Skin Tag Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

If you want to enjoy smooth and healthy skin in no time at all then skin tag removal in Dubai is fixing these types of issues quickly. Take your time and decide if it is right for you for getting rid of pesky skin tags.

Skin tags are very small fleshy growth on the skin that can be very annoying. One can have one of hundreds of these tags on any part of the body including neck, eyelids, armpits, folds, under the breast, etc. Males and females are equally prone to develop these types of outgrowths. Most of them are very small like a pencil’s eraser but few become as large as the size of a grape. Skin tags do not cause any harm, yet Skin tag removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is working to the desired achieve cosmetic goals of sufferers. One of the major advantages of the treatment is that removing a skin tag won’t cause more tags to grow.

Results and Benefits:


The treatment results in avoiding skin irritation and infection. Skin tag removal restores healthy skin condition once again. It can take place quickly, depending on the technique used and your preference. It has been proved that Enfield Royal Clinic is delivering permanent outcomes through lasers. Once removed, a tag is very less likely to emerge in the same spot again.

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  • Does not leave any scarring
  • Effectiveness of the treatment is very high
  • Improves looks that boosts self-confidence
  • Consists of relatively inexpensive procedure
  • Eradicates visible skin tags and makes smooth skin

Who Is an Ideal Candidate?

The treatment is gaining tremendous popularity by giving smooth, healthy skin to its sufferers. Men and women are fulfilling their desires and achieving the best results. You can also be a good candidate for the treatment if:

  • You have no skin allergies
  • You are mentally and physically fit
  • Fleshy skin growths cause physical discomfort
  • You have single or multiple skin tags on the body
  • You want to remove skin tags to get healthy-looking skin

Aim of Treatment:

Number of unwanted benign skin growth that is harmless unless rubbed frequently or twisted can be treated through skin removal surgeries today. The treatment works with the aim of stopping further growth of skin tags. Removal of these loose hanging fleshy skins is not considered safe to try and remove without medical supervision as having a constant blood supply.

Techniques we Use:

Some of the skin tags fall off naturally and some require medical treatment. However, these outgrowths do not look good on the skin and that is why people want to remove them. Following techniques are being used in this regard:

  1. Excision biopsy:

Excision is carried out under local anesthesia. The dermatologist will cut around and under the lesion with sharp scissors along with an appropriate margin of normal surrounding tissue. There may be some bleeding in the area from where the tag has been removed during the surgery.

  1. Cryotherapy (Freezing):

With the help of a spray device, cotton swab or injection, a special solution of liquid nitrogen or argon gas is applied to the affected area. This leads to the formation of ice crystals within the skin tags. The formation of ice cubes causes the destruction of fleshy tissues without damaging surrounding cells.

  1. Cauterization:

Another effective method involves the burning of skin tags by using a heated instrument. Heat is directly applied by using a probe. This treatment burns off the affected area and makes it easy to remove the lesions.

  1. Laser Treatment:

Anesthesia or numbing agent is applied before carrying out the medical procedure. Most of the people come up with eradicated skin tags only undergoing one treatment. But in rare cases, two sessions are required. Lasers are passed through the different looking skin tags that cause destruction.

Skin Tag Removal FAQ’s:

Skin cancer can grow and change, but skin tags usually stay small. Any new growth on your skin should be taken seriously, particularly if it appears suddenly. Any new skin growth should be examined by a dermatologist due to the risk of skin cancer.

Those that grow on long, thin stalks may twist, which would lessen the growth's blood supply. The skin tag may turn dark brown or black if this happens. If the feel, color, appearance, or size of a skin tag changes, the patient should consult a dermatologist.

No, skin tags are usually made up of blood vessels and collagen fibers that are encased in a layer of skin. They don't contain pus and are usually harmless. Pus is not a feature of skin tags; instead, it is usually connected to bacterial or fungal infections.

People want to get rid of these outgrowths because they don't look good on the skin. While some skin tags shed naturally, others need to be removed surgically or treated with a laser, cryotherapy, cauterization, or excision biopsy. 

Cut skin tags will bleed because they are made of blood vessels. If removal is attempted in non-sterile conditions, there is an additional risk of infection.

You'll be glad to hear that we provide free consultations to all of our current and potential clients if you're thinking about getting a cheap, painless skin tag removal procedure in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or Sharjah. The cost is around AED 1250.

As a result of the treatment, infections, and skin irritation are prevented. The removal of skin tags brings back the condition of healthy skin. Depending on the method and your preferences, it can happen fast. A tag is extremely unlikely to reappear in the same location after it has been removed.


Healing after the treatment is quick, easy and relatively painless. Most people can expect to be fully healed in about 3-5 days after the treatment. Some of the post-treatment instructions are advised to follow for keeping the skin safe.

  • Patients are advised to apply antibiotic cream on the affected area for a few days.
  • Wear loose clothing
  • Keep the treated area away from direct sunlight and keep it dry

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