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Hemorrhoid is a disease of the rectum, which is characterized by varicose veins and venous nodes in the lower part of the rectum. At the moment, this proctological problem is the most common and occurs in both women and men at any age. It is quite easy to detect the first symptoms of hemorrhoids on your own, at home. If this happens, it is important to contact a specialist in time and get qualified help.

In acute hemorrhoids, as well as in the initial stages of the development of chronic hemorrhoids, conservative treatment is indicated, the choice of the method for Hemorrhoids (Piles) Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi of which is determined by the symptom of hemorrhoids prevailing in the clinical picture.

What are Hemorrhoids or Piles?

In fact, hemorrhoids are nothing more than varicose veins of the anal canal and rectum, which form cavernous formations. Experts distinguish two types of hemorrhoids – external and internal – depending on the location in the anal canal.

External hemorrhoids form in the immediate vicinity of the anus. Internal hemorrhoids form at the point where the anal canal passes into the rectum.

How do Doctors Treat Hemorrhoids:

To date, various methods of Piles Treatment in Dubai are available, the choice of a particular one depends on the stage of the disease and the severity of the symptoms.

Conservative treatment is carried out in the early stages of the development of the disease and consists in correcting the diet, and lifestyle and taking specific medications.


Sclerotherapy of hemorrhoids is a minimally invasive, non-surgical method of treatment, the essence of which is the chemical cauterization of the vessels feeding the node. The procedure is indicated for the early stages of chronic internal hemorrhoids and is characterized by a short list of contraindications and a minimal risk of complications.


A traditional operation to remove hemorrhoids is the “gold standard” surgical treatment of stage IV hemorrhoids, as well as thrombosis of prolapsed hemorrhoids. The intervention is usually performed under spinal or epidural anesthesia.

The essence of the intervention is to excise a section of the skin or mucous membrane located above hemorrhoid, which is stitched and intersected. If necessary, the operation can be supplemented by the use of electrocoagulation or a laser.

After surgery, be sure to observe a period of restriction of activity and strictly follow the dietary recommendations.

Laser Treatment:

Surgery to remove Piles with a laser or laser coagulation is a high-tech procedure that can be used at stages 1-3 of the disease. Using this method allows you to get rid of internal and external piles in the gentlest way.

The efficiency of the laser is that it is able to simultaneously cut and cauterize tissue. The thermal effect of the laser beam cauterizes tissues and blood vessels. Therefore, laser therapy is completely bloodless, the risk of infection is minimal, and patients tolerate such an intervention much more easily than with traditional methods.

The essence of the procedure is the layer-by-layer burning of hemorrhoids. In their place, small wounds remain, which soon crust over and heal. In the presence of external hemorrhoids, everything is even simpler – the laser simply cuts off the node at its leg and coagulates the wound with blood vessels, which ensures that there is no bleeding.

Cryosurgical Treatment:

It is based on tissue destruction by rapid freezing followed by rapid thawing. After inserting a plastic anoscope into the patient’s anal canal, the tip of the cryo apparatus freezes the hemorrhoidal node for about 2 minutes. Liquid nitrogen or liquid nitrogen oxide is used as a cold agent. After that, the device switches to heating mode and disconnects from hemorrhoid.

During the first 24 hours after the procedure, there is swelling of the tissue that was exposed to the running effect. A few hours after the procedure and within 3-4 days, the wound drains on its own with a copious discharge. Necrosis of hemorrhoids occurs on the 7-9th postoperative day, and on the 18th day complete rejection occurs.

Hemorrhoids FAQ’s:

The cost of treatment is determined by the method employed. Topical creams may be less expensive, whereas procedures or surgeries may be more costly.

Yes, the doctor identifies your problem and then provides you with the most suitable treatment option. You can take the treatment at home but consultation is crucial before starting the treatment.

Treatment can alleviate symptoms and reduce flare-ups, but a complete permanent cure depends on lifestyle modifications and the overall condition of the problem. Post-operative care can help manage and prevent recurrence.

Surgery is typically considered for large or persistently symptomatic hemorrhoids that don't respond to conservative treatments. The decision for surgery is individualized based on the patient's condition.

Sitting in a warm bath, using over-the-counter creams, and avoiding straining during bowel movements may provide relief. Consultation with a healthcare professional is crucial for personalized advice.

If left untreated, hemorrhoids can worsen over time, leading to increased discomfort and potential complications. It's advisable to seek medical attention for persistent symptoms to prevent complications.

Hemorrhoids Laser Treatment Cost:

The cost of Hemorrhoids Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi can vary from AED 9,999 to AED 10,999. The cost might vary based on a variety of variables, such as the intricacy of the therapy, the number of sessions required to get the desired outcomes, and the training and experience of the practitioner. After the initial consultation, the doctor will decide on the final price.

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Regardless of the stage of development of the disease, it is necessary to entrust its treatment to professionals. The problem can be cured quickly and painlessly if you are looking for Laser Treatment for Hemorrhiods in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, You can contact Enfield Royal Clinic for Successful results.