Physiotherapy at Home in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Royal Clinic

Some of our injuries do not require surgical operations but they rather require exercise and physiotherapy. Sometimes overusing or not using our muscles at all makes them stiff and weak, and then only a proper massage and exercise can help treat them. When people reach old age or suffer from an injury or accident then their muscles require proper movement to heal. Physiotherapy sessions are best for healing your stiff and weak muscles. Now, patients do not have to worry about not visiting a hospital due to certain circumstances, as Physiotherapy at Home in Dubai & Abu Dhabi offers at-home professional physiotherapy sessions for its clients.

Understanding Physiotherapy:

The healthcare profession that deals with the proper movement and function of our different body parts is known as physiotherapy. It usually deals with pain in certain areas of the body, or healing stiff, or weak muscles. It helps restore and maintain the function of several body parts for a person’s well-being. A person who treats the movement and motion of different body parts is known as a physiotherapist.

Who Requires Physiotherapy?

There is no specific age group of people who should opt for physical exercises. 

  • People of all ages can achieve physiotherapy for their physical well-being.
  • A person who has suffered from an accident or injury.
  • People who have back, neck, or any other pain.
  • Individuals who have undergone surgery.
  • Someone who suffers from a chronic disease.
  • Having an injury due to any type of sport.
  • Individuals who want to maintain good physical health.
  • Elderly people.

What Happens During the Physiotherapy Session at Home?

At Enfield Royal Clinic in Dubai, patients no longer have to get worried about not being able to visit a hospital. As we aim to provide the best services and treatments to our patients at the ease of their homes. Here is what happens when you book an at-home physical exercise session with us:

  • When a patient books an appointment with us, our professional physiotherapist reaches their doorstep, with all the necessary things.
  • Our doctor will first briefly view the patient’s medical history and examine their general health. 
  • The physiotherapist may also ask you about your phobias or any pre-existing medical conditions.
  • The doctor will then examine the patient’s pain areas carefully. The doctor might also observe your basic movements such as how you walk around and perform certain exercises, so they can examine where the problem lies.
  • After examining your pain areas the doctor will help the patient perform their recommended physical exercises.
  • This exercise may include certain massage therapies and stretching exercises. The exercise is recommended according to the condition of the patient. 
  • The physiotherapist will help you perform all the physical movements so you do not need to worry about anything.
  • If you feel any certain pressure or pain during the session on any body part, you can immediately inform the physiotherapist.

Physiotherapy at Home infographic in Dubai

What Services do we Offer?

At our clinic, we offer various at-home services for our clients. Below are some of the most common services that we offer:

  • Post-Surgical Care:

It is usually essential for patients to perform several different physical exercises after a certain surgical procedure. This helps them regain their mobility, and function after surgery. This helps heal our muscles quickly.

  • Joint Mobilisations:

This involves applying a certain type of pressure on the joints area, to enhance their movement and function. It also helps enhance their flexibility.

  • Specialty Care:

This deals with helping disabled people perform specific physical movements, to help avoid any type of movement disorders. Special exercises are recommended for people who have a certain body disability.

  • Sports injuries:

During sports people often undergo certain accidents, that cause pain and injuries in different body parts. Certain physical movements can help relieve the pain, and get you back to your feet.

How is Physiotherapy at Home Beneficial?

The physical exercise sessions in the ease of your own home come with many different benefits.

  • Helps reduce and eliminate the pain that occurs in different parts of a person’s body.
  • With being at your own home, you will feel more comfortable.
  • The patient feels enhanced body strength.
  • Helps overcome any sports injuries in the comfortable environment of your home.
  • Provides you with enhanced physical health.
  • Improves your mental health.
  • Our professional certified doctors will help you get back on your feet and will try their best to help you get rid of your pain.
  • Boosts cardiovascular functions.

Physiotherapy At Home FAQ’s:

It's also important that the wound heals correctly. If not, it would be much simpler to hurt the same body part a second or even third time. Without the necessary physical treatment, the injury won't heal properly, increasing your risk of future injuries and excruciating agony.

One of the most frequent worries people have is that physical treatment may hurt them. No, it is not painful but, if you try to move a muscle that has been bloated or stiff for a long time, you might feel some slight pain.

For each person, the amount of sessions varies. A person's condition determines how many sessions they need in total. Less sessions are needed for minor injuries for roughly two to three weeks, while more sessions are needed for roughly six to eight weeks if a person has a serious injury.

How Many Sessions Does A Person Require?

The number of sessions varies for each individual. The number of sessions a person requires totally depends on their condition. Minor injuries require fewer sessions for about 2 to 3 weeks, but if a person suffers from a major injury then they will require more sessions for about 6 to 8 weeks.

Is Physiotherapy Painful?

One of the most common fears people face is that they may experience pain during their physical therapy. No, it is not painful, however, you may experience mild pain or a little discomfort if you try to move a muscle that has been stiff, or swollen for so long.

The Journey To A Pain-Free Life!

Why live with pain and stiff muscles, when you can get them treated? We know that it sometimes becomes difficult for patients to visit hospitals for their treatments. You can avail of our at-home services by booking an appointment with us at Physiotherapy at Home in Dubai & Abu Dhabi by meeting our professional doctors at our clinic, or by filling out the consultation form given below.