Endoscopic Urethrotomy in Dubai Urethral Stricture Treatment UAE

Any malfunction in the body can cause serious disturbance and destruction within the system. Such is the case with those patients who are struggling with urinal issues. If you are somebody who is dealing with difficulty while urinating, or frequent urination is interrupting your sleep cycle. Not to mention urinary tract infections or other complications such as bleeding significantly impacting the quality of life or your overall mental health. We are using this platform to guide you about the respective medical solutions to your ongoing problem. Read about; Endoscopic Urethrotomy in Dubai & Abu Dhabi and explore how the development of this treatment is offering eligible candidates a less invasive alternative to restoring health.

What Is Endoscopic Urethrotomy?

This is an innovative technique to treat urethral complications. The treatment revolves around the tube that carries urine in the bladder and pushes it out of the body. However, when an infection takes place, it creates difficulty in emptying the bladder. Henceforth, this valuable procedure is taken into consideration to precisely target the affected for Reimplantation Of The Ureter. Moreover, this advanced technology can be approached in two different ways; Visual Internal Urethrotomy and Direct Vision Internal Urethrotomy. 

  • VIU; is the common procedure that involves making a single incision into the sideways. We will gain access to the infection and extract it to its very core.
  • DVIU; requires making multiple incisions through the stricture and gaining access into the affected region to discard the problem for good. 

Who Is A Suitable Candidate?

Any adult male with short or simple urethral strictures, recurrent or unlocated urethral strictures in the bulbar area around the penal region is generally prescribed under this procedure. 

What Happens During Operative Care?

This procedure is performed inside a surgery room. Below is general information regarding the entire surgical process;

  • First things first, we will put you to sleep under the influence of general anesthesia. This will lower the complications for the surgeon and increase the comfort level of the patient. 
  • The next step is to insert the endoscope, which is a small fiber-optic instrument that allows the surgeon to monitor the ongoing problem.
  • After which, one or the required number of incisions are made to widen the stricture, restoring a proper urinal flow. 
  • Moreover, in rare cases scenarios, a temporary stent could also be placed to maintain the newly corrected site. Which is then removed after a calculated period of time. 
  • Once the corrections are made, the surgeon will remove the surgical tools. The wounds are stitched closed and you are shifted to the recovery room.

Endoscopic Urethrotomy During infographic in Dubai

How Is The Recovery Going To Come Along?

You may experience slight discomfort after waking up from the anesthetic effects. Your doctor will provide you with painkillers to manage the pain. However, it is a rather fast healing process, therefore you will be on the road to recovery within a month or less. The patient ought to witness some blood in their urine. This is a natural reaction to the surgical changes. Several Health Checkup At Home
appointments are lined up to monitor your progress, along with over-the-counter medications to heal smoothly. 

Are There Any Potential Side Effects?

It is a safe and effective treatment for men dealing with urethral strictures. The success rate is potentially high with quick recovery time without any long or short-term risks. However, some possible temporary complications such as; bleeding, swelling, or inflammatory urination will last for a limited time period. In case you experience massive pain or bruising around the operated site, be sure to reach out for medical aid immediately. 

What Are The Restored Impacts On Your Health? 

We gathered a variety of benefits generated by Endoscopic Urethrotomy In Dubai. Explore the perks of this alternative treatment option for you;

  • This is a minimally invasive procedure that allows short incision-making. As a result, the wounds heal faster and more smoothly. 
  • No scar or discoloration is formed on the treated site. Moreover, you can return home the same day.
  • It is a quick operating process with a higher percentage of success. Patients experience relief and long-lasting comfort. 
  • Furthermore, it will improve your health quality and allow you to flush the toxins out of the body on time. 
  • No more painful bathroom visits. You can prolong the healthy effects by drinking plenty of water. This will cleanse the system and lock prosperous changes for an improved lifestyle. 

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