Breast Cysts Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Price & Cost

Breast Cysts are fluid-filled lumps inside the breast. They are usually non-cancerous or benign. Experts don’t know the exact causes breast cysts. A breast cyst often feels like a grape or a water-filled balloon, but sometimes a breast cyst feels firm. You can experience pain if the cyst grows bigger.

They might develop as a result of hormonal changes from monthly menstruation. Family history and genetic markers may also be responsible for them. Although breast cysts may develop in women of any age, they’re more common in women before menopause, typically under age 50. Breast cysts likewise commonly occur in postmenopausal women who take hormone therapy.

Generally, breast cysts go away over time and don’t need treatment, except a cyst is large and aching or uncomfortable. In that case, draining a breast cyst can ease symptoms.

While there isn’t enough evidence reported on the cysts as a cause of cancer, sometimes what we assume are cysts can be cancerous tissue. Seek proper diagnosis for proper treatment.


Nipple discharge and breast discomfort are the two prominent symptoms that show that you have lumps in your breasts. However, the cysts’ pain is usually felt before menstruation, and nipple discharge can be yellow or dark brown.

You ought to seek medical assistance immediately if you experience such symptoms.


Breast cysts arise when fluid is stored inside the breast glands. It’s unclear that why cysts develop. Some experts link those to hormonal or genetic disorders, while some find excess intake of caffeinated foods as a cause of this. Yet, no studies have found clear support to this conclusion.


Although most breast cysts are non-cancerous, it’s necessary to get a proper analysis. If a breast cyst persists through two to three menstrual cycles and grows larger, see your doctor for further evaluation.

Diagnosis of a breast cyst usually incorporates a breast exam, imaging tests, such as a breast ultrasound or mammogram, and perhaps fine-needle aspiration or a breast biopsy.

The fine-needle aspiration test is highly accurate. Fluid is drawn from the breasts by using a needle which helps determines the state of the cysts. Our healthcare team may recommend additional ultrasound or mammogram if necessary.

After examining the state of breast cysts, medical history, and associated fears, you will be given detailed guidelines and, therefore, the date of breast treatment.

Treatment Options:

Once you are diagnosed with Breast Cysts, the treatment begins. Surgery to remove a breast cyst is necessary only in unusual circumstances. Surgery may be considered if a painful breast cyst returns month after month or if a breast cyst contains blood-tinged fluid or displays other worrisome signs.

Fine-needle aspiration might be used to diagnose and treat a breast cyst. In a fine-needle aspiration, your doctor inserts a thin needle into the breast lump and attempts to withdraw (aspirate) fluid.

Often, fine-needle aspiration is done with ultrasound to guide the precise placement of the needle. In some cases, the fluid emanates out and the breast lump goes away. However, you might need to have fluid drained a couple of times for some breast cysts. Recurrent or new cysts are common and they persist over a longer period, they may need further examination.


You can notice some of the results instantly after the procedure though full results take time. Please seek direct guidance from experts if the results do not meet your expectations.

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Tips for Smooth Recovery:

Since breast cysts treatment isn’t associated with intense surgery, follow-up care is quick and straightforward. It may include,

  • It would be best to take pain-relieving medicines for the first five days.
  • Post monitoring imaging session every three to four calendar weeks.
  • Avoid physical goings-on that causes pain in the breasts.
  • Consult the doctor every 6-12 months to ensure cysts aren’t developing again.

Do Breast Cysts Raise the Risk of Breast Cancer?

Having breast cysts does not mean developing cancer in the future. Though, it’s still imperative to be aware of breast conditions and indeterminate changes. If it goes worst, assess it by your doctor. Approximately 0.3% of breast cancer cases are reported resulting from severe cysts.

Breast Cysts Treatment FAQ’s:

Get in touch with our specialists at the Enfield Royal Breast Clinic in Dubai if you have ever felt hard, sagging, or round cysts under your breast tissues. Our skilled team is well-versed in delivering the greatest services and expected results to you. Additionally, we provide a starting package that includes a complimentary consultation with one of our specialists.

Breast cyst removal usually doesn't require a gynecologist. Typically, a general surgeon or breast surgeon is in charge of these operations. It is advised that you speak with a medical expert as they can evaluate your situation and refer you to the right specialist for additional testing and maybe treatment.

Simple breast cysts are harmless and can even disappear on their own. Your healthcare professional may use a needle to remove any painful fluid from the cyst. But the liquid might reappear. If it reappears and causes you pain, removal surgery can be required.

Approximately 70% of breast cysts will disappear on their own. Therefore, after verifying the diagnosis of a simple breast cyst, we normally just leave them alone unless they're causing serious pain. Many women will always have breast cysts, even if they may not exhibit any symptoms.

The cost of treating breast cysts varies in Dubai depending on the procedure's complexity and kind of therapy. The expertise of the surgeon and the hospital's fees also affect the cost. An accurate cost estimate can only be given by a surgeon after a thorough diagnosis.

Although many women have minimal pain, you can take painkillers if you want. Change your dressing according to the doctor’s instructions. Within a month or so, your skin should recover. You will have to clean the area where the surgery was performed.

 Cost of Breast Cysts:

In Dubai, breast cyst’s treatment cost ranges varies based on the treatment type and extent of the procedure. The cost also depends on the surgeon’s expertise and the charges of the healthcare facility.

Only a surgeon can provide you with an exact estimate of the cost. You can expect to know the exact charges after a complete diagnosis.

To learn more about the breast cyst removal or book an appointment with one of our surgeons, take a minute to fill out the form below. We will reach out to you and set up an appointment at a time of your convenience.