Ureteroscopic Lithotripsy in Dubai Kidney Stones Treatment in Dubai

Your kidneys are the vital organs that play a crucial part in your health maintenance. Doctors recommend an adequate intake of water to flush out the toxins on time. A frequent cleansing within the system is going to safeguard you from any potential malfunction. However, due to a lack of care and increased dehydration. The pressure will eventually fall on your kidneys. Moreover, even the consistency of your urine is going to thicken leading to other serious problems such as developing Kidney Stone Removal. Although there are a variety of surgical methods to discard the pebbles. However, we are introducing a minimally invasive procedure known as; Ureteroscopic Lithotripsy in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Read along as we unfold more details and depths into the innovative treatment option to help you overcome your challenging condition.

What Is Ureteroscopic Lithotripsy?

This is a semi-surgical method that includes a special endoscope which is particularly designed to remove kidney stones. What happens is that we will gain access to your kidney through the urinary tract. The surgical tool is a device that has a built-in light and camera which allows us to monitor the urethra and bladder. The operative measures demand precision which is attainable with the help of this robotic tool. Furthermore, the treatment aims to effortlessly discard the stones by breaking them into small pieces of debris, which are easily transportable through a urinal tube. However, two types of procedures are performed under the very treatment. The two categories are;

  • Laser Lithotripsy: This is a laser fiber that is inserted from the ureteroscope. The heat energy is used to break down the solid crystal fragments into smaller pieces. Furthermore, this technique allows us to discard the large stones without damaging any surrounding tissues or the organ under care.
  • Pneumatic Lithotripsy: allows us to break down the fragments with the help of air pressure. This method includes a pneumatic probe that delivers controlled bursts of air force that can cut through the kidney stones, resulting in small fragments wish can easily be transported out of your system through the urinal tube.

Symptoms For Diagnosis:

  • Mild to severe pain while urinating,
  • Noticing blood drops in urine,
  • Passing pebble-like stones,
  • Unable to empty your bladder,
  • Feeling compressed pressure while urinating, 
  • A burning sensation or tingling feeling while peeing,
  • Symptoms of fever or side pain from time to time could be an alarming situation that needs immediate consideration. 

Ureteroscopic Lithotripsy Procedure infographic in Dubai

What Causes Kidney Stones?

These crystal stones are also known as Renal Calculi. These are hard minerals that are formed inside the affected kidney and trigger pain or massive discomfort while taking a leak. Furthermore, these stones are capable of exiting the organ through your urinal tube for Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy. Or could grow incredibly large causing a blockage to the tube that prohibits the urine flow.

How Is It Performed?

  • We perform this method under the influence of general anesthesia. It is a semi-surgical approach that requires a patient to be unconscious to eliminate their pain memory.
  • During the process, a Urologist will insert a thin and flexible tube into the urethra. This ureteroscope transports the urine out of your body. 
  • Furthermore, the inserted tube is then pulled upwards near your kidney to gradually remove the stones. 
  • A specific method is performed to break the stones into smaller pieces. After which, they will naturally pass out of the system.
  • In the end, the patient is transferred to the recovery room, where their overall well-being is monitored until he/she is stable enough to be discharged.


  • It is minimally invasive due to smaller incisions. As a result, it will reduce your pain and accelerate your recovery period.
  • Even the success rate of the procedures is higher than the traditional surgery. Only the affected area is taken into consideration without cutting open the skin.
  • Furthermore, the percentage of potential complications is also reduced thanks to the direct approach to the problematic area. 
  • As a result, your hospital stay is also shortened. Moreover, some patients can also return home the same day.
  • On top of that, your post-operative pain is manageable. We will provide you with aftercare instructions, oral medications along topical care to prevent any wound infection or bleeding. 
  • Finally, patients feel comfortable while being able to pee normally again. This is an upgrade to mental and physical health. No more stress, pain, or anxiety attacks fearing your bathroom visits will traumatize you anymore.


This semi-surgical method is specially designed to aid the patient without undertaking them into major surgery. It will take two to four weeks to completely head from inside and out. Furthermore, your urinal tubes may also swell due to the insertion of the surgical device. However, after a complete recovery, you can easily urinate with any soreness or bleeding whatsoever.

Risk Factors And Side-Effects:

The surgery requires special skills and precision to be able to deliver the best result possible. However, if you return to your usual activities within a week or lack time management for post-operative care, you may encounter a few undesired complications. Some of the risks or side effects associated with mismanagement are;

  • Wound bleeding,
  • Infection, damage to the ureter,
  • Narrowing of your Ureter,

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