Health is wealth. This common saying is a fact, and those going through a rough patch of life can truly relate to and understand the worth of these golden words. It is an unfortunate reality that so many people, from all over the world; face negative circumstances led by stroke disabilities daily. These are life-altering moments that can lead to many unpleasant phases of life. However, lucky for you, there are also a variety of special programs that are cautiously designed for medically disabled patients to recover smoothly. To provide the best care, we are offering our expertise to suitable candidates to benefit from Post-Stroke Rehabilitation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. Our goal is to help the patients restore their abilities to resume a prosperous and healthy life again.

What Causes A Stroke?

The problem occurs when the blood supply system fails to reach your brain. What happens is that the veins often get blocked, or the bloodstream gets interrupted. As a result, the tissues of the oxygen supply and nutrients that allow the connection between the two are either reduced or bugged which consequently triggers the malfunctioning. This failure is going to cause the brain cells to decrease within minutes. Henceforth, a stroke takes place and leads to a wider range of disabilities to take place, resulting in brain damage or massive destruction that will impact the entire body.


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What Is The Purpose Of Post-Stroke Rehabilitation?

To reverse or tackle the situation, this plan of action is taken into consideration. This process is designed to address the physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges and disorder that is faced by the survivors. Our job is to aid the patients to get back on their feet. Below are a few areas that we cover to play a vital role in the recovery protocols;

  • Physical Recovery: strokes lead to harmful effects on a person’s physical health and abilities. The patient feels weak, it becomes harder to balance their footsteps and other movements in general. However, the rehab program is going to reverse the outcomes and promote mobility and strength to be able to perform adequately.  
  • Cognitive Rehabilitation: patients experience cognitive deficiencies such as; memory loss, difficulties with concentration, and other language and communication problems. We aim to improve these functions and support the survivor’s abilities to get through the basic tasks and skills revolving around life.
  • Emotional Support: dealing with the aftermath is not an easy task for both the family members and the professional team of healthcare providers. However, we must restore the faith and confidence in our patients to increase their self-esteem and willpower to fight off the challenges and attacks on their well-being. Our support program is going to help candidates make independent decisions, and choices to tame their anxieties and depressing thoughts. As well as learning to manage their mood swings and other disorders.
  • Maximizing Independence: the basic agenda and key purpose of this treatment program is to empower individuals to regain their independence. This includes chores and everyday tasks such as; dressing, bathing, eating, and communicating along with using means of transportation to resume other activities and enhance the overall quality of life. 

When Should Stroke Rehabilitation Begin?

The patient should be transferred to the medical center as soon as possible. This is the key factor to consider because this is going to prevent further damage. Ideally, this is an act of important key element and collaboration between the family members and medical staff to help the patient regain their lost abilities and skills in a shorter recovery time.

What Is The Duration Of This Program?

This is a customized treatment that requires an individual’s ability to recover and their body’s potential to respond and recover simultaneously. This is why, the progress and stay duration is going to vary from person to person. In addition to this, we must also remember that recovering from a stroke can be a long and challenging experience for all the involved parties. Hence, dedication and motivation is the key to making the therapy successful. However, to sum up, an ideal duration to witness improvements, we can underline the estimated timings between 12 to 18 months after the stroke.

What Happens During The Treatment?

  • Physical therapies are conducted to help with the strength and stamina restoration. Some other useful exercises and treatments are specifically tailored for the suitable candidates to show early signs of improvement.
  • Furthermore, we offer occupational therapies to help the survivors regain their basic household skills and balance their self-control to perform daily activities or healthily return to work or general routine life. 
  • Moreover, there are speech therapies along with writing and reading classes. This is going to allow the candidates to communicate without facing any challenges. On top of that, other problem-solving exercises for the brain and shaping the memory lane are also included in this session.
  • Physiological therapies are also important for emotional support. Our friendly and professional therapists play a vital role in addressing these critical challenges to help the candidates. We encourage the patients to take part in either group counseling or private sessions to speak out loud about their thoughts with verbal communication skills. 
  • Last but certainly not least, medications are an essential part of this treatment plan. There are prescribed doses for blood pressure medicines along with high cholesterol and diabetes to manage the current conditions and activate the prevention in the long run.

What Are The Results Of The Therapy?

This is a highly beneficial therapy in terms of generating ideal and realistic outcomes. Below are a few advantages that will significantly make a positive impact on the patient’s life;

  • Although it is a slow and gradual recovery process. However, with persistence, the candidate will show improved abilities to function properly. 
  • Families report back regarding the regaining of lost memories and improved communication skills without sensing a sense of frustration or mood swings in their patients.
  • Furthermore, candidates begin to take control of their lives again. From choosing their preferred clothes to helping with the cooking process of their favorite meals.
  • Moreover, with time, patients feel confident about themselves. Their self-esteem increases as they are gradually returning to their routine life without any physical help or mental support.
  • Lastly, there is no reverse to the improvements. Once a person is fully recovered, he/she can carry on with life without any disabilities or disorders for a lifetime.

How To Ensure A Successful Outcome?

We gathered a few tips for productive outcomes in Post-Stroke Rehabilitation programs;

  • Our advice is to remain patient and calm. The recovery may be a time-consuming method, however, with persistence, the results will appear shortly.
  • Set realistic goals and expectations regarding your patient’s improvements. Together we can work as a team to motivate the candidates to boost their willpower to get well soon.
  • Make sure the patient does not miss a single session. Regular therapy is the key to producing successful outcomes.
  • Lastly, stay positive and create a positive environment for the patients as well. A reliable attitude from the sources of help and support can provide adequate motivation and focusing skills to the patients to recover with hope.

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