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A gingival smile is characterized by the fact that the gums are exposed by more than three millimetres. In some cases, almost the entire gum can be visible; the teeth appear small and lose their aesthetic appeal. The cause can be either an upper lip that is too short, which simply cannot cover the gum when a person smiles or gum that is too large, covering the teeth more than it should. Gummy Smile Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah can give you a perfect smile.

What Causes the Problem?

There are several reasons for the issue, one of which is the genetic predisposition, and others include:

  • Active mobility of the upper lip
  • Crowding of the front teeth, their protrusion or severe curvature
  • Abnormally small maxillary incisors
  • Malocclusion, formed in childhood
  • Deviations in the development of the maxillofacial apparatus in infancy
  • Short or thin upper lip
  • Malocclusion, formed in childhood


The treatment will make the teeth more visible by shortening the gums and exposing parts of the teeth. The harmony that you can achieve with the treatment will give you a more beautiful smile.

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The treatment has the following advantages:

Non-invasive: The treatment is minimally invasive and no surgery is required to fix the problem.

Painless: Since the procedures are minimally invasive, there is no pain or bleeding.

Quick recovery: The duration of the treatment is short and recovery will also be faster.

Gain confidence: Getting the shape and size of the gums you want will allow you to smile confidently.

Immediate Results: Treatment results are instantly visible.

Ideal Candidate:

The treatment is suitable for people having the following conditions:

  • Dissatisfaction with the appearance of the gums and teeth
  • The gums show more than you like when you smile
  • The teeth appear small or short
  • Have realistic expectations
  • Have healthy gums and teeth
  • Practice good oral hygiene

Treatment Options:

There are four different treatments to eliminate the problem:

Orthodontic Correction:

An orthodontist can solve the problem if the problem occurs due to an incorrect bite or deformation of the jawbone tissue. The long-term wearing of braces is suggested in such cases. They significantly reduce correction time and make this process more comfortable; the patient practically does not change his usual way of life. 

Everything is selected individually, depending on the person’s age and the presence of diseases. If necessary, other methods, cosmetic or surgical, can be used in parallel.

Correction of Upper Lip with Surgery:

The method is resorted to in a significantly shortened bridle. The operation is best done in childhood; in adult patients, in this way, it is not always possible to achieve the desired results. Correction of the upper lip is performed operatively by excision of a section of the mucous membrane on the inner surface. The surgeon then attaches the lip a little lower than before, making the smile more harmonious.


It is used in cases when gum covers the roots of the teeth and the crown. With the help of a laser, this problem can be solved without complications, side effects, and the minimum possible rehabilitation period. But still, it is used only in extreme cases, only when it is impossible to perform a correction in other ways.

Maxillofacial Surgery:

Another way refers to extreme measures. It is used for improperly formed or damaged tissues of the face and jaws. In such cases, a gummy smile is the result of several symptoms. In the most challenging situations, several operations are performed. Modern doctors with sufficient qualifications, experience, and high-tech equipment can solve maxillofacial problems of almost any nature and scale.

Gummy Smile Treatment FAQ’s:

It has been discovered by exercise therapists that gummy smiles can be less noticeable if face exercises are performed daily, one to two times a day. 

There are four specific treatments available to address a gummy grin. Incorrect bites are corrected via orthodontic correction, which uses braces. For a shorter bridle, surgery of the top lip is advised, ideally during youth. Using laser technology, gingivectomy treats situations in which gum tissue covers the roots of teeth. Maxillofacial surgery should only be used in extreme cases where the tissues of the jaw and face are malformed.

A gummy smile is usually nothing to worry about. But it might be, which is why those who notice that their smiles seem gummier than usual should schedule an appointment with a dentist immediately. A cosmetic dentist can offer the right care if someone's concerns are only aesthetic.

Sometimes the cause of a gummy smile is an expansion of the gum tissue or the maxillary bone, both of which can run in families. Because of this, the upper jaw must stretch excessively forward or upward, increasing the quantity of gum tissue that is visible when someone smiles.

When the other person sees their gummy smile, they always feel bad about it. When done correctly and at a credible facility, gum surgery typically has no negative effects on health or aftereffects. Therefore, you should seek treatment as soon as possible to enhance your beauty and self-assurance.

The treatment is very successful. By exposing some of the teeth and reducing the gums, the procedure will increase tooth visibility. Your smile will look more lovely thanks to the harmony that the treatment can help you attain.


The cost of Gummy Smile Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah will range from AED 699 to AED 29999. Several factors will impact the cost of treatment, and only the doctor can determine the cost of treatment after the initial consultation.

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