All those people who have stubborn body fat can choose Aqualyx Injection in Dubai over surgical procedures to get rid of heavy physical appearance. The answer is not always surgery.

The injection uses a modified compound of cholanic acid. Aqualyx Injection is used as a means of body contouring. It is injected in fat-rich areas of the body to dissolve them which is then eliminated when you urinate. Most commonly, it targets chin, belly, love handles, thighs, knees, upper arms, and male chest. The solution used in the injections is similar to what the body naturally produces for destructing fatty material. In common terms, the technique is called as Aqualysis™ or Aquaplasty™.

Results and Benefits:


Most of the patients see a great reduction in the amount of fats after one treatment but multi sessions bring optimal effects. Each treatment is repeated 2-8 times that depends on a number of fatty pockets on the targeted area. Aqualyx Injections in Dubai are repeated every 3-4 weeks. Don’t get confused. This treatment doesn’t result in weight loss. Results vary as the stability of cell membranes varies from person to person. Once the fats are removed, results are as good as permanent.


  • Decreases fat cell volume
  • Results in permanent body sculpting
  • Prevents creation of incision and stitches
  • Uses less invasive technique over surgery
  • Involves relatively painless and quick procedure

Who Is Candidate?

People who don’t want to go with the process of surgical liposuction or laser liposuction usually go for Aqualyx Injections in Dubai. If you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle with ideal body weight but have stubborn fatty areas you can be a candidate. If:

  • You are not overweight
  • You have enough skin laxity
  • You are over 18 and under 60
  • You are not breastfeeding or pregnant
  • You are not a sufferer of lipodystrophy
  • You have double chin, saddlebags or moobs

Aim of Treatment:

The major aim of Aqualyx Injection is to remove stubborn localized pockets of fats from the body. As it offers less downtime, therefore, it is a popular option for many individuals. Eradicated fat doesn’t come back by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet. If you are overweight you can go for other body contouring treatments we offer.

Technique We Use:

For improving a patient’s comfort level, local anesthesia is added to the solution before injecting. It makes the procedure painless. Only a little warmth sensation or slight burning is felt. Aqualyx Injection for Fat Removal takes 30-60 minutes in carrying out the whole procedure. Steps Involved are:

  1. Anesthesia can be administered separately or along with the injection.
  2. The surgeon marks the area where the fatty material needs to be removed.
  3. Aqualyx is versatile and can be used in any area of the body with localized fat deposits.
  4. Following the procedure, injections (cannula with a fine needle) are injected in small fat pads.
  5. Normally two injections are injected on the targeted site. This number can vary depending on the treatment area.
  6. Injected injections work by melting fatty deposition that passes through the urinary tract.


Redness, bruising and swelling may appear in the area of treatment. This is due to the inflammatory effect in fat cells that results in swelling. It normally lasts for 3-5 days that gets minimized by placing ice packs. During the recovery phase:

  • Avoid physical exercise for ten days
  • Avoid swimming pools and spas for three days
  • Don’t go any other aesthetic treatment for two weeks

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