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Wounds, no matter what part of the body they are on, require proper attention and care. Wounds are a way of our body telling us that we are healing. Every injury, minor, or major requires proper attention so that it can heal effectively. If you do not take proper care of a wound then the chances for infection increase. People who suffer from severe medical issues such as diabetes, should instantly take care of their wounds to avoid any infection. Sometimes it becomes difficult, and impossible for people to visit hospitals to get their required treatment. We at Enfield Royal Clinic Dubai offer at-home Wound Dressing in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, so our patients can get their wounds checked, and treated in the comfortable environment of their homes.

Types of Wounds:

They are of two types, these are:

  • Open Wounds:

These wounds leave a break in the skin, and this results in exposing the internal tissues. There are many types of open injuries, they depend on the type of instrument that caused them. These are:

  • Incisions: when a cut is made through a knife or any sharp instrument.
  • Lacerations: when the soft body tissue tears off, lacerations occur.
  • Abrasions: they occur when the surface of the epidermis has been broken.
  • Avulsions: when any part of our body tears off, exposing our muscles, tendons, and tissues these are known as avulsion wounds.
  • Punctures: when a sharp, or pointed object punctures our body, this causes a puncture wound.
  • Gunshot: the wounds that occur in our body due to bullets or gunshots are known as gunshot injuries.
  • Close Wounds:

A closed wound occurs due to certain trauma or injury. In these injuries, the skin is not exposed. But there may be internal bleeding, damage to the underlying muscle, or nerve internally.


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Important Things to Keep in Mind if you have an Injury:

If a person suffers from several injuries, then he/she should keep these things in their mind:

  • Do keep the area dry.
  • Do not wet the injured area.
  • Keep it clean, and make sure that you change your wound dressing according to time.
  • Do not apply any harmful products or products that cause irritation in the injured region.

What to Expect at Wound Dressing at Home:

Sometimes due to certain factors, and circumstances it becomes difficult for people to visit hospitals on time. Not visiting hospitals on time can cause further complications for people. Our health should never be neglected. Our health should always be our top priority. When people are unable to visit hospitals, they usually treat their wounds at home. Wounds require proper care and attention, treating them unprofessionally at home may lead to a serious infection. Enfield Royal Clinic offers at-home wound dressing services for its clients. Not visiting a hospital won’t be a problem for you anymore. You can now get your injuries treated in the comfort of your home. Here is what happens when our healthcare provider visits your home to provide you with your required wound treatment:

  • When our patients book an appointment, our professional healthcare provider visits their homes.
  • The doctor will begin by examining the patient’s condition properly.
  • The doctor will first examine your wound properly.
  • The healthcare provider will briefly view your medical history.
  • The nurse/doctor will first disinfect the area. The wound area will be first properly cleaned. This is done by using proper anti-septics, and disinfectants.
  • The type of dressing used depends on the type of injury a person has. Our healthcare provider will bring all necessary bandages, gauzes, and disinfectants with them.
  • For people who suffer from severe health issues such as diabetes, we make sure that we treat them accordingly.
  • Our healthcare providers follow all necessary precautionary measures. They follow all the hygienic measures when treating a patient.
  • In the end, the doctor will provide you with all the instructions that you need to follow for proper healing of the skin.

How Often Would a Person Require at-Home Wound Dressing?

Different wounds require different care and dressings. People who are severely injured and have a lot of injured areas usually require more care as compared to people who have small, minor injuries. Some wound bandages and dressings need to be changed after 5 to 6 hours, while some dressings should be changed after 24 hours. When the patient’s dressing needs to be changed they can book their appointment with our at-home services, and our doctors/nurses will benefit you with our services. When our patients require wound care, or if their dressing gets wet, or bleeding occurs our nurses will provide you with proper care at your home.

Wound Dressing at Home infographic in Dubai

How is Home Wound Dressing Beneficial?

Our at-home injury dressing services are very beneficial for our patients. It provides several benefits, some of which are discussed below:

  • In hospitals, people are more prone to infections. At home, you’re in a more comfortable, hygienic environment.
  • The patients won’t have to wait in long lines to see the doctor.
  • You won’t have to travel to the hospital when you’re in pain.
  • The nurse/healthcare provider will be at your doorstep when you will book an appointment with us.
  • At-home services are quite affordable and provide you with ease.

Wound Dressing In Dubai FAQ’s:

Numerous advantages are provided by our at-home injury dressing services. Instead of waiting in lengthy hospital lines, patients have a lesser risk of infection in their cozy, clean home setting. Notably, these at-home services provide patients with a simplified and reasonable alternative because they are both economical and convenient.

Moisture is what wounds require to heal, not air. Leaving a wound unattended can frequently cause it to dry up, which may delay healing. Making sure a cut has the moisture it needs is the greatest method to help it heal.

Nowadays, some pharmacies provide wound care services on-site. Seeing a healthcare professional, such as a pharmacist, is advised even for minor wounds instead of self-treating with bandages from non-health sources, including supermarkets. 

How Much Do At-Home Wound Dressings Cost?

Our at-home wound dressing cost ranges between __AED to __AED. The cost of our wound dressings is affordable and provides the benefit of changing your dressing in your home when you’re unable to visit the hospital. The cost may vary due to the different factors. These are:

  • The number of times a person needs dressings.
  • The type and amount of bandages used.
  • The size of the wound area.
  • The expertise of your nurse/healthcare provider.

Let Us Heal Your Wounds!

At Enfield Royal Clinic Dubai, our patients, their concerns, and their treatment is our top priority. We have a professional team of doctors and nurses who make sure to provide you with the best treatment at services. Our at-home care services have been super beneficial to the majority of people. If you want to avail of our at-home Wound Dressing in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah fill out the form given below, by providing us with your personal details in it.