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It is essential that everyone knows how well their organs are working. Regular body checkups and tests help inform us about our bodies, and what might be wrong with our organs. Your health should always be your top priority no matter what the circumstances are. Always make sure to take good care of your health, and make sure that you go for regular health checkups so that you know about your health. With our Blood Tests For Kidney Function in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, you can get your Kidney Stone Removal tests done with the ease of your home, without worrying about not being able to visit a hospital.

Understanding Kidney Tests:

Humans urinary system consists of two kidneys. Their proper functioning is very important for our good health. The tests performed to check how well a person’s kidneys are working are known as kidney tests or renal function tests. These tests are important as they help diagnose any problem that occurs in this organ. The main function of our kidneys is to remove any toxic, wastes, and fluids from our body. So it is important that they are working properly.

Why Are Kidney Blood Tests Important?

These tests are very essential and should be done once each year. Here are some reasons why a person should get these examinations done:

  • To help diagnose any underlying problem that occurs in our kidneys.
  • If a person detects blood in their urine they should go for these blood tests.
  • If a person is experiencing painful urination.
  • Frequently urinating.
  • Having problems while urinating.
  • Experiencing high blood pressure.

The Two Types Of Renal Function Tests:

The two main types of Renal Function Tests are urine testing and blood tests.

24-Hour Urine Sample At Home:

To collect a 24-hour urine sample, a person has to follow the following steps:

  • On the first day, the person has to urinate as usual in the toilet.
  • The healthcare provider will provide you with a container, and you will have to urinate in that container at your home.
  • Then for the rest of the day, you have to urinate into the container.
  • And on the second day when you wake up try to collect your urine in the same container, this will complete your 24-hour urine sample.
  • This sample will be sent to the laboratory, and after proper examination, the person receives his/her results.

Blood Test At Your Home:

Home Blood Test is very convenient for the majority of people. For this process, the person has to take a blood sample at their home. And then they have to submit this sample to a lab. After the laboratory microscopic examination, the person will receive his/her results.

Preparations to Follow Before the Kidney Test:

Here are certain preparations that you should follow before the process:

  • A person must try to fast overnight. This may include not eating anything the night before.
  • You should avoid eating but you should drink plenty of fluids. Have a good water intake.
  • Try to avoid eating meat for a certain period of time.

What To Expect With Our Home Blood Test For Kidneys:

We at Enfield Royal Clinic Dubai make sure that we provide our patients with the ease and comfort of being treated in their homes. Here’s what happens when a person books an at-home service appointment with us:

  • Our healthcare provider reaches your doorstep.
  • The healthcare provider makes sure to bring all the necessary equipment for testing with them.
  • A blood testing kit and a container will be provided to the patient.
  • The patient is first seated in a comfortable position.
  • If a blood test is being done, then the nurse will draw a blood sample from the patient’s arm.
  • And if a urinary examination has to be done, then the patient will be provided with all the instructions for it, along with a container.

How Long Will It Take To Receive the Results?

You can receive your results either on the same day or after a few days. 

Benefits of Kidney Blood Tests at Home:

The at-home testing services are very beneficial for the majority of people.:

  • The benefit of convenience.
  • The benefit of having these examinations performed in the comfort of your own home.
  • At-home testing is quite affordable compared to laboratory tests.
  • The at-home service offers privacy and a relaxing environment for people.

Blood Tests For Kidney Function FAQ’s:

The level of creatinine in your blood is determined by a serum creatinine blood test. Your serum creatinine level rises when your kidneys are not functioning properly. Your age, sex, and body mass percentage will determine what normal values are for you.

The cost of a blood test for renal disease at our clinic is around AED 550. However, following a thorough examination, your doctor will let you know the total cost.

Cost of Renal Function Tests:

At our clinic, the blood examination for kidney costs ranges from __AED to __AED. However, your doctor will inform you about the final cost after properly examining you.

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