Mole Removal treatment:

Moles are the dark skin tags that appear by birth or appear overage. People usually desire to eradicate moles for two main reasons:

  • They don’t find it as a beauty symbol
  • It may be cancerous

Moles are the pigmented cells that vary in color and size from person to person. In most people, they appear on the face, neck, arm, and back and have the ability to appear on any part of the body. Skin moles are usually harmless but in few cases, they become cancerous and require immediate action. Some people who are much self-conscious undergo mole removal in Dubai for fulfilling their cosmetic goals. It uses various techniques to get the desired results.

Results and Benefits:


Mole removal treatment in Dubai is a quick and convenient procedure. It delivers satisfying results by providing a smooth and clear skin (free from moles). ENFIELD ROYAL CLINIC is pleasing millions of people and changing their thinking by giving admirable outcomes. Depending on the expertise and technique used, results may vary.


  • Offers absolute control
  • Ensures great cosmetic results
  • Enhances a person’s appearance
  • Targets moles with precision and accuracy
  • A safe and effective way to remove skin lesions
  • Treats difficult to reach areas as well such as eyes and lips

Who Is Candidate?

  • You are medically fit and healthy
  • Your mole has become precancerous
  • Your moles are a constant source of irritation
  • Your mole is frustrating and causes stress to you
  • Your mole changes the size, color, and shape and indicates cancer
  • You have single or multiples moles on any part of the body

Aim of Treatment:

Mole removal in Dubai is a quick fix to safely remove unwanted growths and pigmented cells that works with the aim of achieving flawless, beautiful skin. The treatment substantially improves undesired and unattractive surface imperfections. A scab will form over the mole, which will fall off on its own. Sometimes it forms a depression which is further improved by using fractional CO2 lasers that improve surface quality and texture.

Technique We Use:

Depending on the size and location of moles, different treatments are widely used that are discussed below:

  1. Cutting/excision:

This treatment involves the application of anesthesia initially. Dermatologist starts the procedure with the help of surgical scissors or scalpel to cut out mole with a little surrounding area. Some moles have cells under the skin layers that also need removal. Once they are removed they require few stitches for the closing of the skin. This treatment leaves a small scar that fades over time.

  1. Freezing:

Freezing treatment is recommended for people who have moles that are not cancerous and haven’t grown deeper into skin layers. Liquid nitrogen is used for freezing purposes. This outpatient procedure leaves a small skin blister.

  1. Laser removal:

A small non-cancerous mole can also be removed using laser technology. Laser beams are passed through the mole that causes the destruction of mole cells in the skin. It takes about two to three treatments for removing the mole completely. This treatment is also used for delicate areas such as eyes, ears, and nose. Laser mole removal in Dubai is helpful in removing a number of moles at a time.


During the recovery period, you are advised to clean the treated area regularly. This is done to come up with a better and fast healing process. Avoid applying unnecessary stress and strain to the area of treatment. This area may feel a little burning and itching sensation for two to three days.

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Whether you choose surgical, laser or natural mole removal, all skin moles should be examined by a qualified dermatologist before treatment. Most cancer prevention organizations also recommend an annual full-body skin exam for patients of all ages, especially those who have many moles and/or fair complexions. For further details about mole removal, consult our experienced dermatologists by filling the consultation form.