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When people wear a ponytail high up on their head their face looks more lifted and vibrant but this effect last till you have a ponytail. To have a long-lasting effect of such lifting a new and advanced treatment is introduced by the cosmetic dermatologist Ponytail Facelift in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah which gives a lasting effect and you also do not have to face scars issues near your ears because of incisions. 

Ponytail Lift:

Ponytail lift is a technique used to lift the face in such a way that the ligaments are stretched from the hairline which gives a lifting effect up in the hairs with the effect of minimal incisions. This treatment aims at the two upper thirds of the face which rotates and provides a refreshing effect to the eyes and the brows. 

Ponytail Facelift:

Our face starts losing volume as we start aging. Sagging skin is formed on the neck. As well patients don’t want to go for full-face cosmetic surgery. Ponytail Facelift is the same technique used to lift up the face and the incisions are made behind the ears. But this treatment not just provides lifting to brows and eyes but to the whole face and neck. This treatment simultaneously provides a Massal Neck Corset.


The results are extraordinary out of this treatment. Results vary from person to person depending upon the sagging of skin in the patient. Overall this treatment provides a great lifting effect, improves skin textures, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles from the face.

Ideal Candidate:

The technique will in general be suitable for more youthful patients showing early indications of maturing, like gentle volume misfortune and fallen cheeks, however not hanging skin and hanging cheeks

Pre Procedure:

The standard prep convention that applies to most plastic medical procedures likewise applies here. All the more explicitly, that implies no smoking for somewhere around one month earlier, being at a solid weight, having reasonable assumptions, and not eating anything after 12 PM the night prior to the medical procedure. You’ll need to quit taking any blood-diminishing meds in advance. Additionally significant: ensuring your facial skin is in great condition, and cutting out some time a while later to recuperate and allow yourself to mend


Since this is anything but not a coursebook operation so there will be some inconstancy, by the way, it’s performed, as a general rule, little secret entry points are made in the hairline region, and the further constructions are lifted and suspended into a better position. This might be performed with the help of an endoscope and suspension stitches. This is a medical procedure that is performed under broad sedation.


A great many people return to work and their public activities after about seven days, since patients at times experience some swelling and enlarging for five to seven days post-medical procedure Also, the medical procedure itself isn’t especially agonizing, so insignificant agony prescriptions are required. likewise expected to stay away from any sort of demanding movement for half a month later.


This treatment provides a number of benefits with minimal incisions. Some of its advantages may include:

  • Eliminates the chances of scars caused by facelifting
  • Do not give a windblown look
  • Gives long-lasting results for up to 10 years.
  • Gives a minimal invasion behind the ears.
  • It provides a naturally refreshing look
  • Takes a very short downtime and recovers fast.
  • Best for people facing early signs of aging or are in their 40’s
  • Increase the high-fat survival rate
  • It avoids a surprising look on the face.
  • Provides sculpting and structuring to the face and to the neck.
  • Gives a refreshing look
  • Rejuvenate the skin to natural
  • Provides elasticity to the skin
  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines with the effect of lifting.

Cost of Ponytail Lift Dubai:

The expense of this treatment relies on different factors, for example, the level of the center, area of the facility, ability of the dermatologist, nature of gear utilized, too brand of injectables utilized in the treatment such as anesthesia.

The estimated cost of Ponytail Facelift Treatment in Dubai may range from AED8000 to AED20,000.

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