For personality grooming, many people are going through different cosmetic procedures. They are becoming more sensitive regarding their appearance. Continuously changing beard styles are enforcing men to go for beard transplants. Many men desire to have their beard thick, fuller and bushy. Men consider their full thick beard as their pride, masculinity, and maturity.

BEARD HAIR TRANSPLANT is a surgical procedure to transplant hair from other parts of the body to the facial region. It makes the beard look fuller and denser. Usually, men undergo this treatment because they are the ones who uneven beard hair growth, patchy beard and hair loss. This treatment is usually done on mustache, beard, and cheeks to increase hair density in the region where hair growth is stopped. It is much similar to the traditional hair transplant. It uses the same method of follicle extraction from the areas that were never affected by hair loss and planting them onto the areas which have no or limited hairs.

Aim of the treatment:

Most of the men don’t usually like themselves without a fuller beard. If you want to get a stubbed, fuller, long and flowing beard then we are right here to help you. Many celebrities are going for beard transplants because they consider beard as an identification of their masculinity and also because they are more concerned with their looks. Royal cosmetic surgery is offering you a solution to increase the growth of your beard hair. So, don’t worry if you are unable to grow a beard. Through the transplant, you will get a more contoured and neat look of your beard.

Who is the candidate?

We aim to use different effective techniques to provide you the beard of your choice. You are an ideal candidate if,

  • If you are experiencing male pattern baldness alopecia
  • Want to improve your appearance
  • If you want to change the beard patterns
  • If you have losses because of burns and injuries
  • Want to get the desired beard

Pre-Surgery Instructions:

Before surgery, patients need to take a few precautions.

  • Do not take aspirin-containing medicines 10 days before the transplant.
  • Patients are suggested not to take alcohol 2 days before the surgery
  • Avoid Inflammatory medications
  • Take necessary vitamins to help in the healing process
  • Do not take caffeinated beverages on the day of surgery as it will increase bleeding


The difference between scalp and beard transplants is that the surgeon normally uses smaller incisions in beard transplants. The second difference is the graft distribution. Scalp transplantation the donor hair follicles are usually extracted from the chest while in a beard transplant the chin act as the donor site. Depending upon the patient’s ability, suitability, and budget, the surgeon will decide which method to use (FUT, FUE) first, the hair follicles are extracted from the donor area which is then processed further. Anesthesia is administered to the transplantation area .the extracted hairs are then placed in the solution to get them converted into applicable facial hair follicles. With the help of the needle and the scalpel, incisions are created in the recipient area. Follicles are then placed in the slits carefully by the surgeon.

Post-Surgery Instructions:

  • Keep the transplanted area away from the sunlight
  • Avoid lifting any kind of weight
  • While sleeping much care is needed
  • Buy recommended medications in case if you feel any pain in the future.
  • Avoid unnecessary touching on the transplanted area
  • Avoid consuming Minoxidil containing products.
  • Antibiotics are not allowed to use


The procedure requires only 2 to 5 hours. After the surgery, small circles will be created in the area, from where the follicles were extracted. After some time the transplanted hairs will fall out and new hairs will grow. Results will be visible after 3 to 4 months of the surgery. You will notice the growth of new hairs. Results time may vary from a person as everybody reacts differently. For some people, results may appear earlier or some may see the results later.


The patient can go home after the surgery. After 3 or 4 days the transplanted hair will fall out but it will be grown again in 2 to 3 months. New hairs will look like natural hair.

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