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Sexual needs are always the same no matter what age you are but the interest starts falling down due to changes in hormones and changes inside the body because of aging. Multiple different treatments are done to overcome this issue such as fillers for libido is the most common but a temporary procedure that takes some downtime and is found expensive whereas the help of Regenerative Medicine Enfield Royal Clinic in Dubai provides the best IV solution that helps not only to enhance the functionality of libido but also enhance the functionality of testosterone and blood. IV Therapy Libido in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is the best solution to help you out in just a few sessions.

What the Procedure Aim to Do?

The basic target or aim of providing this procedure involves the following aspects to be fulfilled:

  • Enhance the sexual desires
  • Improve the mortality and production of sperm
  • Enhance the blood flow to make healthy circulation
  • Increase the shield of the body by enhancing the immune system
  • Increase the size and efficiency of the libido of both men and women.
  • Energizes your body and boosts your mood

Ideal Candidate:

Anyone can be an ideal candidate for this procedure who want the following changes from their sexual life:

  • Due to aging have lost interest in intimacy
  • Want to enhance their sexual experience
  • Enhance the flow of their blood by making it thin with the help of vitamin C.
  • Enhance the cardiac health
  • Increase the level of sperm production
  • Don’t want to go through filler or invasive procedures.


The procedure involves infusing multiple different elements in a single drip that may include Amino acids, Vitamins, and other fluids. Each element has its own need to be induced such as:

  • IV fluids restore lost fluid and prevent or treat some forms of electrolyte imbalances because they are precisely prepared to match the electrolytes found in blood plasma. It helps remove waste from the body and transports nutrients and oxygen to cells.
  • An amino acid called L-taurine is present in many meals and is frequently added to energy drinks. Taurine is a common dietary supplement that some scientists refer to as a “miracle molecule.” Additionally, when taken in appropriate amounts, it is quite safe and has no known negative effects.
  • One of the most important nutrients for health and well-being is vitamin C. Your immune system may be strengthened by eating a diet rich in this vitamin. It can also help the body burn extra fat, and studies have linked it to a decreased risk of heart disease.
  • B12 vitamins are essential for sustaining well-being and good health. Your energy levels, cognitive function, and cell metabolism are all directly impacted by B vitamins, which are the foundation of a healthy body.
  • An amino acid called carnitine boosts both the quantity and motility of sperm. Additionally, it enhances general blood flow.
  • The chemicals L-Methionine, Inositol, and Choline are referred to as MIC. These lipotropic substances raise energy levels, and metabolic rate generally, aid in the burning of body fat that has been accumulated, cleanse the body, enhance red blood cell formation, and more. They also help to regulate sleep, mood, hunger, energy, and more.


The procedure is simply a noninvasive treatment for enhancing the sexual interests in one’s body. A few things that are needed to be kept in mind are an act of caring for the procedure in order to make it last longer:

  • Have plenty of water to hydrate your body
  • Try not to do the hard excessive exercise right after the treatment as the infusion get directly into the blood which is why you will steadily feel dizzy if you try to do exercise or hard work.
  • Take immune boosters as well as eat a healthy diet
  • Instead of getting harsh try to be soft toward intercourse as it increases the intimate life.
  • Eat food that contains vitamin C.

IV Therapy Libido FAQ’s:

Sex drive enhancer for men and women is the Libido IV Infusion. This infusion can support optimal sexual functioning, boost energy, and lengthen your sexual endurance. Blood vessels are relaxed and blood flow is increased by a combination of vital vitamins and amino acids, such as arginine.

Lack of desire in a sexual relationship can cause emotional distress and put pressure on your personal relationships. Higher body mass, diabetes, hypertension, hormonal imbalances, and elevated cholesterol levels can impact one's capacity to sustain an erection or reduce the desire for sexual activity.

A person can try a variety of methods to increase their libido. These consist of maintaining a healthy diet, exercising frequently, lowering anxiety, and putting more effort into enhancing close relationships.

IV fluids should be stopped when the patient is being released from the hospital or when their fluid volume has returned to baseline. Your doctor will tell you exactly when to discontinue IV therapy.

Because IV therapy enters the body through the organs instead of the digestive system and has a 90–100% absorption rate, it is the quickest method of distributing nutrients throughout the body.


The procedure brings a number of benefits along with it. Some of these are:

  • It is the best noninvasive procedure with unlimited bounties
  • Enhance the sexual interest and experience
  • Increase libido for both men and women
  • Need no time for recovery or to get in working condition
  • The procedure boosts the immune system effectively
  • Increase the production of sperm which ends in a fairly healthy chance for pregnancy.
  • Amino acids help in improving the flow and circulation of blood.
  • Energizes the body and enhances the stamina
  • Relieve from depression and enhance the mood for sex and for intimate activities.

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