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What is a Caregiver?

Everyone requires CareGiver and affection in their life, but some people require extra care and assistance with their daily life tasks and personal things. When people reach old age they usually become weak and do not have enough strength to perform daily life tasks alone. Similarly, people who suffer from any serious illness, or are unable to move, require proper 24/7 assistance. Sometimes the family members are only available some of the time due to their hectic office, college, or school life. This raises the need for a professional person who can assist our elderly, or sick family members with their daily life activities. But not to worry as Care Giver in Dubai & Abu Dhabi provides the best, professionally trained staff who can properly look after your family members.

Who is a CareGiver?

Each one of us has been a caregiver at a certain point in our lives. We care for the needs of our family, and friends to make them comfortable and happy.  But people who are professionally trained to look after the people who need proper health monitoring for full body care are known as caregivers. Our senior family members often require special assistance in their lives. A caregiver is trained to provide help with the medical, personal, and daily life tasks you need help with. Good caregivers are guardian angels to many people.


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What Age People Require A CareGiver?

Research shows that about 1 in 5 Americans identify as caregivers. The majority of people who require proper monitoring and assistance in their daily lives are aged between 65 to 74 years. Other than this, younger people who have special needs also require a proper, professional caregiver.

What Do CareGivers Do?

These are people who provide help with:

  • They help with physical needs and activities, such as helping you in eating, getting wound-dressed, preparing meals, and other household tasks.
  • They provide special help with medical and health needs. They give you your medicines on time. They help you perform exercises, and maintain a healthy, balanced life.
  • Professional caretakers help properly listen to your problems, and they show you affection just like your family members.
  • A person no longer feels lonely, depressed, or stressed in their presence.
  • They are beneficial for people who suffer from any serious illness.

Who Should Hire A CareGiver?

People who lie in the following candidacy criteria should hire a person who can properly look after them:

  • People who require help with their daily life tasks, because of their old age.
  • Special people who are unable to perform their tasks.
  • People suffering from some medical illness, and require proper monitoring and assistance.
  • Individuals who have no support from family or friends, and need help with their daily life.
  • Those who are lonely, depressed, and require a person who can properly look after them.

Qualities Should You Look For When Hiring A Professional Caretaker?

A person should look for the following properties when hiring a caretaker for their elder family members:

  • Make sure that the person you’re hiring is professional and knows his work well.
  • The person should be trusted and should have good dependability. 
  • The person should be compassionate towards elder family members.
  • Your family members must be comfortable around him/her.
  • The individual must be experienced in his/her field.

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Benefits Will You Have From Our CareGiver Service?

Having someone in your life who takes care of you when you are alone, or sick makes life a little easier. Following are some benefits you can achieve by hiring a caretaker in your life:

  • Someone will always be there to keep a check on your mental and physical health.
  • You won’t be alone in depressing and stressful times.
  • Someone will be there to help you in assisting with your work of bathing, dressing, eating, and taking your medications if you’re unable to do all these things yourself.
  • Your health will be monitored daily. And you will have a check and balance on your health.

Care Giver In Dubai (FAQ’s):

There are various factors that affect the cost of caregivers in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The caregivers' pay is determined by the number of hours they work. Therefore, the cost of a full-time caregiver will be slightly higher than that of a part-time caregiver.

A caregiver provides care for an ailing or disabled person, an elderly parent, a spouse, another relative, or an unrelated person, usually in their home. These duties could involve going grocery shopping, cleaning, transportation, and meal preparation.

Cost of Caregivers Dubai:

The Cost of Caregivers in Dubai UAE varies due to certain different factors. The caregivers are paid according to their working hours. So if you have a full-time caregiver the cost will be a bit more as compared to a half-time caregiver.

We Are Here To Provide You With the Best CareTakers:

At Enfield Royal Clinic Dubai, our main aim and focus is our patient’s priority. We aim to provide our patients with the best services, treatments, and caregivers according to their preferences. We have trusted people who can look after you with proper professionalism and affection in your difficult time. We have both male and female caretakers for our patients. They are highly trained, trusted, and professional people. They will look after you just like your close family members. If you want to hire a Care Giver in Dubai & Abu Dhabi kindly fill out the consultation form given below. Our team will reach out to you shortly.