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Your medical well-being does not necessarily mean physical health. Other important aspects also work together to boost your overall fitness. Both mental and emotional well-being have equal potential to upgrade or downgrade your intimate life. We are aware of the common sexual dysfunctions both men and women deal with during intercourse. However, not everyone is familiar with the facts that lead to the distress. Today, we will be talking about male sexual disorders that strain a couple’s relationship. If you are an adult male who is struggling with Premature Ejaculation (PE) in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. We are using this platform to guide you about the specific situation and tailor medical support for you to seek adequate knowledge about the common condition.

What Is Premature Ejaculation?

This medical Erectile Dysfunction is a common disorder one may encounter during sexual intercourse. It is one of the most frustrating and distressing situations that occur with minimal stimulation. Furthermore, it is also defined as a persistent or irregular erection that could take place before or shortly after penetration. As a result, it prevents a person from reaching climax and becomes the leading factor in provoking relationship problems. From a male’s perspective, it triggers a person’s sexual satisfaction and negatively impacts their overall well-being. 

What Are The Common Causes Of The Problem?

Generally speaking, it is often the lack of intimacy and emotional connection that could be a leading factor in triggering or contributing to PE. However, as mentioned above, there are other possible medical or unresolved conflicts such as;

  • Psychological Factors: oftentimes, anxiety or depression can interfere with your sexual performance and implement mental pressure to play a significant role during the experience. However, the male stress hormones usually backfire and cause trauma during a couple’s sexual pleasure.
  • Erectile Dysfunction: some men feel mental stress to sustain the erection. This provokes their fear to create a vicious cycle, however, ends up complicating the situation while causing PE due to hypersensitivity, lack of experience, or performance pressure to satisfy their partner.
  • Biological Factors: usually, hormonal imbalances, genetic disorders, or neurotransmitters in the brain can also contribute to the condition. This could be because of your lack of sexual education or nervousness due to sexual abuse or trauma in the past.

What Are The Medical Treatments?

Medical science covers a wide range of health-related disorders that make it possible to treat any physical or mental condition. Below are a few common practices we perform to target and treat any underlying causes of sexual behavior.

  • Depending on the density or severity of the PE, your healthcare provider will recommend a selective dose of oral medications. 
  • Furthermore, there is a set of exercises that can help improve ejaculatory control. Moreover, it is also going to reduce your stress and anxiety through relaxation techniques that allow you to sustain your girth.
  • Other treatments include Pelvic Floor exercises that promote strengthening of your pelvic muscles and improve your overall sexual well-being. 

What Are The Therapeutic Programs?

A professional’s help is going to make positive changes in your sexual health and intimate relationships. We are offering appropriate therapies to help you cope with sexual disorders. Below are a few medical strategies that mark productive outcomes on a man’s physical and psychological well-being;

  • Psychotherapy: this is where we expect you to have open communication with your therapist. You can bring along your partner and share your thoughts and concerns with us. Remember, speaking about your feelings will reflect on your mental health and reduce anxiety or sexual pressure. Our support program also includes couple therapy; to address your emotional and physical connection.
  • Mutual Exploration: a professional Sexologist will conduct different sexual activities that allow you to specifically focus on your penetration. As a result, these sessions allow you to alleviate pressure while releasing mental stress. Consequently, it will enhance your knowledge about your personal needs and wants to perform well.
  • Meditating Techniques: these are relaxation techniques that require you to practice your breathing and reach out for your peace of mind. Mindfulness will help you manage your depression or anxiety during intercourse and accelerate your performance to last longer.

How Does It Impact Your Overall Well-Being?

We gathered various benefits for seeking a professional’s help. Below are some of the benefits of a successful treatment;

  • The first and most important factor is your improved control and strategy to satisfy your sexual needs.
  • Furthermore, the same techniques are going to help you sustain a better encounter with your partner and fulfill their requirements too.
  • As a result, this leads to an upgraded intimate relationship with a satisfied sexual experience for both. Your verbal, physical, and emotional communication is also improved, leading to prolonged pleasure.
  • Moreover, it also leads to improved mental and emotional well-being. You feel stress-free with boosted self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • These new changes will not only enhance your personal life but also instill positive outcomes in your professional life as well. You will notice a better focus on work and polished peace of mind in general.
  • Candidates talk about feeling relaxed and well-prepared for their intimacy. The lack of stress or pressure allows them to attain potential pleasure every time.
  • Eventually, your improved sexual performance will elevate your quality of life. With greater girth control, you will overcome your sexual disabilities. 
  • Finally, couples who wish to conceive but lack fertility; will also experience higher chances of successful pregnancy.

A Sexologist’s Advice To You:

  • Premature Ejaculation can vary from person to person. We understand the challenging frustration faced by an individual. However, you must remind yourself that it is a curable condition. With the right approach and support system, together a couple and your healthcare provider can help a candidate to overcome this common issue. 
  • Furthermore, do not hesitate to reach out for medical help. There are precise treatments and therapies for specific symptoms. Therefore, appropriate medications and counseling will effectively tame your abnormal erection and help you feel relaxed at all times. 
  • On the other hand, if your partner is feeling overwhelmed and feels distressed while dealing with the disorder. You as a partner can encourage your significant other to consult a specialist regarding their sexual health for guidance and suitable treatment options for personalized Sexual Advice and Consultation and support.

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