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It is a wiser decision to reach out for the Food Intolerance Test in Dubai & Abu Dhabi when encountering constant migraine and an unstable stomach. Sometimes one’s favorite food products can cause or lead to serious health problems. Where it is essential to opt for a balanced diet to fulfill the body’s need for adequate nutrition, others may be comprising it for the taste buds. So, instead of staying curious about intolerance levels or possible allergic reactions, individuals are advised to reach out to healthcare professionals to sustain a prosperous well-being. 

What Is A Food Intolerance?

This health issue occurs within the digestive Immune System Boost when the body is not able to digest food properly. In the beginning, encountering this issue is not harmful, however, over time, it can turn into a health hazard. Problems such as stomach ache, diarrhea, and gas are the common effects of the unhealthy changes taking place within the body. However, depending on the quantity of one’s consumption, or current condition, the aggravation coils trigger serious symptoms. As a result, this causes insufficiency of enzyme functioning, hence, a malfunction in the digestive system.


  • Abdominal (belly) pain,
  • Bloating or Gas,
  • Heartburn,
  • Diarrhea,
  • Nausea, 
  • Migraines or Headaches,
  • Upset Stomach or Tummy aches.

Methods Used For Test:

  • Blood test,
  • Skin prick test,
  • Vega testing,
  • Elimination diets,
  • K-test, etc. 

How Does The Test Work?

To be precise, depending on the individual, the tests are a personalized approach to examinations. Either way, the aim is to measure the percentages of antibodies within blood or hydrogen gas in the breath. This stage marks the activation of plan B. The healthcare provider then suggests a consultation with a board-certified Dietician. He/she designs a customized diet plan for positive changes.

Eligible Contender:

Any individual who is bearing the symptoms of food sensitivity or food allergy is eligible to commence the testing process. Aside from that, there is as such no gender or age restriction fencing from not signing up for the treatment. Moreover, depending on the personalized health condition of the individual, the specialist reckons the need for the test to be conducted.  


  • Follow the instructions recommended by the specialist.
  • Keep a record of the dietary pattern already been followed.
  • Notice the possible food items that trigger the symptoms.
  • The candidates are not required to fast before the test.
  • Without the consent of the specialist, the individuals do not have to re-adjust their dietary patterns.
  • The individuals need to be mentally prepared to embark on the process. 


  • The finger is thoroughly cleaned.
  • Later with the help of a sharp instrument, a lancet puncture is done at the tip of the finger.
  • As the hoarding of a few drops of blood rises, the bloodlets are carefully placed for testing. 
  • The session is concluded with the placement of a bandage to prevent any bacterial interference.
  • The blood samples are then sent for the laboratory test. Candidates are provided with a result day to receive their reports in a few days.
  • Or one could redeem our at-home services to receive online reports on their smartphones or other devices. For more information regarding this service, browse through the site for detailed guidance.  


  • Timely consult the health care professional.
  • Keenly follow the suggestions provided by the specialist.
  • Do not rearrange the diet plan on your own.
  • Do not consider self-experimentation and home remedies.
  • Organize and follow a balanced dietary pattern.
  • Keep a record of the diet plan and its effects.
  • Restrain from unnecessarily prohibiting the intake of food.


  • Firstly, the underlying factors downgrading one’s health are diagnosed.
  • Patients are put on a customized diet plan to improve current health conditions.
  • Moreover, these tests are also helpful in terms of detecting any other critical health hazards on the horizon – marking prolonged safety and freedom from various diseases.
  • Additionally, these tests are also efficient for diagnosing any kind of allergy or sensitivity caused by any food item. 
  • However, the good news is that one can even reach out for a health examination even if currently undergoing a specific treatment. 
  • Furthermore, no invasive technique is approached throughout the session. As a result, candidates are free from the restricted downtime period.
  • Finally, individuals can begin a healthy journey with precautionary guidelines to prevent any mishap in the long run.

Risk Factors:

The tests are a shield safeguarding your overall well-being. You may be prescribed or advised to follow a personalized routine regarding your eating habits or more. However, to sum up, there are no side effects latched to these assessments.


The estimations vary from person to person, depending on one’s health condition and other factors influencing the charges. However, to highlight the average cost of a Food Intolerance Test In Dubai, the value is priced between AED 1,450 to 2,900.

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