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Contrary to popular belief, dental polishing is not only an aesthetic treatment but allows to the elimination of imperfections and irregularities, protecting the teeth from further plaque build-up. Indeed, the procedure polishes the teeth and removes dental stains and microorganisms formed on the surface of the teeth. Teeth Polishing & Scaling in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah allows you to achieve a beautiful smile by deeply cleaning your teeth.

How Does it Work?

The treatment works by using two techniques. One includes the drafting of an abrasive polishing paste on the teeth, which is customized according to the needs of each patient. The coarse paste effectively removes surface stains while the finer one refines the polishing. The airflow technique involves using a jet of air, water, and bicarbonate under pressure, to clean the teeth and effectively eliminate enamel stains deeply.

Results of Teeth Scaling & Polishing:

The treatment has a pronounced cosmetic effect of a brighter smile; however, the benefits of polishing go beyond just good looks. The buildup of plaque and tartar is removed, and there are fewer chances of getting dental caries.

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Teeth Polishing & Scaling Dubai  Teeth Polishing & Scaling in Abu Dhabi  Teeth Polishing & Scaling in Dubai


The treatment has the following advantages:

  • It creates a smooth tooth surface, thus reducing the possibility of retaining plaque, tartar, and stains
  • Removes external stains, those caused by smoking or poor oral hygiene
  • It improves the absorption of fluoride, a substance that strengthens the dental enamel
  • It is entirely painless


  • The build-up of plaque is checked at the initial consultation by the doctor, and they check the gums for periodontal disease.
  • With the help of a unique diagnosis tool, the depth of gaps between the teeth and gums is measured. If the gum tissue is not diseased, it will have a visible v-shaped and thin groove between the tooth and gum. 
  • The depth should be 3 mm or less on average. When someone has gum disease, the depth will be more than 3 mm because of the expansion of succus, forming a pocket. It leads to harmful plaque that cannot be cleaned without professional treatment. Scaling removes plaque and tartar above and below the gum line.


The procedure of Teeth Polishing & Scaling in Dubai:

Depending on the amount of tartar and deposits and how sensitive your teeth are, tartar removal can be painful; an anesthetic gel or injection is usually applied to the area to relieve discomfort. Treatment includes the following stages:

  1. The ultrasonic cleaner is used to eliminate tartar and plaque from each pocket or gap after the anesthesia takes its effect.
  2. The tooth’s surface is flattened and plaque buildup is prevented, it also promotes the healing of gum tissues. 
  3. Depending on the severity of the condition, the treatment can be performed by dividing the mouth into quadrants and treating it one at a time. 
  4. Two quadrants are done in one session.
  5. Common antibiotics, antibacterials, and other medications directly into the pocket to control disease or pain and promote faster healing when prescribing treatment.

Treatment for early-stage gum disease includes brushing after three months, oral medications, and daily brushing. Treatment for advanced gum disease can include deep scaling, periodontal surgery, and laser surgery.

Recovery and Aftercare:

  • In the first few days following the treatment, your gums might bleed sometimes, and that will eventually go away on its own. At the visits after the treatment, the dentist will examine the progress of healing and observe if there is a reduction in the size of gaps.
  • If no difference in size is noticed and the gap is more significant than 3 mm, additional treatment may also be needed. 
  • If you are looking to prevent further deterioration of the condition, you need to have a long-term collaboration with your dentist, and you must maintain good oral hygiene. If you do not take the necessary actions, the disease will progress into a worse condition that will require surgery.

Teeth Polishing & Scaling (FAQ’s):

Teeth Scaling and Polishing, if performed by an expert and followed up by proper oral care, can last for even a year. However, experts recommend getting treatment every six months to get the best results and keep your smile shining.

As the cleaning and polishing are done on the surface of the tooth, no pain is involved unless you have sensitivity issues before treatment. Mild discomfort in gums may be involved if your gums are not healthy enough as dental scaling can reach below the gum line. 

No. Whitening involves using peroxide or other methods to bleach the teeth while Teeth Polishing and Scaling is a mechanical procedure using a cleaning paste and a water-air jet to clean and smoothen the surface of the tooth.

It is recommended to wait at least 12 hours following scaling to brush your teeth. Use lukewarm water with salt to rinse properly during this time. This will prevent issues such as tenderness and sensitivity, causing pain or discomfort during the brushing. Brushing daily afterward is also essential to maintaining prolonged results.

The average cost of Teeth Polishing And Scaling in Dubai can range from AED 200/- to AED 500/-. This cost may increase or decrease depending on where you choose to get treated and the severity of tooth stains which is why it is important to consult a dentist to know what the cost will be in your particular case.

Cost of Teeth Scaling & Polishing:

The cost of Teeth Polishing & Scaling in Dubai ranges from AED 199 to AED 599. Factors affecting the price of gum disease treatment include the technique used in the procedure, the type and frequency of treatment and follow-up care, and the type and number of dentists participating in the treatment plan.

For example, your general dentist can make an initial diagnosis and provide some treatment but may refer you to a periodontist more experienced in complex surgical procedures.

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