In the past, only men were busy searching for different remedies to treat their pattern baldness but now a large number of women also exist who are experiencing hair thinning. They want to adjust their hairline by increasing hair growth (density) around the forehead. Hair follicles are also added throughout the part line to improve the overall scalp appearance. Female Hair Transplant Dubai & Abu Dhabi is the most frequently used hair restoration procedure by males as well as females. Researches have proven that females are also standing in the same row of finding new techniques to control the hair loss issue.


Before going for any procedure, women should properly consult the surgeon to let him know about your medical conditions and causes of your hair loss. He will then carefully examine the donor site to determine the percentage of follicles that will be extracted. Female hair transplants use the same techniques as male counterparts. It includes Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and Follicular unit extraction (FUE). Now it is the duty of the surgeon to decide which one he will use.


A transplantation technique with short recovery time and with minimum complications. A strip is of about 5-6 mm is drawn out from the donor site from which the follicular grafts are extracted and are then inserted into the incisions. It is also known as the STRIP method.


No stitching and cutting is involved, instead, it uses a tool for graft extraction. A better and easy technique to use producing more natural-looking results. If you have a tight scalp or you are looking for a permanent solution then it is the best option.

Some other techniques:


Following are the benefits that women can get from the restoration process

  • If they want to adjust/lower their hairlines. Lowering the hairlines involves the removal of healthy hair follicles and inserted then on the front to create famine and appealing hairline.
  • Female can also experience pattern baldness, to overcome this you should first clear yourself, ARE YOU AN IDEAL CANDIDATE OR NOT?

Who is a Candidate?

About 99% of the men who are experiencing baldness, consider Female Hair Transplant Dubai & Abu Dhabi as a good option for treating hair loss. This made women think that they can be a good candidate too but it not so easy it is because most of the women have diffused hair loss including the back and the sides, which act as a donor area for extracting follicles and implanting them into recipient site to complete the transplantation. Thus, not everyone can go for the transplant. Usually, men have stable donor sites than females. The term “stability of the follicles” means that these are not affected by DHT whose function is to shrink the follicles on other areas, causing male pattern baldness. Donor areas are less stable in female pattern baldness which means donor’s hairs are also as thinner as other areas of the head. They are a lot more affected by dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Thus if you extract follicles from these donor sites and will place them in the balding area they will fall out after some time. Those women who are more concerned with the volume of the hair, the transplant will not benefit them in this case.

About 3 to 5% of women will go for these transplants. Suitable when,

  • Women who have already experienced hair transplant and are now concerned with the transplants in the incision sites.
  • Those who are suffering from alopecia
  • Those women who have pattern baldness as male pattern baldness
  • The donor area should not be affected by alopecia.
  • Women who are going through traction and mechanical alopecia
  • Hey must have a sufficient density of donor’s hair
  • You are physically and mentally ready
  • If you are experiencing permanent hair loss not seasonal loss

How to Get Better Results?

If you are more concerned with the quality of the results then you should be more careful in the selection of your surgeon. If any professional surgeon will do the transplant then the results will not be too clear or apparent instead they would be more natural. Surgeon’s experience and qualification play a wide role so you should be wise enough to seek the best surgeon for your treatment.

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