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As time goes by, aesthetic characteristics become more and more critical. Therefore, the pigmentation of the gums visible during communication and smiling has become an important aesthetic component. Gum Depigmentation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is a periodontal plastic procedure to remove pigmented gums. It can be performed through the use of a laser, various chemical compounds, grafts, and electro- and cryosurgery. The gold standard is still gum removal with a scalpel.

What is Gum Pigmentation?

It is a dental disease of the mucous membrane, in which spots of an unusual colour form on the surface. The reason lies in melanin, which is present in every person’s body and contributes to the colouring of the skin. It is because of its quantity that the colour of the gums may have a darker shade. Many mistakenly believe that healthy gums have only a soft pink tint. In fact, the amount of melanin in the body can affect the darkening of the oral mucosa, and this will not be a pathology.


The pigment disappears when the melanin cells are destroyed, leaving the gums looking pink and healthier. The immediate result of the treatment is that it gets rid of the pigment on the gums permanently.

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Ideal Candidate:

In the following situations, laser gum bleaching may not be adequate:

  • When the darkening of the gums is caused by gum disease, laser gum bleaching is not recommended.
  • It is not recommended for those with thin gums and dental roots that are near the surface. Treatment in these circumstances may result in sensitivity.
  • When the dark colour is the consequence of dark roots or implants showing through the gum, Laser Gum Bleaching is not recommended.
  • It is not recommended for persons who are using blood thinners.

Treatment Options:

The restoration of a healthy gum colour is often carried out in the smile zone, where the aesthetic factor plays a particularly important role. The most common methods are:


Using a scalpel, the surgeon removes pigmented areas. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia, and the patient does not feel discomfort at all. The only drawback is the likely fragility of the result. Melanocytes migrate to the clarified areas and can cause a second colour change.


Chemical agents like 90% phenol in conjunction with 95% The pigmented gingiva were discovered to be burned off by damaging tissue down to and slightly below the mucous membranes’ basal layer.


Laseraser is still the safest, most reliable, and acceptable treatment op for de-pigmentationtion. Laser therapy destroys the melanin pigment and ablation of the epithelial tissue. When performing this procedure, the skin cells that produce melanin must be in the field of action of the laser and contain melanin. The intensity and time intervals of repetitions vary depending on the methods of treatment used.

Quick Tip! Laser Gum Bleaching is the most effective when the dark patches on the gum are caused by melanin-making cells.


The method freezes pigmented tissues and destroys them.


Patients can resume their normal activities immediately after the procedure. We will just remind the patients to gently and cautiously approach their gums directly after the process, especially when they eat, brush their teeth, etc.

Gum Depigmentation (FAQ’s):

There are little to no associated risks involved in Gum Depigmentation and it is generally considered a safe procedure if performed by an expert. Despite its name, the procedure does not involve the use of bleaching agents, and microdermabrasion or laser treatment is used to treat the gums.

The color change can be caused due to any number of reasons the most common being your genetics. Apart from that, smoking, alcohol consumption, and inadequate oral care can also cause Gum Depigmentation.

Gum Depigmentation is generally a safe procedure if performed by an expert. However, in very rare cases, treatment may result in swelling and tenderness in the surrounding tissues and sensitivity issues in teeth which can be countered with OTC medication and a proper aftercare regimen.

Gum bleaching is not painful as it is a minimally invasive procedure. Slight discomfort or sensitivity following treatment is normal and will go away on its own in a couple of days. In case of any unusual pain or tenderness, you may be prescribed ointments or medication by your care provider.

The benefits of Gum Depigmentation include a better aesthetic appeal and consistent, quick results with minimally invasive techniques. The process can also help to root out other causes of concern such as gum disease or oral hygiene issues which can be beneficial in the long run.

Depending on the method of treatment and where you get treatment from, Gum Depigmentation can cost between AED 800/- to AED 2,500/- in Dubai. Costs can also vary based on gum condition and exact cost can only be determined after a careful examination by an expert.

How Long Does it Take?

The duration of the procedure is specific to each patient. For example, a patient getting treatment on a single spot will undergo a quicker process than a patient receiving treatment on both their top and bottom gums.


The cost of Gum Depigmentation in Dubai can range from AED 899 to AED 2499. The price will vary depending mainly on the patient and their specific treatment. Treatment planners will discuss costs with the patient once the areas requiring treatment are determined.

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