Post-Injury Rehabilitation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price & Cost

On the ground, while playing sports – unexpected and sudden accidents are a part of the reality check. However, some unforeseen injuries can sometimes lead to major mishaps and cause serious damage. In such case scenarios, there is special medical care and assistance for those patients who are looking for a fast recovery process. This is why, we are offering Post-Injury Rehabilitation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah to help you regain your strength, mobility, and confidence to go back to the field, courts, or tracks that are a part of your daily life. 

What Exactly Is A Post-Injury?

This is the aftermath of the accident that we deal with in the form of open wounds, bruises, bleeding, swelling, inflammation, and chronic pain that require medical supervision to activate a speedy recovery.

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What Is The Importance Of Post-Injury Rehabilitation?

It is a crucial phase of a patient’s life when you have to motivate yourself to regain your strength. However, together, we can work on your mobility to improve the quality of life. The purpose of this program is to diagnose, aid, and treat your condition. As well as guide the readers to prevent the incidents and stay safe. Below are some key significant factors that play a vital role in aiding you physically and mentally;

  • Restoring Function: this is going to address intense injuries that require individuals to regain their motion, muscle activity, and flexibility to take control of their overall functionality.
  • Pain Management: it includes various chronic inflammation and pain management tactics. The aim is to help reduce the necessity of medications and boost your well-being.
  • Prevention Of Long-Term Complications: it is a guidance program to prevent a long-term or prolonged problem. Furthermore, we ensure your safety in the long run and make sure the injury does not lead to future fractures triggering chronic issues.
  • Mental Fitness: as much as physical fitness has its importance, so does mental stability. We help you gain confidence and restore your willpower to work on your progress and motivate yourself to recover while keeping calm throughout the healing journey to experience great improvements. 

What Is The Aim Of The Therapy?

The basic goal of Rehabilitation is to help patients return to their normal routine without seeking or needing additional help to get their daily tasks done. Additionally, our services include physical exercises, occupational therapies, speech therapy, and counseling to get you back on your feet.

What Happens During The Rehab Program?

This is a customized therapy that is planned according to the condition of each candidate. Below are some key components of the process that take place during the program;

  • An evaluation is conducted by a trained professional. He/She is going to determine the density of the injury. After which, suitable aid and assistance are proceeded forward.
  • We will help you establish clear goals or mindset clarity and guide you through the process. As well as keeping your morals high to achieve a smooth roadmap for a speedy recovery.
  • You will be performing a variety of stretching and flexing exercises to improve your range of motion and help the muscles to move swiftly.
  • Other ice and heat therapies are also going to take place along with massages to relieve the discomfort and manage the pain simultaneously. 
  • Furthermore, educating you about the identified injury is also very important. This will help prevent future issues and gain control of yourself to recover smoothly.
  • Your diet equally plays a vital role in the healing process. Therefore, we will design a scheduled plan including a balanced diet to help the bones and tissues heal naturally with the help of natural and organic nutrients in your daily meals. 
  • Lastly, an emotional support program is also a part of this therapy. We understand it is very challenging to cope with the pain mentally and physically. Hence, the aspect of rehabilitation is going to provide support groups to help individuals benefit from the counseling.  

How To Remain Motivated During The Therapy?

Remember, staying calm and positive is the key to successful outcomes. If you are signed up for a long and challenging process, this is what you ought to follow during the rehabilitation to stay focused and committed;

  • Create realistic goals for yourself. Pin bucket list motivations in your head and track your progress while celebrating little victories along the way.
  • Your positive perspective towards life is going to develop the correct attitude for you. Be your support system to keep your spirits high and encourage others too.
  • Remain consistent and stick to your goals. Although it is a time-consuming process to heal from the inside and out. However, self-motivation is a vital element to achieve the best results. 
  • It’s okay to take breaks along the way. Stopping and re-taking over from your last pause; is a way of listening to your body. Take baby steps, one at a time to restore strength and instill empowerment in your body. 
  • You can seek support from your friends and family. Keep yourself busy with your favorite people around you. This is surely going to make a huge difference in your overall well-being. 
  • Lastly, you are encouraged to celebrate your milestone along the journey. Acknowledge your potential capacity and once you reach there, treat yourself!

What Are The Benefits Of This Therapy?

Your determination and our support program can work up a healthy out-turn to return you to the grounds. We are sharing some of the ideal perks of Post-Injury Rehabilitation for you;

  • You will notice reduced pain and inflammation as you gradually move ahead toward a complete recovery. 
  • Your muscle activity and flexibility are also going to regain strength and willpower to move without any external help or support.
  • Keeping a balance and coordination of the legs especially; will come naturally to you, just like the good old days. 
  • You will feel independent and enjoy your privacy and space to get done with the chores and activities the way you wish to perform.
  • These new changes are going to improve your quality of life and overall well-being. As a result, you feel as good as new and confident about yourself.
  • On top of that, it is also going to reduce the risks of future injury, as you have learned the best ways to prevent an undesired event.
  • Lastly, you can resume your work, and education or carry on with other physical activities that were a part of your daily living.

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