Screening Mammogram for Malignant Neoplasm of Breast in Dubai Cost

Neoplasm of the breast can be benign and malignant. A benign neoplasm is a solid cluster of nerves that is of no danger and can be treated easily. Whereas it also gets removed automatically with time. Which is also known as Fibroadenoma in some cases. The second type is Malignant Neoplasm which is also known as Breast Cancer. Basically, it is hard to diagnose and difficult to treat when it is not diagnosed on time. As it is dangerous because it spread through the tissues and nodes and affects the other parts of the body as well. A Screening Mammogram for Malignant Neoplasm of Breast in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is the best option for early diagnosis to get it treated on time.

Malignant Neoplasm:

Your breast tissue is the starting point of malignant neoplasm of breast or breast cancer. A mass of tissue is produced when breast cells change themselves and expand out of control. Breast cancer has the ability to spread and develop into the tissue around your breast, just like other malignancies can. Furthermore, it has the potential to spread throughout your body and develop new tumors. Metastasis is the medical term for this. The right kind of treatment can successfully treat or cure a variety of malignant neoplasms. A tumor can be treated more successfully the earlier it is found. Thus, early diagnosis is crucial.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer:

Breast cancer symptoms and signs might include:

  • The breast seems a bit tense and lumpy
  • Over your breast, there may be redness or pitting
  • A breast’s size, shape, or appearance changing
  • Peeling, scaling, crusting, or flaking of the breast skin
  • pigmented region of skin around the nipple.
  • alterations to the breast’s skin, such as dimpling
  • a recently flipped nipple
  • You may feel Anemia sometimes

Screening Mammogram:

The breast is radiated during a mammogram. Mammograms are the best technique to detect breast cancer at an early stage for many women when it is less difficult to cure and before it becomes large enough to feel or produce symptoms. Regular mammograms can reduce the risk of breast cancer-related death.


  • In a private changing room, you will need to undress until you are completely dressed off from the breast. A hospital gown can be provided for you to wear.
  • The mammographer will summon you into the X-ray room and explain what will happen.
  • The X-ray machine will be placed on your breast by the mammographer. For the duration of the X-rays, it will be held immobile by being crammed between two pieces of plastic. You must remain still for this brief period. After that, the machine will be removed from your breast.
  • The procedure will then be carried out again on the side of your breast while the X-ray equipment is turned to one side.
  • The same procedure will be used to X-ray your second breast.
  • After that, you will go back to the dressing room to put on clothes.

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