IV Ozone Therapy Gut Health in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Cost

Protecting us from sunlight is not the only benefit of Ozone but it is found quite beneficial in providing solutions to issues that were not possible to solve with medicines and other remedies. Ozone is a gas consisting of 3 molecules of oxygen which is why it is quite unstable. The instability of ozone nature makes it readily reactive when getting mixed in the blood when it is infused directly through injection, IV, or by any other method. For the purpose of improving the immune system, gut health, and liver detoxification IV Ozone Therapy Gut Health in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is done by an expert Regenerative Medicine Doctor

Aim of the Procedure:

  • For some of the most difficult-to-treat disorders, such as chronic Lyme disease and neuroinflammatory diseases, ozone offers a wonderful, potent, but affordable therapeutic option.
  • Ozone functions primarily on two levels, increasing blood flow with more oxygen and boosting the immune system’s ability to fight off toxins and illnesses that are already present in the body.
  • Ozone treatment causes you to have more energy, less brain fog, greater cognition, and an overall feeling of wellness.

Importance of Gut Health:

Good bacteria outnumber bad bacteria in a healthy gut, and good bacteria do not outnumber bad. Numerous health advantages can result from maintaining a healthy mix of gut bacteria, including lowering the risk of obesity and reducing inflammation, which can worsen heart disease.

Factors Affecting Gut Health:

  • Multiple factors are reasonable for affecting gut health. It makes logical that poor gut health is frequently brought on by an overabundance of dangerous bacteria if good gut health is defined as having more beneficial bacteria than harmful bacteria.
  • This imbalance might be brought on by; Antibiotics, Foodborne illness, and Traveling.
  • Daily routines can also affect your gut health, even though these factors can drastically alter the balance of microorganisms in your stomach. 
  • For instance, eating carbs that cause gas might result in bloating and loose stools as well as become a reason for poor gut health.

IV Ozone Therapy:

Ozone treatment is rapidly being used in therapeutic settings due to its obvious advantages. Rectal administration not only encourages greater gut health but is also safe and has practically no side effects. Rectal insufflation treatments with ozone therapy are extremely effective. A healthy microbiota that flourishes in an environment with a lot of oxygen is promoted by the flow of ozone gas given to the stomach, which is transformed into oxygen, removes free radicals, and is incredibly efficient against pathogenic microorganisms.

Ideal Candidate:

People who are medically fit can get the same advantages from IV ozone therapy as those who have chronic health issues. People who want to have the following benefits can have this treatment:

  • elimination or decrease of pathogen-related symptoms caused by viruses, germs, and parasites by stimulating lymphocytes.
  • circulation of blood and oxygen is improved.
  • Immune system improvement.
  • by removing poisons that have been metabolised in the liver and kidneys.


The procedure involves a few steps to follow:

  • First of all, a required amount of blood is taken out from the body and collected inside a plastic bag.
  • Ther the blood is allowed to mix with the ozone and get ozonated
  • After that, the blood is allowed to be infused again into the blood through IV drips.
  • Ozone may also be transferred to the liver through the rectum, where it can aid in detoxification and the removal of parasites and gut flora.

IV Ozone Therapy Gut Health FAQ’s:

Ozone promotes the growth of beneficial microflora in the gut while reducing inflammation and eliminating pathogenic bacteria. If gut health is your main concern, IV ozone therapy is not the best course of action.

Ozone therapy can be given as often as twice a week, depending on the symptoms and therapy response of the patient. Treatments should be given every 1-2 weeks for the majority of patients. It may take three to six treatments to cure acute conditions.

You should speak with a doctor who specializes in ozone therapy to find out if it's the best course of action for you. In addition to talking about alternative treatments that might be more appropriate for your condition, he or she can offer you advice on the advantages and disadvantages of ozone therapy.

In order to enhance the liver detoxification process, gut health, and immune system, ozone therapy helps. Due to its obvious advantages, ozone therapy is being used in clinical settings more and more. Its rectal application not only encourages improved intestinal health but also is safe and virtually free of side effects. 

IV ozone therapy helps in the synthesis of antioxidants that neutralize free radicals and lessen the oxidative damage they cause. Keeping this oxidative stress down will help you stay young and healthy. This is yet another important advantage of IV ozone therapy. Cellular aging is slowed down by it.

Focus on eating a diet high in probiotic and prebiotic foods, like yogurt, sauerkraut, garlic, and bananas, for quick gut healing. For support of the intestinal lining, include bone broth and foods high in L-glutamine, such as meats and dairy. Be mindful of potential trigger foods, avoid them, drink plenty of water, and control your stress. Make sure your intake of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables is varied. If required, take supplements containing digestive enzymes. Only take antibiotics as directed by a doctor.


Following are the basic benefits you can have from this treatment:

  • Eliminating fungus, viruses, and bacteria. Antioxidant enzyme systems effectively safeguard healthy cells. 
  • The oxidative stress produced by ozone treatment kills cancer and damaged cells, and microorganisms of all types because they lack this protection.
  • Enhancing cellular performance. Oxygen consumption, nitric oxide production, endothelial function, and oxygen transport are all enhanced by ozone peroxides.
  • Encouraging the production of cytokines such as interferons, interleukins, tumor necrosis factor, etc. to activate the immune system
  • By enabling a more effective overall metabolism, the energy output is increased. As a result, the body produces less harmful byproducts while making energy.

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