IV Therapy Fitness and Diet in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Royal Clinic

Age is just a number all that matters is how you feel. If your heart is young then you can enhance your fitness by having the best IV Therapy Fitness and Diet in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah with the most famous name of Regenerative Medicine Specialist Dr. Hany Chadiac at Enfield Royal Clinic. This therapy will have multiple different sessions depending upon your need for nutrition and the requirements of your body. Enhance your body metabolism and immunity by having the best IV Treatment as well it helps in effective weight loss.

Aim of the Treatment:

This procedure aims to provide the following basic benefits to people:

  • Increase the level of vitamins and take them up to the required level
  • Give a boost to your energy levels
  • Enhance the quality of sleep
  • Help you in the full recovery after a workout
  • Fight against adrenal fatigue by supporting adrenal glands
  • Increase the production of healthy cells and tissues
  • Enhance the functionality of the digestive system 
  • Improve metabolism
  • Hydrate the body and fight against free radicals


This procedure is minimally invasive but its results are so effective and result-bringing. The best results are not those which bring benefits but those which have benefits without risk and side effects. People found a visible change in themselves after having this treatment done by us.

IV Therapy Fitness and Diet Clinic in Abu Dhabi IV Therapy IV Therapy Fitness and Diet Clinic in Dubai & Abu DhabiFitness and Diet Clinic in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Best IV Therapy Fitness and Diet Clinic in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Best IV Therapy Fitness and Diet Clinic in Dubai Best IV Therapy Fitness and Diet in Dubai IV Therapy Fitness and Diet in Dubai

How Does IV Therapy Work?

IV Therapy is basically done to enhance the immune system and fill the gaps between healthy nutrition needs. There are some main functions for which IV therapy is used:

  • Hydrogen peroxide IV therapy may seem a bit unusual, but it is highly advised for anyone suffering from diseases like candida or gangrene. Additionally, it helps increase circulation and combat infections.
  • We are all aware of the importance of vitamin C for the immune system. However, it also functions as an antioxidant, promoting collagen synthesis, eradicating germs and viruses, battling allergies, detoxifying, accelerating healing, and even eliminating cancer cells. Vitamin C IV therapy can be advantageous for almost everybody.
  • The advantages of a Metabolism Boosting IV for enhancing endurance and general performance in the gym are undeniable. Additionally, because it increases energy and fat burning, your clientele will value it. This therapy often consists of a combination of nutrients that increase energy, such as amino acids, the B-complex, chromium, and a combination of lipotropic substances, such as L-methionine, inositol, and choline.
  • One of the most well-liked IV therapies is Myer’s Cocktail, which is often a combination of electrolytes, vitamin C, and vitamins from the B complex. Anyone who has upper respiratory infections, chronic sinusitis, or seasonal allergies will benefit from it. It is also suggested for treating the signs and symptoms of migraines, fibromyalgia, chronic tiredness, and heart disease.


The procedure is quite simple and can be done anywhere and at any time depending on your condition. It is necessary to know that this procedure can not be performed until or unless you are in a stable condition such as if you are fighting against high sugar, high BP, or a high fever this procedure will be performed when you are out of all these issues. Following are the common steps followed to induce IV Therapy:

  • First of all your initial weight, BP and fever are checked to ensure any risk prior to the treatment.
  • Then the doctor will advise you to lie down on a bed in a comfortable spa dress to make you relax during the whole procedure.
  • After cleaning the targetted area the prescribed IV drip will be induced into your arm which will take an hour approximately to complete.
  • After the procedure, you will be allowed to go home.


  • Maintain a diet high in fresh fruit and vegetables, lean protein, healthy grains, and foods high in fiber. 
  • You should also cut back on processed meals, sugar, and trans fats because they are counterproductive to weight reduction.
  • Be sure to drink lots of water to stay hydrated.
  • Sleep soundly for roughly eight hours each night.
  • Exercise frequently enough to exceed your calorie intake.
  • To assist yourself prevent emotional eating, keep a food journal.
  • To make sure you’re not consuming too many calories every day, monitor your portions.

How Often Do You Need An IV Therapy?

The number of sessions required by each patient is different due to the difference in the health condition of every client. You will be basically advised to take IV sessions twice a week to let the procedure complete in the specific duration along with maximum results.


Following are the basic benefits you can get from IV Therapy:

  • IV rehydration helps you avoid the symptoms of dehydration, which can make it difficult to maintain your workout routine and slow you down. 
  • IVs can help you recover from physical activity by promoting muscle regeneration so you can keep up with your activities and build up your body’s strength.
  • A healthy metabolism requires healthy cells, just like detoxification does. Antioxidants like vitamin C are given via IV treatment to combat free radicals and promote a lively state of well-being.
  • If you feel lethargic as a result of making bad lifestyle decisions like an unhealthy diet, insufficient exercise, excessive stress, or insufficient sleep, you may need assistance getting started on your weight reduction path. The B vitamins you receive through IV infusions might provide you the much-needed strength you need to make the necessary changes for long-term, healthy weight loss.
  • Through IV treatment, you can guarantee that your body is receiving the right vitamins and minerals for optimal metabolic function and the most effective calorie burning.

IV Therapy Fitness And Diet FAQ’s:

After absorption, IV fluids frequently stay in the body for a few hours. But the liquids vitamins, minerals, and drugs could remain in your body for several days, weeks, or even months. This greatly depends on the type of IV infusion you receive and your body's needs.

IV vitamin therapy is a popular option because it works well as a hangover remedy, provides a quick energy boost for improved physical performance, has anti-aging qualities for both internal and external beauty, enhances the immune system, and supports weight loss objectives.

Your body will start to feel the benefits of the vitamin IV drip within minutes. This covers electrolytes, joints, muscles, wound healing, damaged cell repair, and bodily functions.

For some, an IV drip can be a very beneficial option. Ideally, your IV therapy sessions should take place once every two weeks or one to two times a week.

Yes, definitely! The body fights off exhaustion, low energy, lethargy, and chronic fatigue with the aid of the Energy Boost IV Therapy. The IV drip called Energy Boost helps to increase energy levels, replace lost fluids, strengthen muscles, and improve physical performance.

Before attempting IV vitamin therapy, determine whether it is necessary by speaking with a healthcare professional. Nutrient overdose is possible, though rare.

Why Choose Us?

IV therapy is a popular treatment, used to administer vitamins, peptides, and amino acids to help optimize body functions (used for health and beauty). However, there are different cocktails available, and unfortunately, not all give desired results. Dr. Hany Chadiac the best Andrologist, sexodynamist, and regenerative medicine specialist – at Enfield Royal Clinic provides the best-customized IV therapy tailor-made for each patient’s age, sex, condition, and needs. Administrating the right IV blend will improve liver function, gut health, and immunity, enhance energy and mood and improve sex drive. So have this treatment done with us right away.

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