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When other therapies or treatments become ineffective for a patient, we switch towards surgical options to target the problem from its very core. Such is the case with urological challenges. Patients all across the globe are dealing with various kidney malfunctions and Gallbladder Stones Surgery complications. This does not solely affect a person’s physical well-being but also enforces negative changes in their mental health. Today, we will be talking you through the complex topic of discussion that is medically referred to as; Reimplantation Of The Ureter in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Explore how urination disorder is tackled by correcting ureter abnormalities by detaching and then re-attaching it to the bladder through surgery.

What Is Ureteral Reimplantation?

It is considered a major operation because we will plug in and out a crucial tube of your urine pipeline. Since, it is a complex operation, therefore, only a team of well-experienced surgeons are going to perform the task. The procedure requires to correct the Vesicoureteral Reflux (VUR). This is a condition that affects the flow of urine and causes it to go backward. As a result, it goes up from your bladder while passing through the bladder and into the kidneys. Hence, it can lead to massive complications such as completely damaging the kidney and causing a failure. 

Signs And Symptoms:

  • Side pain, including throbbing sensation in the abdomen or lower back area.
  • Urinary tract infection and witnessing blood drop while trying to pee.
  • A Feeling of fatigue and mild to severe fever constantly going high and low.
  • An unusually foul smell in the urine along with discoloration.
  • Burning sensation in the bladder or feeling belly pain.


Depending on the patient’s specific condition and anatomy, we will approach the most suitable technique for ureteral reimplantation. The two primary methods are;

  • Extravesical Reimplantation: this procedure requires an incision on the abdomen to gain access to your bladder. After which, the urine tube is detached from the affected area and we will plug it right back from a different angle to correct the performance of the ureter. 
  • Intravesical Reimplantation: the surgeon will gain access to the ureter/bladder by creating an incision directly into the bladder wall. This technique allows a precise placement of the ureteral orifice within the bladder to improve the urinal flow. 

Outlook On Procedure:

This surgery is performed under the influence of general anesthesia. Both methods require incision making. However, the strategy for plugging in and out of the urinal tube is approached differently. Furthermore, the ureters are also reimplanted in a new and modified position inside the bladder wall. As a result, it allows the patient to naturally urinate again without facing any abnormal difficulties.


Before discharging you from the hospital, your doctor will provide you with painkillers and antibiotic medicines to prevent the risks of infection and empower the bladder from Stress Urinary Incontinence leakage. However, during the healing period, you are advised to refrain from all physical activities and climbing up and down the stairs. Moreover, you are required to opt for regular check-ups to track your recovery progress and keep a check and balance on any potential emerging complications.


After healing from the inside and out, you will experience remarkable changes in your urological condition. Not only is the consistency going to become liquid again but all the other complications such as bleeding and unpleasant aroma along with discoloration are also going to improve with your daily intake of water consumption. Moreover, it is also a long-term solution to discarding the medical problem for good ensuring continued safety and prosperity to your overall health.


The road to recovery usually takes 4 to 6 weeks in general. However, during this period, it is highly important to take a good rest and avoid any muscle-moving activity. Any enforced pressure or movement can create a negative impact on your operated site. Furthermore, you must take your medications on time to heal faster and prevent possible infection. 


Although it is a safe and effective surgery. However, some undesired side effects such as; infection on the operated site, wound bleeding, scarring, or ureteral damage to the VUR can occur causing pain or massive discomfort while going about your day. In such a case scenario, you are advised to reach out for medical assistance without any delay.


This surgery is a success as it increases your chances of improvement above 90%. Furthermore, the same procedure is implemented for children as well due to the safety and quality of the treatment to empower your Kidney Stone Removal health and overall well-being. 

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