FUT & FUE Hair Transplant Sharjah FUT, Hybrid FUE Hair Transplant UAE

Hair, an important personality trait, attracts the attention of many people. We all love to have thicker, healthier, and stronger hair, but unfortunately, not everyone has it. As we age, the hair density begins to decrease and becomes much thinner, finer, and weaker. Although hair loss is most likely caused by aging, it can result from a combination of factors, some of these cannot be corrected, and some can be resolved. It can occur due to genetic factors, hormonal fluctuations, illness, stress, or regular hairstyles. Address hair loss, transform your look, and get the hair you’ve always wanted with Best Hair Transplant in Sharjah Clinic.

Hair Transplant at Enfield Royal:

As long as you have a significant amount of healthy hair follicles, surgical hair restoration is a viable possibility to fulfill your ultimate hair goals. It is a procedure that involves stimulating hair growth. But before pursuing it, you need to talk with the surgeon to determine the underlying cause of your hair loss and select the most appropriate treatment. 

Located in a city that is a top choice for people looking to get a Hair Transplant Dubai, Enfield Royal Clinic offers the safest and most efficient hair transplant performed by experienced professionals. 

Results of Hair Transplant Sharjah:

The final results could take about eight months or more to show up. The transplanted follicles would fall out in the first three or four weeks. However, the results of this surgery will begin to appear from four to five months once the side-effects subside and details of the scalp set foot in particular focus.

Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Sharjah  Best Hair Transplant in Sharjah Clinic  Best Hair Transplant Sharjah

Hair Transplant Clinic in Sharjah  Hair Transplant in Sharjah UAE  Hair Transplant in Sharjah

Are you a Candidate?

The general requirements for determining whether you are a suitable candidate for the treatment are as follows:

  • It can be used on people with a significant amount of hair loss
  • Someone who has enough roots in the donor area which can be used for transplant
  • Patients looking for a permanent fix to their hair loss
  • The treatment can be used for both men and women


With the team of specialist plastic surgeons at Enfield Royal Clinic, hair transplant allows you to:

  • Stop Hair Loss: The treatment will quickly and naturally revive hair growth to normal, and you will give you a full head of hair.
  • Increase the hair thickness: The surgery can replace thinning or lost hair and restore hair thickness.
  • Permanent Results: Enjoy the results of surgery as they are exceptionally lasting and natural-looking in nature
  • Look Younger: Lost hair may make you appear older than you are, and the transplant will help you look younger and youthful. Transform your outlook and make your life better!

Treatment Techniques:

The treatment has been a vital tool for stimulating hair growth. But in recent years, its efficacy has been questioned. Rapid technology innovation has introduced new, less invasive, yet more effective hair restoration techniques. Below are a few of the best ones:


It is a traditionally used method; however, it does not ensure a natural appearance; it is achieved by extracting follicular units from a strip of skin. The extractions are performed with a scalpel with which the back of the scalp is incised lengthwise. It can also leave a painful scar.


It is the most recommended method when undergoing surgery as it gives a natural look and consists of extracting the follicles one by one manually, with the help of a particular surgical instrument. In this method, there are no noticeable cuts or scars that will negatively affect the appearance of your head. It is possible to extract up to 5000 follicular units in a single session.


It is one of the most advanced and popular hairs restoration treatments. In this method, a portable pen-shaped instrument is used to create canals and implant follicles simultaneously. Healthy follicles are taken from one part of the scalp and transferred to other thinning and balding spots.


Preparation is the first step in your journey to successful hair restoration. However, the following are general pre-operative instructions that apply to most candidates.

  • If you take over-the-counter drugs, check with the surgeon about what to do the week before the surgery regarding the medications.
  • You should stop smoking at least seven days prior to the surgery
  • Be sure to inform the doctor as soon as possible if you have any allergy, viral infection, or a severe health problem
  • It’s vital to take a bath the morning of the surgery to reduce the risk of infection


To explain how a Best Hair Transplant in Sharjah works, it is necessary to understand each step. The treatment includes the following steps:

  1. The first step of the procedure involves the donor site selection and preparation. The doctor conducts a thorough examination and plans the entire process.
  2. Administration of local anesthetic agents to the donor site is done, and hair is extracted using the special tools for extractions. The removal technique can be different in each case, and it must be done without damaging the follicles.
  3. The hair follicles are cleaned adequately under a microscope and prepared for transplantation at the graft harvest and preparation stage.
  4. To insert grafts into the scalp, it is necessary to open channels done with sapphire micro blades. Then, administration of local anesthetic agents to the recipient site is done.
  5. The final stage involves graft placement. This is done in two ways depending on the technique used, using tweezers or an implanter pen.

FUT And FUE Hair Transplant FAQ’s:

The patients who want to commence with the minimally invasive course of action can sign up for the session in Sharjah, which is considered the best destination to sign up for the treatment. Along with that, the patients are likely to experience the FDA-approved apparatus and methods.        

Individuals who are looking for a procedure which is able to be commenced, conducted, and concluded within one go should sign up for the FUT hair transplant session. On the contrary, individuals who are looking for a scar-free session accompanied by quick recovery and more of a positive response need to sign up for the FUE treatment.     

In fact, the patients are expected to receive the personalized cost for the process according to the aesthetic need and intensity of the treatment. Still on the generalistic scale, the individuals are more likely to be charged from AED 6,999 to AED10,000.  

However, the patients are likely to be billed almost AED 1600 for almost every 700 grafts, still, the patients can face a fluctuation in terms of pricing because of the intensity and need of the process.

Although the patients are likely to share their customized aesthetic need and want from the process along with the intensity of the procedure, for every 2000 grafts they are likely to be charged approximately from AED 5,999 to AED 8,000.

Depending upon the ground realities piled up from the expected physical, psychological and dermal examinations along with the aesthetical expectations of the patient, they are more likely to be billed for 1500 grafts approximately from AED 5500 to AED 7500.

Recovery Process:

The surgeon will use bandages to cover your scalp for a few days to assist the primary healing. However, most patients will have swelling and pain during the recovery period.

This will subside in a few months, and ultimately, the new hair will start growing. Depending upon the number of grafts used, results might take up to ten months to appear. 

Cost of Hair Transplant Sharjah:

The average Cost of Hair Transplant in Sharjah can range from AED 6999 to AED 10,000. The cost varies depending on the clinic, surgeon’s experience, and the number of grafts. The doctor will determine the actual cost of treatment.

Consult a Best Hair Transplant Surgeon

Once you are clear about what type of results you want to achieve, have decided to go ahead, and are fully prepared to undergo surgery, fill out the consultation form below to book a free appointment.