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Outlook is something that is seen by everyone but for women, they really emphasize on have a better rejuvenated inner appearance as well along with the outer appearance for that purpose they do their best to maintain their private parts healthy and young. But with time or usually after delivery the appearance of the vagina gets saggy and loses its elasticity. This issue can not be resolved by having better care but proper rejuvenating treatment is required which is Vaginal Radiofrequency in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah at Enfield Royal Clinic.

Aim of the Treatment:

The basic aim of the treatment is:

  • To rejuvenate the vaginal surroundings
  • Makeover to vagina
  • Enhance its elasticity
  • Enhance its appearance
  • Make it smoother and bring back its youth ness
  • Provide greater wellbeing


The procedure is mind-blowing as it brings amazing results. A visible change can be seen but as the client can not see the changes then the better way they feel describe the satisfaction they good from the treatment. The smoother and softer vagina can be felt as well as irritation and pain during intercourse get removed as well.

Who can Have it Done?

Having vaginal restoration treatment can decidedly affect your ladylike wellbeing, and furthermore, improve your personal satisfaction. Assuming you have had kids, are encountering post-menopausal side effects like vaginal dryness, gentle incontinence, or deadness in your labia or vagina, or simply could do without the ongoing look of your “private parts” our delicate, viable radiofrequency treatment can help.

  • The ideal contender for vaginal restoration with radiofrequency is a female encountering sexual disappointment because of decreased sensation, vaginal dryness, torment with intercourse, or incontinence or external labia laxity.
  • Our gynecologist ensures you are agreeable, keeps you educated regarding each step of the cycle, and guarantees your experience is as tension free as could really be expected.

Pre Procedure:

As it is a non-surgical procedure so it needs some preparation care to have a risk-free and better treatment. Some of the most important things to deal with:

  • Shave the area prior to the treatment
  • Cleanse properly
  • Try not to use harsh hair-removing creams over the vagina and its surroundings
  • Get this treatment done after the cycle of periods


Radiofrequency is utilized to heat up the coating of the vagina and the vulva. It rebuilds the collagen and elastin, further develops the bloodstream, and expands the dampness in the vagina, which causes the tissues to fix and agree. This energizes the development of more collagen and elastin, so the vaginal walls are more grounded and plumper.

However you will not have the option to see the progressions in these restored vaginal walls, you’ll have the option to feel them: as well as an expanded blood stream that will assist with keeping the vagina all around greased up, and the plumper walls will be better ready to help your bladder – which is uplifting news for the numerous ladies who experience urinary incontinence. It can likewise be utilized to fix the labial tissues.


Aftercare is really very necessary in order to have a fast recovery and gain the best result out of the treatment you pay for. Some of the main points to care for are:

  • Try to let the area dry after you urinate and clean it properly
  • Apply the prescribed creams for vaginal soothing.
  • Do not rub the treated area harshly which may lead to irritation and bruising
  • Avoid overheating the area or try to avoid getting high temperature
  • Try to save the treated area from sweating


This procedure brings amazing outcomes with a bundle of advantages. Some of its prominent benefits that can be seen and felt are:

  • Treatment customized to your singular requirements
  • Reclamation of snugness in the vaginal channel
  • Improved sexual sensation
  • Do not require recovery time
  • Decreased stress urinary incontinence
  • Worked on private solace
  • Make you feel confident

Vaginal Radiofrequency (FAQ’S):

Typically, vaginal tightening operations include a combination of methods. Such as radiofrequency, laser treatments, or surgery. The goal of these operations is to improve the vaginal tissues' tone and tightness. The particular approach taken will be determined by the patient's requirements as well as the healthcare provider's advice. Depending on the approach used, recovery periods and post-procedure care will also differ.

Each person's experience with discomfort undergoing virgin tightening surgery is unique. In general, moderate pain is possible with procedures utilizing laser or radiofrequency treatments, but these are frequently well tolerated. Surgical operations have the potential to cause more considerable discomfort and need a lengthier recovery period. In order to successfully control pain during surgical operations, anesthesia or sedation is frequently employed. It's critical to go over pain management choices with the surgeon prior to surgery.

The length of time needed for a certain vaginal tightening process varies. It can take anything from fifteen minutes to an hour for non-surgical techniques like laser or radiofrequency treatments, and several sessions could be necessary for the best outcomes. Surgical operations usually take one to several hours, although they might take longer. Additionally, recovery timeframes differ, so it's critical to adhere to the healthcare provider's post-operative care recommendations.


According to an estimate, the Vaginal Radiofrequency Treatment in Dubai can cost from AED 2000 to AED 3000 for a single session depending upon the condition of the vagina, the reputation of the clinic, and the expertise of the gynecologist in performing this specific treatment, and the cost of the locality. 

It is highly recommended to get consulted with the gynecologist yourself to have a better knowledge of the treatment as well as to get charged as per your condition. Enfield Royal Clinic in Dubai is offering a free consultation to all to let them get the desired information about the treatment for free as well as offer a package of 3 sessions which cost AED 5000.

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