure with our specialists.

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